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Delphi Form Converter is a tool to converts binary format delphi form (.dfm) file to text formt dfm file, it also converts delphi6 and above version's dfm file's WideString & UTF8String encoding to delphi5 compatible encoding, e.g. converts #186#186#215#214 to corresponding chinese character for correctly display in unicode supported english system.Use "Open File" button to open your .dfm files, select which file(s) you wish to be converted, then click "Convert" button to start the conversion. If you checked "Keep Backup", corresponding backup file with a .bindfm extension of the original .dfm file(s) will be created at the same directory.


Windows XP

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Dfm Converter - Dfm Conversion - Delphi Form Converter - Delphi Form Conversion


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