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"DB Supervisor" (DataBase Supervisor) is a powerful tool of MyFSys.org for control and analysis of DDL statement executed in MySQL database server.Use the "DB Supervisor" to oversee the development of MySQL database server. The results are presented in a convenient tabular form and as chart, with the ability to filter and sort by various groups (connection rules). We are confident that this product will be interesting to professional database developers and database architects.Key DB Supervisor features:1) Easy installation without any changes to the existing MySQL server (i.e. no new schemas, tables, procedures, etc).2) Permanent monitoring of DB.3) Convenient filtration of incoming data.4) Convenient filtration of viewed data. (i.e. last day, week, month, etc.).5) Data presentation in charts.6) No impact on MySQL performance, low resource consumption.


Windows XP, Windows Vista

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