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MindFusion's Xml Viewer is used to examine the contents of an Xml file in an easy-to-use environment. In addition you can make modification to the Xml such as inserting and deleting items as well as adding and deleting properties to existing items. MindFusion's Xml Viewer ...
Editor - Viewer - Edit - Xml - View
Size: 1,720k, Revised: December 24th 2008, By: MindFusion LLC

DriveImage Xml allows you to backup logical drives and partitions to image files, browse these images, view and extract files, restore these images to the same or a different drive, copy directly from drive to drive Image creation uses Microsoft's Volume Shadow Services (VSS), allowing ...
Backup - Transfer - Imaging - Volume - Partition - Drive Image - Recover Files - Cloning - Back-up - Image File
Size: 1,638k, Revised: November 13th 2009, By: Runtime Software (5 other programs)

Java Swing-based Xml editor that analyzes a given Xml schema and then generates a document-specific graphical user interface. To be able to prepare valid Xml documents of significant complexity, a user is not required to be familiar with Xml and Xml Schema languages and to ...
Size: 1,990k, Revised: January 19th 2009, By:

Easy to use flash menu, does not require flash to be used, only the player plugin that is installed on any web browser, easy to use, just insert the swf file in a web page and edit the Xml file that comes with the menu, ...
Size: 23k, Revised: January 19th 2009, By:

R2Build system is a tool/framework to establish your daily Build(or nightly Build, or Build automation, or continuous integration system) in a very easy way . It includes, but is not limited to, plug-ins for email notification, FTP, various installer packaging tool, Java/C++/Ant/Nant/.Net/Delphi/C++Builder, and various source ...
Continuous Integration - Daily Build(night Build)and Build Automation Tool
Size: 3,451k, Revised: October 11th 2008, By: Aurumation

Automotix is an Internet exchange client offering a wide range of features that allow automotive buyers and sellers to communicate with each other anywhere in the world, at any time. Automotix is a patent pending technology designed specifically to the automotive industry. Automotive sellers and ...
Automotive Software - Auto Sales Software - Used Car Sales Software - Automotive Business Management Software - Auto Parts Marketplace
Size: 147k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Automotix LLc

Build a hydrogen generator project organizer. Organize your projects from low to high priority. Discover how a hydrogen generator can help you increase the miles per gallon in your vehicle. Learn about all the different types of hydrogen generators, and how you can Build and ...
Hydrogen Generator - Build A Hydrogen Generator
Size: 1,877k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Build a hydrogen generator

Chilkat Xml offers a high-performance alternative to the standard Xml DOM for creating, navigating, and manipulating Xml documents. The Chilkat Xml parser is faster and less memory intensive, and the API is much simpler. There is only one interface, which represents a single node in ...
Visual Basic - Parser - Dom - Sax - Msxml
Size: 1,000k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Chilkat Software, Inc.


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Lattice.SPGen is a stored procedure generator that supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and IBM DB2 UDB. Lattice.SPGen will process each table and view in the database which you selected and created stored procedures to insert, update, delete, select (single or multiple records) using the fields ...
Size: 246k, Revised: June 26th 2012, By: Lattice Business Software

JXBeans is a high-quality, easy to use, freely-available, open-source framework that leverages the power of JavaBeans and Xml to rapidly Build Xml processing applications, business process models and web services.
Size: 924k, Revised: August 18th 2012, By:

SGE (Serpent Game Engine - by Erico GR) is a simple but POWERFUL Java tool for creating 2D games in no time. You can use a rich Level Editor to Build Xml levels with many layers, objects and actors.
Size: 363k, Revised: May 10th 2012, By:

Create text, HTML, RSS and Xml sitemaps to help search engines like Google and Yahoo to crawl and index your website. Crawler is feature rich supporting many website crawling options. Configure amount of simultaneous connections to use. Supports crawler filters, robots.txt, custom connection and read ...
Text - Html - Upload - Create - Rss - Xml - Generator - Build - Yahoo - Google
Size: 7,854k, Revised: July 18th 2012, By: Microsys

Visual Build Pro is a tool that enables developers, software process engineers, and Build specialists to create an automated, repeatable process for Building their software. Visual Build provides built-in support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET/2005, Visual Studio Team System, Visual Basic, Visual C++, SourceSafe, eMbedded ...
Automation - Software - Control - Automate - Project - Development - Integration - Process - continuous - deploy
Size: 8,212k, Revised: May 30th 2012, By: Kinook Software, Inc.

