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Interactively study 40 modern Bibles with verse by verse commentaries, dictionaries, Strong's Greek and Hebrew lexicon,...

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Interactively study 40 modern Bibles with verse by verse commentaries, dictionaries, Strong's Greek and Hebrew lexicon, 20,000 topics,100,000 references, 15,000 comments, a note pad, highlighting, red lettering, compare gospel stories, side by side Bibles & the Apocrypha. Listen to Christian Radio/News/Music or the chapter read to you. Create personal systematic study plans. Also includes non-English Bibles (French,German,Latin,Dutch,Italian,Russ. BiblePro: Free CD, Bible software. Free Bible study software for Windows. BiblePro is feature rich and user friendly. Prepare great sermons and awesome Bible studies. Great for Sunday school teachers, too!


Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows CE, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.x, Windows XP, WinXP, WinNT 4.x, WinME, Win98, Win95

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