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Backlink analysis tool generates report in text as well as html file format according to user choice.

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Backlink analysis tool generates report in text as well as html file format according to user choice. Reciprocal link availability checker utility reports total number of back links on advertiser site from a user defined website list. Reciprocal link tracking tool sends emails automatically from pre-mentioned email list when publisher URL not found on advertiser web URL. Back link checker software import website list in both CSV (comma separated values) and text file formats. Backlink checker tool finds total number of advertisera€™s site back links from a pre-mentioned publishera€™s site list. Free reciprocal link management tool provides best interactive and simple graphical user interface among link popularity tools that guide user easily and generates reports in TXT, HTML. Reciprocal link management tool analyze all links pointing your website check back links that helpful to increase page rank of your site. Back link checking tool monitors the websitea€™s back link status in real time and helpful in search engine optimization. Free yahoo backlink checker utility notifies user by sending alert message or email to the user if site is unavailable, link status not found or advertiser page cana€™t be displayed on the publishera€™s website.Features:* Freeware back link checker tool monitors the status of back links of your websites.* Backlink manager tool can store infinite number of website profiles.* Freeware Google back link checker software finds direct link, java script link or other link on publishera€™s sites.* Back link monitoring tool is very fast, simple and easiest among all backlink tools to provide multiple checking of profile instead of one by one.* Reciprocal link analysis tool has attractive graphical user interface.* Reciprocal link analyzer generates back link status report in HTML or TXT format.


Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 3.x, Windows XP, WinXP2000, WinXP2003, Windows Vista

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