How to Build a pond photo gallery.Find inspiration for Building ponds, waterfalls, fish ponds. Full color photo gallery of natural and manmade ponds.How to Build a waterfall, how to make a waterfall, how to Build a waterfall.Pond planning guide, plants guide, fish guide.Screensaver
Pond Construction - How To Build A Pond - Pond Photos - Building A Pond - Pond Building
Size: 1,109k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: How To Build A Pond

FREE Graphical XSD and Xml Editor. A fully featured Xml Development Studio, including:- - Graphical and Text based Xml Schema Editor - XSD and Xml Validation - Intellisense for Xml and XSD documents - Syntax Highlighting - Xml Formatting. - Fully compliant with the XSD ...
Format - Xml - Schema - Wsdl - Gfx
Size: 2,603k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Liquid Technologies Ltd

Xml editor which allows editing using a tree view or syntax highlighted source editor. The tool provides a range of feature in an intuitive environment. The tool has proved popular with those who want an easy to use Xml editor.Feature include validation, viewing Xml as ...
Editor - Xml - Dtd - Xsl - Wml
Size: 7,344k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Peter Reynolds

realtor postcards, Easy Xml sitemap creator, real estate postcards, realtor postcards, sitemap tool, real estate postcard marketing, postcards for real estate agents
Easy Xml Sitemap Creator - Real Estate Postcards - Realtor Postcards - Sitemap Tool - Real Estate Postcard Marketing
Size: 9k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: real estate postcards

Xml Marker is an Xml Editor that uses a synchronized table-tree-and-text display to show you both the hierarchal and the tabular nature of your Xml data. It automatically produces a tabular display of any selected tag by collecting repeating attribute and tag names and then ...
Free - Xml - Xml Editor
Size: 993k, Revised: October 10th 2008, By: Symbol Click

Xml Copy Editor is a fast, free, validating Xml EditorXml Copy Editor is free software released under the GNU General Public License. It is available in Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Slovak, Swedish and Ukrainian. There are Linux packages for Arch, Fedora, ...
Size: 6,113k, Revised: December 21st 2009, By: Gerald Schmidt

This sample file accompanies the MSDN article "Microsoft Office Word 2003 Xml: Memo Styles Sample" which examines some common Xml-related tasks using the menus, task panes, and other parts of the user interface. It also looks at performing many of these same tasks programmatically. The ...
Size: 133k, Revised: September 11th 2009, By: Microsoft Coporation

The Microsoft Office Word 2003 Xml Viewer allows people who create WordprocessingML files in Office 2003 Editions to share their documents with people who do not have Word 2003 installed on their computers. When you post WordprocessingML documents on the Internet, you can include the ...
Size: 1,014k, Revised: September 11th 2009, By: Microsoft Coporation

Xml Address Book is a full-featured, easy-to-use address book application with all the essential features you really need and without any overhead. You can add any number of entries you like or import them from an Excel file. The table can be rearranged and sorted ...
Size: 348k, Revised: January 25th 2010, By: Johannes Wallroth

This download is a companion piece to the Extreme Xml article, "Xml Discussion Forum." (Click the Documentation link on this page to read the full article.)The article discusses the development of an Xml-based tool for online discussions, Similar to newsgroups, but more structured so new ...
Size: 82k, Revised: September 11th 2009, By: Microsoft Corporation.