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Compress will compress document files up to 99% and delete unneeded files (such as temp files). When the file is compressed, it will still launch with the same view it launched with before it was compressed. Compress is a simple and powerful solution to help ...
Size: 1,412k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: RoadSide Software, LLC

This program has an amazing pop up blocker that blocks 98% of all pop up ads! It is virtually impossible to remove all spyware from your computer, for new spyware comes out on a daily basis. To account for that, this program will remove all ...
Spyware - Adware - Malware - Hijackers - Spyware Removal - Pop Up Blocker
Size: 689k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: SynergeticSoft

Adware Spyware Scanner Deleter can scan Windows system hardware memory registry, delete remove kill spyware and Adware.. Convert ipod MP4 DVD DivX PSP ZUNE mpeg mp3 Video Converter. Convert video audio formats such as ipod MP4 DVD DivX PSP ZUNE mpeg mp3
Remove Spyware - Kill Spyware - Scan Spyware - Delete Spyware - Kill Adware - Remove Adware - Delete Adware - Scan Adware
Size: 399k, Revised: October 31st 2008, By: PC2DOWNLOAD.COM

Adware Spyware Protection is an advanced but easy-to-use anti spyware tool that removes spyware, Adware, malware, hijacker programs and immunizes them to block future spyware threats that may invade your privacy and even steal your credit card numbers or personal information. It upgrades computer system ...
Spyware Virus Protection - Free Spyware Protection
Size: 2,522k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: trishul soft

Spyware Adware Removal Software will scan your memory, registry, hard drives, and external storage devices. Effectively remove spyware, Adware, trojans, keyloggers, home page hijackers, and malware threats. With the built-in check for updates feature, you can help ensure your protection is up-to-date. Spyware Adware Removal ...
Spyware Protection - Anti Spyware Protection - Virus And Spyware Protection - Spyware Protection Download - Spyware Adware Protection
Size: 2,250k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: trishul soft

Spyware and Adware removal is an advanced but easy-to-use anti spyware tool that removes spyware, Adware, malware, hijacker program and immunize them to block future spyware threats that may invade your privacy and even steal your credit card numbers or personal information. It upgrades computer ...
Size: 5,325k, Revised: June 25th 2009, By: Registry Cleaner Software (8 other programs)

Lexus LF-A Concept Screensaver. The Lexus LF line is a series of Concept cars built by Lexus, the luxury vehicle division of Toyota Motor Corporation. The "LF" stands for L-finesse, a new design direction by Lexus. The new design language of L-finesse was first introduced ...
Size: 3,369k, Revised: February 23rd 2009, By: stunning screensavers

Ford Mustang GTR Concept Screensaver. The GT-R Concept was hint at Ford coming back to racing again. [7] Its 5.0 "Cammer" V8 engine with 440 ponies under the hood makes for a very impressive Mustang. Its Valencia Orange color, inspired by Grabber Orange 1970 Mustang ...
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Millions of computers all over the world are infected with Spyware and Adware - invisible programs which have been installed onto your computer, often without your knowledge.Have you ever...? * Downloaded music from the internet? * Shared files across the internet? * Installed software you ...
 , Revised: June 16th 2012, By: AdwareHitman

Basic Concept language for use in teaching children and adults with no programming experience or computer knowledge whatsoever.Intent is to have a language which is capable of many basic scripting language tasks without adding excess complexity.
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Concept Explorer implements basic functionality, needed for students and researchers in field of Formal Concept Analysis.
Size: 1,524k, Revised: August 6th 2012, By:

Fun for all ages! Build and paint this "ready to assemble" high detail 3D Model Kit and learn why 3D is so creative and exciting!
3d - 3d Game - 3d Model - Kid Game - 3d art - 3d software - 3d puzzle - learn 3d - 3d graphic
Size: 3,236k, Revised: July 23rd 2012, By: TheyerGFX Pty Ltd

