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Judging by the calls we've been getting lately I'm wondering if my daughter's name and our home phone number somehow found their way to the bathroom wall of some public outhouse. Man, the creepy calls coming in over the past couple of weeks are really bugging my family. Of course, the kids deny any part in it and that very well could be.Last week my wife answered the phone to some wild man shouting obscenities. Later the same day the phone rang and there was loud, obnoxious gangsta rap playing on the other end. Then, the following day someone called and did the heavy breathing thing. And he called again, and again, and again. What a creep!We were all getting fed up with this garbage so I called the phone company to complain. After waiting on hold for what seemed like an hour I spoke with a low-level customer service person. By his accent, I think he was from India or Pakistan. I got no satisfaction so asked for a local supervisor. They promised one would call back. And when she did she pretty much told me that it was very difficult to get to the bottom of such nonsense these days as people have so many options to conceal themselves. I learned that one of these is to simply use a cell phone because they're hard to trace, even with most reverse cell lookup services.I was telling a guy at work about all the recent telephone monkey business when he suggested I try a reverse cell phone number look up service. I'd looked into that but found they could almost never give you cell phone numbers. But the one he recommended worked just fine.As it turned out there were four callers making the obnoxious calls. They all claimed they thought they were calling someone else. But that doesn't matter much to me because the nonsense stopped when I threatened their parents with legal action. And, I've added the reverse cell phone number lookup service to my online favorites. It's a mighty handy tool to have!. Reverse Cell Phone Number Look Up Service Stops Prank Callers In Their Tracks!: Publisher of Free Cell Phone Reverse Look Up, Author of Free Cell Phone Reverse Look Up 1.0. Judging by the calls we've been getting lately I'm wondering if my daughter's name and our home phone number somehow found their way to the bathroom wall of some public outhou


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Free reverse cell phone lookup tool. Use a cell phone number to find owner records including criminal records check, divorce records, etc.. Software is to be used in the initial investigations of a cell phone number and may help in providing additional owner information.. Reverse ... Size: 1,229k, Revised: October 10th 2008, By: Reverse Cell Search

Investigative software that can be used to find complete cell phone number owner information. This includes owner home address, household members, city, state, and more. Can also be used to find unlisted phone numbers, 1-800 numbers and more. Very easy to use, just plug in ... Size: 1,229k, Revised: October 8th 2008, By: Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Stop that hangup call. Cell Reverse Lookup. Cell Reverse Lookup (also known as cell lookup phone reverse, address lookup reverse, address look up reverse and reverse phone trace)., , , , A cell reverse lookup is an easy way for you to find informat... Size: 502k, Revised: October 28th 2009, By: I & P Inc.

Reverse lookup the geographic location of any phone number including unlisted and mobile phone number in the United States and Canada.. Backwards Trace Phone Numbers | Cellular, Residential, Business, & Unpublished Phone Numbers. Size: 1,905k, Revised: October 28th 2009, By:

Eliminate PBX headaches with 3CX Phone System for Windows! Evolve your communications with 3CX Phone System for Windows - an office phone system/IP PBX that completely replaces your proprietary PBX, supports standard SIP soft/hard phones, VoIP services and traditional PSTN phone lines. 3CX Phone System ... Size: 33,362k, Revised: February 23rd 2009, By: 3CX Ltd

Free VOIP / SIP phone (softphone) for Windows. Use your PC as a phone. Works with popular VOIP providers and SIP PBX's (including 3CX Phone System). The interface is easy to use and similar to that of popular Smartphones. 3CXPhone is compact and easy to ... Size: 3,471k, Revised: September 1st 2009, By: 3CX Ltd

PC Phone is a SIP User Agent, a software application that transforms your PC or Laptop into a telephone, giving you the advantage of using the same system (for example your personal computer) to make and receive voice and video calls as you use to ... Size: 4,239k, Revised: February 23rd 2009, By: IP COMSOFT

Pimp-up your Phone! Free software to enhance your phone, songs, ringtones and wallpapers. Get the latest sounds and stuff for the latest phones. We bring you the largest collection of polyphonic ringtones and monophonic ringtones, graphics, games and software. All ringtones and graphics have previews. ... Size: 1,008k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By:

Phone Dial by PC can dial/operate a phone that is using the serial interface RS-232 connected to the PC com port. Phone numbers can be dialed and redialed from any application via customizable hotkeys. Also an incoming phone call can be answered and terminated by ... Size: 481k, Revised: May 2nd 2012, By: Infonautics GmbH

The Callserve Internet phone enables you to make extremely cheap, high-quality phone calls from your PC to any landline or mobile phone in the world. The Internet telephone is very simple to use and can save you up to 85% on long-distance calls. Simply download ... Size: 2,365k, Revised: January 13th 2010, By: Phoneserve.

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