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VeeSee® Hardware Information Free Version is a utility designed to display hardware information. The main function of VeeSee® Hardware Information are viewing the current hardware’s information, such as the detailed information of CPU, mainboard, memory, graphics card, display... and keeping computer monitored. Its ease in use interface and auto show pitched on professional words in Google/Yahoo search are both helpful for amateur. This utility is totally free for users. VeeSee® Hardware Information Free Version's main features are offered below, then users can know our products more quickly. 1. Detect the current hardware’s information. (Detailed parameters of hardware) 1.1 Show current information about this computer 1.2 Show mainboard information, like CPUID, processor, BIOS, motherboard, memory... 1.3 Display storage information, like logical driver, physical driver... 1.4 Show network, multimedia and Windows' general information. 1.5 Check out the company information of the hardware, such as AMD and nVIDIA and offer link to their homepage.2. Dynamic monitor computer hardware in graph. 2.1 Computer devices' temperature 2.2 Speed of fan 2.3 The voltage of the computer devices 2.4 CPU usage and memory usage3. Display sensor icons automatically.


Windows XP, WinXP2003

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