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Port Tester is a software designed to help network administrators for testing connectivity on specific ports. The program returns a simple pass or fail.. SourceForge.net: SMTP/email tester - Project Web Hosting - Open Source Software. SourceForge presents the SMTP/email tester project. SMTP/email tester is an open source application. SourceForge provides the world's largest selection of Open Source Software. Java program that creates an SMTP message and sends it off. It can be used to test SMTP functionality as well as security. This test SMTP at the application level. Requires Java 6.


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SMTP/Email Tester is a Java program designed to create an SMTP message and to send it off. It can be used to test SMTP functionality as well as security.. SourceForge.net: SMTP/email tester - Project Web Hosting - Open Source Software. SourceForge presents the SMTP/email tester ... Size: 10k, Revised: May 27th 2009, By: Mateo Marquez Conley (1 other programs)

Simple Port Scanner is designed as a simple and accessible TCP port scanning application.Simple Port Scanner was designed with the help of the Java programming language and can run on multiple platofrms. A simple connect method is used for port scanning. Size:  , Revised: July 19th 2012, By: Stoyan

When you use port triggering on your router a connection attempt must be made from your computer to an address on the trigger port. When you router detects the connection attempt your router then turns on the ports, thus you have port triggering, a on/off ... Size: 2,253k, Revised: November 10th 2009, By: PcWinTech.com

Magic Port Scanner is a small, free tool to display all current Internet connections.. - freesoftwaretoolbox.com. High quality low cost applications and solutions by Softtouch Software Design Size: 215k, Revised: June 16th 2009, By: Softtouch Software Design

The program works by automating the process for you. So whether you don't understand how to forward ports, or your simply looking for an easier way of doing things then this program is for you.The main interface of the program is small and clean. Giving ... Size: 6,042k, Revised: December 28th 2009, By: Shane Croft Solutions, Inc

BirdTerm - Bold Inventions Terminal -- A Java-based Serial Port Terminal program like TeraTerm. It implements ANSI sequences for setting text color and cursor position. It uses SWT/JFace and the RxTx Communication API.Features:* Serial Port Terminal Emulation for Windows* Ansi Color Text and Cursor Positioning* ... Size: 8,786k, Revised: November 25th 2009, By: Kevin Stokes

FBS TCP Checker is a lightweight and very easy to use application that was designed in order to help you quickly check for connectivity problems.All you need to do is simply input the name or IP address of the backup server and the port, then ... Size:  , Revised: May 17th 2012, By: FERRO Software

Throughput Test will provide users with a utility that will help you test the performance of your wireless or wired network.This utility continuously sends TCP and UDP data streams across your network and computes important metrics, such as upstream and downstream throughput values, packet loss, ... Size:  , Revised: August 1st 2012, By: TamoSoft

This program I made to help users determine if they are behind multiple routers. When port forwarding being behind more than one router will keep port forwarding from working without some extra configuration. This tool now makes that easier for the user. The program looks ... Size: 41k, Revised: December 18th 2009, By: PcWinTech (19 other programs)

Do you need to map a specific TCP or UDP port on your machine to another port on another machine? Do you want to limit access to a server on your machine based on the IP address of an incoming connection request? If these sound ... Size: 348k, Revised: May 14th 2009, By: AnalogX.

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