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Datashake is a desktop search interface solution that plugs into any existing desktop search software (e.

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Datashake is a desktop search interface solution that plugs into any existing desktop search software (e.g. X1-Yahoo, Google Desktop, MSN desktop tool-bar) and transforms the searching experience into a lightning fast visual process. Datashake's interface application will significantly change your desktop search experience as a result of the following innovations summarized below: A) The number of search results is limited and manageable by the user thanks to a user friendly interface based on a Tree-Map view graphic display. This is achieved as a result of large search result lists that are broken down into small "digestible" chunks surrounded by meta-data describing them. The user can then use these meta-data list containers to either skip irrelevant parts of the search results or to drill down into more results on the same subject. B) The search results are more relevant as a result of the recently used files environment and the file usage pattern recognition environment (personalization), that is applied to the search results every time. The recently used files environment interface is backed up by a well developed artificial intelligence sequence used every time the application is run (e.g. unique algorithms for measuring file usage clicking and access time patterns). C) Unlike other desktop search applications, even when the user does not enter a search key word, the application will not show a blank screen but rather function as a very advanced 'Recently used files' platform. The Datashake application enables a very intuitive way to switch between a 'No-Key-Word' search mode and a 'Key-Word' search mode. D) User navigation is improved and intuitive. The user can see in great details what a folder consists of, before making a decision of entering or drilling down into the folder, thanks to a unique technology that is able to recognize the different ways that a user handles different types of media and bundle them together into a single descriptive view.. Datashake - Homepage. Download a free software application for your local PC files that will change the way you manage and search your local PC files, pictures, MP3 files and more.


Windows XP, WinXP


Why invest in a Windows Desktop Search tool? According to International Data Corporation, their survey reveals that information worker, you, spend most of their time performing document-related activity. Here are some interesting facts on how workers spend their time: 5 hours/week searching for documents. 2.3 ... Size: 163,330k, Revised: December 31st 2019, By: Copernic

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