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This game is an unusual gaming experience, yet more normal than it seems.

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This game is an unusual gaming experience, yet more normal than it seems. It's a 2D shooter with some unique quirks. The graphics are simplified and stylish, and makes the game look a bit confusing. The controls make the game even more confusing (before you get used to them, that is).You control two dots on a design, which can shoot at the angle from one to the other. New figures on the design appears and you earn points by removing them. This is what the shooting is for. Note that the enemies can only be killed while they're white. If you shoot an enemy while it's red, the bullet will turn against you. Aside from the normal shooting, you also have three upgrades that'll help you with getting a highscore.. CACTUS SOFTWARE - Freeware games developed by cactus.


WinXP, Win2000, Win98

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