Visual Rapport Desktop Console and Call Accounting Integration 2.03 Freeware

Visual Rapport is an intuitive integrated visual communication console that provides real time employee telephone status,...

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Visual Rapport is an intuitive integrated visual communication console that provides real time employee telephone status, instant messaging, email, screen pop, call logging and file transfer all under one roof.Visual Rapport boasts a very dynamic interface that puts your communication information right at your fingertips. Discover how your business can benefit from these exciting new communication tools. The full professional version boasts: Unified Messaging Console, Screen Pop into virtually any Application, Integrated Instant Messaging, Automated Call Handling, Email Integration, Instant File Transfer, Personalized Statuses, Call Logging, Call Accounting Integration with Revolution Web Call Accounting, SHADOW and TELECOST, Works with virtually all phone systems that are TAPI compliant. Visit for more information.


Windows XP, Windows Vista

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