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Write Spring MVC controllers in JavaScript! Continuations-based multipage webflows work if the user goes back with the browser's back button or even splits the flow in two using File->New Window with no effort on your part. State persistence available.


Linux, Mac OS, Windows XP

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USAGE OF SOURCEFORGE IS DEPRECATED: Go to http://springpython.webfactional.com for current project development. Spring Python is an offshoot of the Java-based Spring Framework and Spring Security, targeted for Python. Spring provides many useful features Size: 226k, Revised: October 20th 2012, By: springpython.webfactional.com

The dominant application framework for Java, Spring solves core enterprise development and runtime problems, offering configuration via Dependency Injection; declarative services via AOP; and packaged enterprise services. Developed by SpringSource. Size: 14,529k, Revised: October 14th 2012, By: springframework.org

Spring Security (Acegi Security System for Spring) Samples used in the Book "Spring Security - Das Acegi Security System professionell einsetzen" from Mike Wiesner, entwickler.press Size: 16k, Revised: August 24th 2012, By: acegisamples.berlios.de

GWT Spring RPC contains utilities to allow Google Web Toolkit remote service servlets to be implemented as POJO's managed by a Spring application context, allowing dependencies to be injected into remote services. Size: 124k, Revised: July 26th 2012, By: gwtspringrpc.sourceforge.net

Java Swing application framework built on the Spring Framework with the goal of simplifying whats required to build professional, enterprise-ready rich client applications. Size: 15,652k, Revised: October 12th 2012, By: spring-rich-c.sf.net

HSE (Hibernate, Spring, Echo2) is a 3-tier base application for Echo2 designed to be a starting point for writing robust AJAX applications in Java, Spring, and Hibernate. Size: 10,372k, Revised: June 30th 2012, By: hse.sourceforge.net

This project provides glue code for comprehensive integration of JSF (JavaServer Faces) and the Spring framework. This is done in a implementation independent way so that it can be used with any JSF implementation. Size: 6,613k, Revised: May 26th 2012, By: jsf-spring.sourceforge.net

ZappWeb aims to provide a you a framework to start building secure Ajax-based web applications. It's based on the following web frameworks: Spring, Spring security and Zkoss. Size: 50k, Revised: June 20th 2012, By: zappweb.sourceforge.net

A collection of Open Source Flex 2 applications. The primary application is Anvil, an Enterprise Grade Portal Framework built with Flex, Java, Spring and Spring Security. Size: 30,592k, Revised: August 9th 2012, By: flexapps.sourceforge.net

An alternative framework to EJB3. Utilize spring dao, hibernate, jax-ws, spring rmi support to construct an enterprise-strength framework. Also some ant tasks, an modified ant, and an modified tomcat are included. Size: 32,755k, Revised: July 2nd 2012, By: mantodea.sourceforge.net

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