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USB over Ip Network lets you connect to any USB device located on a remote PC on a local network or the Internet. You will be able to work with it as with a local USB device and applications working with it won't even see ...
usb over network - usb over ip - share usb - usb to ethernet - usb over ethernet - USB over IP Network - Share USB device - USB over LAN - shared USB
Size: 3,246k, Revised: May 27th 2012, By: Virtual Serial Port Software

Our brand-new VoIp H.323 SDK provides a powerful and highly customizable solution to quickly add H.323 based dial and receive phone calls features in your software applications. It accelerates the development of H.323 compliant soft phone with a fully-customizable user interface and brand name.
Dll - Audio - New - Activex - Components - Sdk - Voip - Conference - Voicemail
Size: 3,799k, Revised: August 28th 2012, By: ABTO

Multi Audio Broadcast System supports 8 regular playback engine,supports multi-channel input and output . Widely used at the places where required a large number of Audio programs Broadcast regularly, such as universities, schools, noble district, modern factories, hotels, buildings, etc., for background music, radio, speeches ...
multi audio broadcast - multi playback engine - multiple sound cards - timing engine
Size: 2,980k, Revised: October 2nd 2012, By: UltraMediasoft

CUE is an 4 independants Audio players with separate Audio output and fader starts for radio or webradio.FEATURES :- 4 independants Audio players with separate Audio output.- Can read aiff, flac, mp2, mp3, ogg, wav, and wma formats.- Fader start (parallel port).- Autocue.- ASIO support.- ...
Size: 2,765k, Revised: August 15th 2012, By: Gasteropod

Ip Refresh Lite is a graphical interface for the IpCONFIG /all command that displays the information in a resizable Window rather than the command prompt view. You can also print the information on your default printer.
Size: 1,196k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Stanhope Murray Ltd.

The Advanced Ip Address Calculator is a freeware Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP utility that lets you to calculate every aspect of your subnet configuration in a few mouse clicks! It was designed for any network engineer who needs a fast way to determine subnets. For the information ...
Host - Supernet - Ip Calculator - Subnet Calculator - Cidr - Subnet - Network Type - Host Address Range
Size: 256k, Revised: September 23rd 2008, By: Famatech International Corp.

Interactively study 40 modern Bibles with verse by verse commentaries, dictionaries, Strong's Greek and Hebrew lexicon, 20,000 topics,100,000 references, 15,000 comments, a note pad, highlighting, red lettering, compare gospel stories, side by side Bibles & the Apocrypha. Listen to Christian Radio/News/Music or the chapter read ...
Bible - Word - Windows - Christian - Church - Mark - Jesus - Niv - Concordance - Dictionary
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Freeware Pack of Audio Maestro(consists of CD-DA Extractor, File Converter, Sound Editor, CD Writer, and Recorder) which is a powerful, comprehensive software that offers solutions to almost all problems related Audio function.[CD-DA Extractor Lite] - Extracts and stores music from Audio CDs (Supports MP3 and ...
Size: 19,685k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: TOBEST Inc.


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ASI to Ip Monitoring Software for Thor Broadcast ASI to Ip Gateways. For use with Thor's current line of rack mount H-1ASI-Ip gateway system. This system can transport DVB-ASI signals through a packet based Ip network with low latency. Thor also offers bi-directional transport, one ...
Network Monitoring - ASI over IP - Video over IP - ASI to IP - Video over Fiber - ASI IP Gateway - Audio Video over Fiber - CATV over fiber - fiber optics network - fiber optic redundant switch
Size: 1,341k, Revised: June 11th 2012, By: Thor Broadcast

LAN Audio monitoring software that monitors the sound which is played on remote computer in real time. Also you can set it monitors the sound around the remote microphone. It widely used for: 1. Often an alarm system was installed on industrial computer. But no ...
LAN Audio Monitoring Software - LAN Sound Transmitting Software - Voice Over LAN - LAN Audio Streaming Software - LAN Audio Broadcast System - LAN voice transmitter and receiver
Size: 3,095k, Revised: November 30th 2014, By: LAN Audio Monitor Software

VCX library is a set of ActiveX controls designed for developers of Audio streaming projects, such as voice chat, web chat, multi-client conference and similar applications. VCX library provides real-time, low latency multi-client Audio streaming over TCP/Ip networks.It includes efficient components for sound recording, playback, ...
RTP voice audio streaming chat IP conference real
Size: 3,912k, Revised: September 29th 2012, By: Lake of Soft

conaito VoIp SDK ActiveX for developers of VoIp Audio applications and webpages, such as voice chat, conference, VoIp, providing real-time low latency multi-client Audio streaming over UDP/Ip networks. Includes efficient components for sound recording, playback, encoding, decoding, mixing, resampling, reading, and writing wave files, mixer ...
Activex - Sdk - Voice Over Ip - VOIP chat - voip sdk - voice conference - text conference - voip conference - voip component - voip activex
Size: 768k, Revised: July 22nd 2012, By: conaito VoIP Communications

