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DIN setting is the setting that determines the amount of pressure required to release the binding . It has and must be set for both the toe piece and the heel piece. This DIN calcualtor takes your weight, height, age, skiing level and boot sole ...
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Ninjalator™ is a new Calculator utility developed here at Programming Art. It's fully functional and you can also skin it with your own images! What could be better than you own Calculator with throwing stars for buttons? Restore honor to your desktop and help support ...
Free - Skin - Math - Calculator - Ninja
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This is a nice Calculator with an on-screen history ticket, user definable precision, 1 memory register. Values with up to 14 significant digits. The Calculator is available - as a standalone function (executable included) - as a Delphi component (Delphi 4.0 sources included) Used as ...
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Gold Calculator Lite Computes Gold, in Kilos, Oz, Dwt, grams, and grains to market price. A Must For All Jewelry Professionals, Pawnbrokers, Jewelers, Refineries, Investers, Laylmen. Just enter Gold Spot or Market Price and Gold Calculator Lite will do the rest. No system requirements. Uses ...
Conversion - Calculator - Measure - Spot - Gold - Weights - Weights And Measure - Kilo - Ounces - Pennyweight
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The Advanced IP Address Calculator is a freeware Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP utility that lets you to calculate every aspect of your subnet configuration in a few mouse clicks! It was designed for any network engineer who needs a fast way to determine subnets. For the information ...
Host - Supernet - Ip Calculator - Subnet Calculator - Cidr - Subnet - Network Type - Host Address Range
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ANT 4 Pizza Timer counts down the time, until your Pizza, or any other dish, is ready. It plays a soundfile to notify you, in case you don't sit in front of your PC. You can customize different profiles, so you can easily use ANT ...
Sound - Alarm - Timer - Countdown - Alert - Pizza
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This free loan payment Calculator for Windows allows you to quickly calculate and compare loan payments based upon variable payment frequency! Offers Daily 365/year, Daily 360/year, Weekly, Biweekly 26/year, Bimonthly 24/year, Monthly, Quarterly, Biannual, and Annual payment periods. Free Loan Calculator is a financial Calculator ...
Loan Calculator - Payment Calculator - Time Value Of Money
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A free, fast, easy-to-use collection of 7 financial Calculators. Loan Calculator, accelerated payments, balloon payments, amortization schedule & interest Calculator. Support for Normal loans; Rule-of-78's; Canadian type loans; Points; 10 payment frequencies; 12 compounding frequencies; separate origination date and first payment dates. Pine Grove Software ...
Calculator - Loan - Interest - Amortization - Simple - Balloon - Compound
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Avr Timer Settings Calculator in Software text
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AvrTimerCalculator is a small, easy to use, handy application specially designed to help you get the Settings for an Avr-Timer right. So, if you are an Avr-Timerfan take AvrTimerCalculatorfor a spin and see how it goes. for WindowsAll
Calculator - AVRTimerCalculator - AVR-timer settings calculator - AVR-timer tool - get AVR-timer settings - calcualte - AVR-timer
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Are you tired of subnet Calculators with limitations? Other subnet Calculators only offer one function, do not allow exporting, and usually require a purchase to enable all the features. The SolarWinds Advanced Subnet Calculator is completely free and fully functional. In fact, it actually delivers ...
Free - Tools - Address - Calculator - Network - Ping - Dns - Managment - Ip - Solar
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Are you truly healthy? Your body mass index is often an indicator of how healthy you are! Don't buy expensive software tools. Let FatLossPLR BMI Calculator take a peek in your body and let you know the EXACT answers you are looking for! Trying to ...
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Desktop Wallpaper Timer allows you to enhance your desktop by changing your wallpaper automatically. You can set up a Timer and an image playlistand Desktop Wallpaper Timer will change your desktop wallpaper according to your Settings. Desktop Wallpaper Timer is easy to use and is ...
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OnLine - connected to internet counts prices with or without taxes, using current currency rates. No tedious and time consuming to search the current exchange rate. Current rate for the selected currency you can see immediately when you start the Calculator. Cross currency rate converter. ...
Converter - Online - On-line - Currency - Calculator - Display - Euro - Rate - Count - Course
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Compare 135 different loans at once with LoanSpread Loan Comparison and Amorotization Calculator. Whether you're interest in the time value of money or in a specific loan for a home, auto, boat or consolidation loan, LoanSpread shows you the big picture on borrowing money! Then ...
Loan Calculator - Payment Calculator - Time Value Of Money - compare loans - calculate interest rate
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Use Serial Timer to easily communicate with external appliances on an RS232 connection. Serial Timer has powerful features similar to the Timer software that Work with all types of serial ports, including USB adaptors, Wireless Device Servers or any virtual port. This program is especially ...
Automation - Software - Timer - Automated - Hydroponics - Lights - timing - Agriculture - irrigation - solenoids
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A very usable multifunctional scientific expression Calculator. While using Scabery Expression Calculator, you will never get confused in your calculations as you will always see all the expressions you are calculating as well as the current operation. Scabery Expression Calculator contains the history of calculations ...
Converter - Calculator - Loan - Scientific - Mortgage - Expression - Base
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Timer ScreenSaver to display digital countdown Timer, idle time and save screen. The Timer display of the Timer ScreenSaver can be configured easily using ScreenSaver properties from the Control Panel. Download and try Timer ScreenSaver for free. All updates to the Timer Screensaver will be ...
Screensaver - Timer - Countdown Timer - Timer Screensaver - timer screen saver - digital screensaver - countdown screensaver
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Shutdown Timer Portable is a small and easy to use program that can help you to schedule Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, Lock, Hibernate and sleep in various ways. With Shutdown Timer Portable you can do the regular shutdown based on times and dates but you can ...
Timer - Shutdown - Schedule Shutdown - Shutdown Timer - shutdown scheduler - Shutdowner
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Easy Timer Plus is a handy utility that includes a nice desktop clock and a Timer. Easy Timer Plus is an easy-to-use Timer with many advanced features that are fully customizable. You can set up the alarm sound by choosing from over 35 pre-installed or ...
Clock - Alarm - Timer - Alarm Clock - Desktop Clock - desktop timer - Easy Timer Plus
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Free 555 Timer Calculator with 3 astable modes and monostable mode. Astable modes include duty cycle less than 50%, duty cycle equals 50% and duty cycle greater than 50%. resistor and capacitor values can be tweaked.
free 555 timer calculate astable monostable onesho
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The SharePoint Project Timer web part is a powerful and flexible digital countdown Timer that helps remind you of important, upcoming milestones and deadlines. It displays as a digital clock that shows you the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds remaining until the target ...
Countdown Timer - SharePoint Web part - Time Management Solution - Monitor SharePoint Projects
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This is a highly functional and easy to use Scientific Calculator. It incorporates extensive science tools including a triangle Calculator, vector Calculator, shape Calculator, kinematic Calculator, half-life Calculator, maths Calculator, gas laws Calculator, statistical Calculator, molar mass Calculator, pH Calculator and one of the most ...
science tools - Easy to use scientific calculator - science data reference systems
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This free real estate Calculator for Windows helps you determine whether purchasing a home or renting is your best option. Free Rent or Buy Calculator is a real estate Calculator designed for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, XP and Vista systems. It offers integrated help, ...
Calculator - Rent - Buy - Or
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