BroadWave Free Streaming Audio Server Freeware

Stream live and pre-recorded audio over the web with BroadWave streaming audio server.
 Streaming Audio Features:...

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Stream live and pre-recorded audio over the web with BroadWave streaming audio server. Create your own radio station and broadcast events for listeners over the Internet. It handles all the technical details of serving audio so it can be played by a listener in any default media player on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. Serve up to 8 live streams and an unlimited number of pre-recorded files.

Streaming Audio Features:

* Plays automatically in almost all popular browsers.
* Up to 8 different live audio streams can be served from the single PC
* Unlimited number of pre-recorded audio files can be served.
* View the number of listeners for each live stream.
* Super efficient and optimized server design means that, if you have the bandwidth, up to 500 simultaneous connections can be served on one PC.
* Static recordings can be loaded in a number of formats including wav, mp3, aiff, au, wma, aac and over 20 other formats.

You can use the full version of BroadWave free if you link to us on your site. If you can not link to us you will need to purchase after 14 days.

About NCH Software:

NCH Software offers more than 80 easy-to-use audio, video, business, and telephony/VoIP software solutions that improve productivity and usability for small businesses and consumers. Focused on specific needs, they produce software with all the bells and whistles of typical brands, but without the complexity. NCH Software provides users with what they need at a price they can afford. This approach generates more than four million unique visitors and nearly three million downloads per month from the company's website -- NCH Software.


Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win7 x32, Win7 x64


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