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Call of Duty 2 is a historic first-person shooter video game and the second installment in the critiCally acclaimed Call of Duty series of games. The player takes on the role of several Allied protagonists in specific missions during World War II.
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Another game clone where player takes on the role of several Allied protagonists in specific missions during World War II. The player can only carry two firearms, which can be swapped with those left on the battlefield, and also carries both fragmentation and smoke grenades. ...
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A fun way for children (and adults) to learn the books of the Bible. Covers both the old and new testaments. Easy and hard levels. Has 12 different animated rewards.
Bible - Old Testament - New Testament
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Wrath of Darkness is an first person action role-playing game. In this game, you play a dark elven sorceress on a quest for revenge. Explore an extensive underground world, fight monsters, and complete quests.
Magic - Rpg - Role-playing - Action - Dark - Elf - Elven - Fps
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An ancient Ring thought lost for centuries has been found. When Gandalf the White discovers the Ring is in fact the One Ring of the Dark Lord Sauron, Frodo must make an epic quest to the Cracks of Doom in order to destroy it!
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Try to beat more pawns than computer in this 3D chess-like game. Your rook, which is lighter, placed at bottom right corner of check board and computer rook - at opposite corner. Pawns are placed randomly. Target of the game is to beat more pawns ...
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Rays of Hope combines 20 high quality nature pics from the tropiCal island of Taiwan with time-honored advice for the weary and those in need of encouragement, accompanied by a full-length upbeat instrumental track. All images are original photographs by the author. Check out the ...
Taiwan - Free Screensaver - Nature - Instrumental Music - Hope
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Gambling oriented casion game; does not require real money! Stones is a simple gambling game derived from a mini-game seen years ago in a Commodore 64 product Called Legacy of the Ancients! Stones has been revamped and refitted for modern times! Enjoy!
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50 High Quality PC Game Dock IconsAll files PNG @ 512x512These icons are only for docks like ObjectDock, RocketDock, Fast Dial or any applications that support PNG icons.This pack contains the following icons::Age of Empires IIIAge of Empires III - The Asian DynastiesAge of Empires ...
Size: 19,917k, Revised: April 16th 2009, By: Jaya Wardono

Capricorn Zodiac Clock is a magic Talisman for whose of us born from December 22 to January 20. It brings luck and happiness and it's a nice free Desktop Clock screensaver as well.Capricorn is a realistic person. At the same time he is an industrious ...
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Simple Ping is a small program to help keep an eye on your current internet ping. I made this program because I have a wireless internet provider. My ping times like to go all over the place. Well while playing a online game, I would ...
Simple Ping
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Game Icons I made because I was bored and they're pretty. Send me a message if you like these and want one for a game I don't have listed. Matches the Ipod Icons I made earlier.True Color + Alpha onlySizes:256 x 256128 x 12896 x ...
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Access great cheatsaves for GTA 4, Xploder blows your games wide open. Have access to new weapons, loads of money and missions unlocked, Xploder cheatsaves gets you ahead of the game! Also includes cheatsaves for Gran Turismo 5 - Prologue, Call of Duty 4, Assassins ...
PS3 PSP Cheats cheat software xploder media manag
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GSC protocol handler for Call of Duty 4.This is a tiny windows application that handles URLs like: gsc://joinGame:game=cod4&ip= runing the game without installing the gsc software and without login in their network.
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Software that will keep track of your favorite internet game servers such as Quake 3 &4, Enemy Territory, Call of Duty, Counter Strike & Warsow etc. Supports filtering and country locations...
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Cal.doc is a Microsoft Word Document, which can be opened in Word 2007, or any previous version. It can be used to print a nice 3-month Calendar to tape to your CRT or wall, and also serves as a learning tool in coding Word VBA ...
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This freeware screensaver has been specially created for all the fans of The Lord of the Rings and J.R.R. Tolkien. If you liked the book or the movie, this screensaver will make a great addition to your collection. The screensaver is 3D and animated, and ...
Screensaver - 3d - Freeware - The Lord Of The Rings - The One Ring
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The War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells The Martians unchain a direct assault to our planet, with hundreds of invulnerable ships. The invasion takes place all over the world, and all the major cities are destroyed one after one; even the atomic bomb can't ...
E-book - E-novel - The War Of The Worlds - H.g. Wells
Size: 676k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Southern Ocean Software

The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde Innocent young Dorian Gray has his portrait painted by a close friend. Soon after, under the influence of amoral Lord Henry Wotton, he jilts his fiancee, leading to her suicide. This is the start of a life ...
The Picture Of Dorian Gray - By Oscar Wilde
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A Journey To The Center Of The Earth, by Jules Verne (1864) Prof. Lindenbrook leads his intrepid party on an expedition to the centre of the earth, via a volcano in Iceland, encountering all manner of prehistoric monsters and life-threatening hazards on the way.
A Journey To The Center Of The Earth - By Jules Verne (1864)
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Download the Free Colors of Autumn DesktopFun Autumn Screensaver from The Free Colors of Autumn Screensaver displays 60 beautiful and colorful images of the Autumn Season. Now you can see and experience its beauty right on your computer! You re sure to fall in ...
Screensaver - Screensavers - Autumn - Seasons - Colors - Of - Desktopfun
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Being inspired by Diablo and Crimsonland, the game presents a mixture of Shooter and RPG. You get into the not-too-distant future, when the humanity depleted nearly all resources of the planet. The environment was polluted causing the mutation of the biosphere. You take a role ...
Arcade Game - Out Of The World - Another World
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The clouds are green and wish you a Happy St.Paddys Day as you enjoy a shower of gold from the heavens. Download this awesome free animated screensaver right now to feel the luck of St.Paddys day everywhere around you.. lucky eye jewelry irish county at ...
Green - Clouds - Happy - St.patricks Day Screensaver - Lucky Patricks Day - Rain Of Gold
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