Fax VoIp Softphone is a powerful and unique SIp / H.323 software telephone that lets users make phone calls, record calls, play Audio files into the telephone line as well as send/receive T.38 and Audio faxes from one single software application using any Voice over ...
Phone - Voice - Fax - Ip - Pstn - Caller Id - Telephony - Gateway - Pbx - Voip
Size: 43,711k, Revised: December 5th 2016, By: FaxVoip Software

1AVStreamer is an easy solution for live video and Audio Broadcast over the web. Unlike most Broadcast programs 1AVStreamer takes away the hassle of setting it up. 1AVStreamer supports all video and Audio sources on the PC, including the PC desktop, and it has the ...
Pc - Image - File - Ftp - Video - Sound - Web - Screen - Audio - Internet
Size: 4,103k, Revised: December 13th 2013, By: PCWinSoft Systems Ltd

Web Page Remote is remote control software which allows you to remotely control a PC from a web browser at any location in the world. Web Page Remote provides fastest, simplest ways and it is an ideal tool to make software demonstrations, or provide customer ...
File - Automation - Cluster - Network - Remote - File Transfer - Pc Remote Control - Remote Control - Vnc - Voip
Size: 20,429k, Revised: June 26th 2012, By: ManualEnds Technology

As a professional software for fixed time playing in school and kindergarten, Fixed Time Player of Red Apple MP3 Music Tone is used for playing ring & music of attending and finishing class, gathering, national anthem, gymnastics and eye exercises, etc. Playing time and music ...
Scheduler - Playlist - Broadcast - schedule audio broadcast - schedule video broadcast - schedule broadcast
Size: 6,902k, Revised: September 28th 2012, By: Lark Software

AV Audio Merger is an easy and fast Audio tool to combine, merge or join MP3/OGG/WMA files. With our Audio software utility, you can instantly merge, combine and join MP3/OGG/WMA Audio files without recompressing and without reducing quality. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Features:MultIple Audio Formats SupportAV Audio Merger supports ...
mp3 combine - wav combine - audio combine - wma combine
Size: 5,816k, Revised: October 22nd 2012, By: AVMediaSoft

With USB over Network Connector you'll never face any problems accessing and managing the USB devices plugged into remote computers. On the contrary, with the help of this program you can work with those devices as if they were physically connected to your local computer. ...
usb over network - usb over ip - share usb over network - share usb - usb to ethernet - usb over ethernet - usb redirector
Size: 4,130k, Revised: April 6th 2016, By: Net USB Software

Auto Dialer, VOIp Autodialer, Phone Dialer, SIp SKYPE PSTN, PC to Phone Voice Broadcast. Ideal for group event reminders, marketing, political campaign promotion, events notification, marketing, telemarketing, lead generation, and much more. Spreadsheet interface makes it easy to create or import phone list. Simply record ...
Scheduler - Calendar - Dialer - Text To Speech - Auto Dialer - Voip - Telephone Recording - Autodialer - Skype - Sip
Size: 367k, Revised: March 28th 2012, By: Voicent Communications Inc

ELVideoCapture ActiveX DLL is a simple and easy video/Audio capture solution. The library allows you to capture frames from any video source devices like webcams or tuners installed in the system, to save the current frame as an image file, to copy the current frame ...
Video - Capture - Audio - Avi - Online - Wmv - Motion - Webcam - Broadcast - Detection
Size: 1,577k, Revised: June 9th 2012, By: ELSoft

AudioLab is a set of .NET 2.0-4.5 components for fast Audio processing. Allows Audio capture, processing, playback and br with zero lines of program code. AudioLab supports Wave Win32 API, Audio ACM, and the latest DirectX Media Objects (DMO), DirectShow, ASIO, VST 2.X and 3.0, ...
Library - Directx - Libraries - C# - Visual Studio - .net - Wave - Vst - Equalizer - vb net
Size: 298,551k, Revised: August 7th 2014, By: Mitov Software

Delphi/C++ Builder VCL and FireMonkey (FMX) components library for fast Audio processing. Allows Audio capture, processing, playback, and Broadcastiong with zero lines of program code. AudioLab supports Wave Win32 API, Audio ACM, and the latest DirectX Media Objects (DMO), DirectShow, ASIO, VST, FFMpeg and even ...
Delphi - Library - Directx - Component - Libraries - Components - Wave - Vcl - Vst - Equalizer
Size: 1,073,883k, Revised: June 16th 2014, By: Mitov Software

IpMIDIMIDI over Ethernet ports - send MIDI over your LAN.You can route MIDI over your Ethernet network, using IpMIDI ports to send and receive MIDI between PC's connected to your LAN. For example, if you have a music studio with several computers connected via MIDI ...
ipMIDI - midi over lan - midi over ethernet - midi over ip - midi over multicast - midi over tcp - midi over udp
Size: 1,567k, Revised: October 13th 2012, By: