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lick the 'download' button to get 45 Brushes set created these Brushes using Photoshop CS2.. Velvetcat's Brush Set - Free Photoshop Brushes | Brush King. Download free Photoshop Brushes on BrushKing
Size: 13,834k, Revised: October 23rd 2009, By: Velvetcat

Photo-Brush 5 is image editor, painting program, picture retouching tool, photo enhancer and RAW Image Browser for Windows XP and Vista. It is also probably the best value around. Consider this: * All the typical adjustments you need (Exposure, Levels, Hue/Sat/Luma, Cloning, various Sharpening etc.) ...
Rotate - Image Editor - Watermark - Colorize - retouch picture - photo enhancer
Size: 14,950k, Revised: June 24th 2012, By: mediachance

CAC Shishoni Brush is a truetype font that will allow you to give a fresh new look to all of your written documents. All you have to do is install the font onto your PC and use it for writing your texts to see how ...
CAC Shishoni Brush - Font - Truetype - Ttf - truetype font - TTF character - original font
 , Revised: June 11th 2012, By: American Greetings Corporation

Using this program you can easily insert animated smiley images in your e-mails.Using Smile Brush is as easy as 1-2-3:While you are typing your message text press [F9] key on your keyboard. A window containing many smileys will appear. Select the desired smiley and it ...
 , Revised: June 11th 2012, By: Hotrex Software

The main aim of the 3D-Brush program is detailing and texturing the 3D model which has already been shaped in another 3D-software. You can paint with color, bump, specular, transparency using layers over the mesh on 1-20 millions of polygons. The small details change normals ...
Size: 34,468k, Revised: September 24th 2012, By: PILGWAY

After using Windows, installing new software, system becomes slow and unstable. It is because applications collects information in your disk and system registry that is no longer valid or unneeded. If you know Windows system, you can clean it by yourself. But it takes pretty ...
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Now with all PRO features. With this free easy-to-use image editor, you can turn your snapshots into works of art, as well as draw your own images using its built-in image enhancement functions. Select a pencil, Brush, or eraser and set its size, shape, and ...
Brush - Text - Graphics - Crop - Resize - Image Editor - Draw - Photo Editor - Free Image Editor - Free Photo Editor
Size: 6,862k, Revised: November 21st 2011, By: VicMan Software

Paint Online game. Paint and draw ani figures using internet. At this website we have assistance with online paint Brush. ... Helpful Info. Most Popular Sites for Online Paint Brush.
Brush - Online - Paint
Size: 15k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: How to draw

Beneton Movie GIF is a complete GIF editing tool designed for both beginners and advanced users. It supports more than 48 file formats, such as BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG. Its intuitive user interface drag-and-drop to move frames quickly. Multiple frames selecting makes it easy ...
Editor - Image - Edit - Font - Animation - Tool - Convert - Video - Web - Photo
Size: 5,233k, Revised: October 15th 2012, By: Beneton Software

AKVIS Stamp is a photo retouching tool for seamless defects removal and objects cloning. AKVIS Stamp allows enhancing portraits (as it brilliantly removes wrinkles, scars, scratches, porous skin) and retouching of different image flaws (stains, dust, scratches). Unlike common clone tools, Stamp boasts automatic adjusting ...
Brush - Image - Tool - Photo - Texture - Photo Editing Software - Healing - Cloning - scratch - enhancing portraits
Size: 5,868k, Revised: August 26th 2012, By: AKVIS Software Inc.

SmoothDraw is a natural painting and digital free-hand drawing software that can produce high quality pictures. Support many kinds of Brushes (pen, pencil, dry media, airBrush, bristle Brush, image hose, etc.), retouch tools, layers, image adjustment, stencil, and many effects... Works great with tablets and ...
Brush - Image - Anime - Cartoon - Graphic - Picture - Paint - Art - Draw - Retouch
Size: 2,161k, Revised: May 24th 2012, By:

10 hand kerned OpenType Script, Cursive, Calligraphy, hand printing, Brush, Old English, and architectural fonts for Windows Vista/XP/2003/2000 or the Mac. Selective install and un-install. Includes: Elfring Elite, Flushing, Grandam, Hotpress, Jessica, Mech Bold, Old English, Patrician, Saffron, and Zen St Charles. These fonts are ...
Brush - Windows - Font - Script - Fonts - Truetype - Ttf - Type - True - Calligraphy
Size: 1,321k, Revised: October 3rd 2012, By: Elfring Fonts Inc

ComboPro ActiveX Controls Suite is an ActiveX controls suite based on standard Combo box for all software developers.ComboPro ActiveX Controls Suite is a comprehensive controls group ideal for picking Picture, Color, Font name, GDI pen and Brush, offers powerful items data management capabilities such as ...
Control - Activex - Ocx - Color Picker - Pick Color - font picker - picture picker - line picker - brush picker - Pick picture
Size: 4,823k, Revised: July 6th 2012, By: NiceFeather Software Solutions Corp.

PatternCombo ActiveX Control is an ActiveX control based on standard combo box for all software developers. it is a member of ComboPro ActiveX Controls Suite.This control is an ideal tool to select GDI Brush from customized patterns list, support solid Brush, hatch Brush, customizing texture ...
Shareware - Control - Activex - Pattern - Ocx - brush picker - Pick brush - ComboPro - nicefeather - combo box
Size: 2,335k, Revised: June 8th 2012, By: NiceFeather Software Solutions Corp.

This is a free photo editing software with the clone stamp tool and healing Brush. It can be used to remove or duplicate objects on your photos. Fix stains, blemishes, wrinkles and scratches. Remove unwanted objects. A common usage is in retouching skin, particularly in ...
photo clone - image clone - picture clone - clone stamp - clone stamp tool - clone tool - free clone tool - free clone stamp - heal tool - healing tool
Size: 6,193k, Revised: November 20th 2014, By: PHOTO TOOLBOX COM

Painting and drawing with natural media Brushes TwistedBrush Paint Studio makes no compromises in offering the best of the TwistedBrush painting engine. Presented in an interface that's perfectly suited for creation of new art work using expressive Brushes from thick wet oil paints and fluid ...
Image - Graphic - Digital - Picture - Paint - Art - Color - Draw - Artist - Water
Size: 30,094k, Revised: March 20th 2016, By: Pixarra Inc

Digital paint software and photo editor with natural art tools. TwistedBrush Pro Studio has one of the most versatile and powerful Brush engines in existence, yet it as designed from day one to be easy to use. TwistedBrush has more than 5,000 Brushes, along with ...
Image - Photo - Graphic - Digital - Picture - Clone - Paint - Art - Color - Draw
Size: 34,090k, Revised: April 2nd 2017, By: Pixarra Inc

Working with Yasisoft Image Editor is very simple. All tools and effects are easy to understand and to use. Features and Capabilities: Draw basic shapes (such as Lines, Curves, ellipses, rectangles, stars, polygons and spirals) as well as the ability to transform and manipulate these ...
Lines - Rotate - Scale - Photo Editor - Stars - Image Effects - Easy-to-use - Polygons - Curves - Spirals
Size: 25,837k, Revised: February 27th 2018, By: Yasisoft

FontRenamer is free and renames truetype font files (*.ttf) to the real name of the typefaces. Meaningful file names are best for easy management. Simply select a folder of font files and click Rename button. Arial bold italic.ttf instead of arialbi.ttf or Brush Script.ttf instead ...
Free - File - Font - Replace - Fonts - Truetype - Ttf - Rename - Name - Filename
Size: 51k, Revised: October 15th 2008, By: A. & M. Neuber GbR

Convert photos to sketchs,very easy. To figure a sketch for your friend !! You can convert your photo to: Pen sketch; Pencil sketch; Pastel sketch; Brush sketch; It's free. Surprise your friends by giving them a different kind of gift Convert a photograph to excellent ...
Graphic - Art - Photo To Sketch - Make Sketch - Sketch Photo - Arty Photo
Size: 1,096k, Revised: November 17th 2009, By: Thinker Software

Beneton Movie GIF is a complete GIF editing tool designed for both beginners and advanced users. It supports more than 48 file formats, such as BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG. Its intuitive user interface drag-and-drop to move frames quickly. Multiple frames selecting makes it easy ...
Image - Picture - Animate - Animator - Frame - Gif Animation - Gif Editor - Movie Gif
Size: 6,420k, Revised: December 28th 2008, By: Beneton Software