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There are various reasons because of which a MAC Operating System goes inaccessible or leads to loss of data, such as OS...

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There are various reasons because of which a MAC Operating System goes inaccessible or leads to loss of data, such as OS failure, accidental loss, virus intervention, accidental formatting of the Operating System, bad sectors, physical damage, and so many more. A data is an eminent aspect, thus needs to be recovered ASAP.

There are numerous data recovery application programs in the market, for MAC OS, an advance MAC file recovery software can be invested from e-commerce vendors. This software has the ability to fetch data that are obstructed with loss or inaccessibility. Quick Recovery software for MAC data restoration is an exemplary and implicit software that combats all kinds of errors and faults and promisingly recovers data.

Quick Recovery software is cost-effective, advance, and pertains speedy technology that recovers data. Enriched with versatile features and comprehends the value of the software, below are mentioned are cogent features of this software:

Automated analysis factor inbuilt in this software
Logical HFS & HFS+ volumes supported
APM (Apple Partition Map) with multiple partitions are supported
GUID Partition scheme supported with multiple partitions
MBR (Master Boot Record)with multiple partitions supported
All the versions of Mac Operating Systems including Mac OS X & OS 9 supported
File Filter feature is inbuilt in the application program to recover specific files with specific extensions
Save Log feature inbuilt to resume Mac data recovery process
Unique multiple lingual support
Demo edition

Quick Recovery software for MAC data restoration proffers demo edition, which provides a preview on the functions of the software.


Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinOther, Other

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