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UCanCode Releases Upgraded E-XD++ Visualization Suite V13.

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UCanCode Releases Upgraded E-XD++ Visualization Suite V13.02 With:-- Label & Report Source Code Solution-- SCADA & HMI Source Code Solution-- Process Simulation Source Code Solution-- Graphics Drawing Source Code Solution-- GIS Source Code Solution-- Real- data display source code Solution-- Flow Chart & Diagram Source Code Solution-- BPM & Workflow Diagram Source Code Solution-- E-Form Source Code Solution... ...("The only Flow/Diagramming Kits that provides true visio - like component with 100% full VC++ Source Codes!") --------------------------------------------------------------------------------UCanCode Software, Inc.Phone: (86) 28-8535-4545Fax: (86) 28-8535-4645 2009, HongKong, UCanCode Software announces it's market leading flow/diagram C++ / .NET source code kit - E-XD++ Enterprise Edition V13.02 with tons of new features. This is a maintenance release that includes many new features, new samples, bug fixes and more. This is a huge release for ucancode, and it is a very important major release of E-XD++ Diagrammer Enterprise Edition.HongKong, 2009--UCanCode Software, Inc providing reusable software flow/diagram components and services that facilitate flow/diagramming application development, today announced the release of E-XD++ Enterprise Edition V13.02, its world-leading line of Flow/Diagram components for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2008 developers. This is the long awaited release that contains many powerful new features from the last release! It is also the best release from ucancode software! This new release introduces many new key features and enhancements including New GDI Objects management, new diagram editor, new properties sharing, tons of new solutions...To learn more about this new release, please visit:http://www.ucancode.net/XDFeature/feature.htm E-XD++ Flow Diagramming Source Kit Enterprise Edition is the worlda€™s leading MFC/VC++ visualization component. Renowned for


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