Internet Rocket can speed up an Internet connection. Use the easy to follow wizard to optimize your Internet connection. The history makes it easy to keep track of changes you made to your registry. The built-in testing tool will make sure that you know what ...
Size: 1,403k, Revised: May 30th 2012, By: RoadSide Software, LLC

Cache Speed is a simple tool to make your computer go faster. It changes some settings in your system.ini file. Cache Speed also optimizes your current physical RAM, giving your computer the fresh feel that it has when you reboot it. In some cases, changing ...
Size: 1,382k, Revised: June 25th 2012, By: RoadSide Software, LLC

Ad/Spyware Terminator is an easy-to-use tool to scan and kill many spyware and Adware. It fast scans computer system to kill spyware and Adware as possible as it can.. Sound audio recorder joiner converter mixer,video converter joiner,and karaoke player. Audio, Video and Sound Recorder Joiner ...
Remove Spyware - Kill Spyware - Clean Spyware - Kill Adware - Remove Adware - Clean Adware
Size: 440k, Revised: October 25th 2009, By: DigitByte Studio

Movie Torrent just puts file sharing in a new light. It is the outcome of the latest technology combined with an as friendly as it gets Concept to make downloading easier and safer than ever. This powerful and reliable application is the perfect Tool for ...
Music - Songs - File - File Sharing - Video - Mp3 - Sharing - Movies - P2p - Torrent
Size: 14,234k, Revised: November 23rd 2009, By:

Shareaza Turbo Accelerator is a potent add-on to Shareaza P2P application. Most modern technology used augment download speed and enlarges the amount of download sources. The interface is eye-catching and user-friendly. The application is totally FREE and there are NO Ads, NO Adware, NO Spyware, ...
Download - File - Tool - Search - Mp3 - Sharing - Internet - Speed - No Spyware - Acceleration
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free tiny Analog lock contains NO Adware and NO Spyware. Without runtime files it is only 68kB in size . select any image file on your hard disk to use as skin.. Accept Credit cards online on your website.. add ccbill ccnow clickbank kagi paypal ...
Free Tiny Analog Lock - No-adware - No-spyware
Size: 1,413k, Revised: July 15th 2008, By: itwax

Now you can minimize the time that it takes to start your PC! Hyper Start delays launching non-essential startup programs until CPU usage is low. You may also fine tune how and when each startup program is launched. Hyper Start also alerts you whenever a ...
Startup - Programs - Cpu - Spyware - Adware
Size: 556k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Kuatron

There's no doubt about it, today, the biggest threats to your computer are Spyware, Adware, and programs that can corrupt your Windows system regisrty!If your PC is running slower than it did when you first purchased it, there's a good chance that you have registry ...
Registry Fix - Windows Registry Repair - Spyware Repair - Adware Repair
Size: 2,453k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: ONBSoftware

Anti Spyware Program actively monitors which programs are running on your computer. If it sees a spyware or Adware program trying to start, it will stop it dead in its tracks. It prevents any program from changing your Internet Explorer Home Page without your permission: ...
Anti Spyware Software - Spyware Removal Download - Anti Spyware Program - Spyware Adware Software - Remove Spyware Adware
Size: 1,947k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Regcure Review

Doctor Alex Antispyware is a new contemporary spyware monitor, detection and removal application. It will scan your PC to detect and remove any Adware or spyware that you might have. And it is absolutely FREE! If you like the program and find it possible to ...
Privacy - Freeware - Security - Removal - Virus - Cleaner - Spyware - Adware - Trojan - Adaware
Size: 5,513k, Revised: September 8th 2011, By: Doctor Alex

Zillya! Antivirus is a fast and reliable free antivirus. Security specialists created Zillya! Antivirus for getting users high quality, simple and reliable product. Zillya! Antivirus detects and eliminates all kinds of viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits and other malware that might make computer fail, cause system ...
Virus - Spyware - Adware - Trojan - Anti-trojan - Malware - Free Antivirus - Zillya Antivirus - macro virus - heuristic scanning
Size: 63,084k, Revised: September 10th 2011, By: ALLIT Service LLC