BCGMobile for Windows Phone

BCGMobile for Windows Phone is a product targeting Windows Phone 7.

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BCGMobile for Windows Phone is a product targeting Windows Phone 7.0 and Mango. It's designed to speed up the development of mobile applications and contains a set of highly demandable controls including Chart, Gauge, Planner and others. The highlighted features are: Charts Gauges Calendar and Planner and other nice-looking, professionally-designed controls. The chart control includes all popular chart types such as Line, Spline, Stacked line, Area, Spline area, Stacked area, Range area, Bar, Stacked bar, Column, Stacked column, Pie and doughnut, Pyramid, Funnel, Stock, Polar and radar, Scatter. The following Gauges features are available: Circular gauges, Linear gauges, Thermometer-style gauges, Various color themes, Color ranges, Multiple scales and pointers, Pointer animations, Various pointer styles, Interactive pointers, State indicators, Text and image indicators, Led and numeric indicators. the Planner (Calendar) Control includes Daily, weekly and monthly views, Various color themes, Appointment and scheduling, All-day appointments, Multi-day appointments, Concurrent appointments and more.


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