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PBX Call Tarifficator Pro is a Call accounting and billing system, which helps you to manage all the telephone traffic via your office switching system. It can count all local and toll Calls, placed from PBX extentions and print detailed cost reports. PBX Call Tarifficator ...
Software - Phone - Bill - Accounting - Pbx Call Tarifficator - Tariff - Smdr Cable Pinout - Telephone - Billing System - Pc Serial Port
Size: 785k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: DCS Laboratory Ltd.

The Literary Machine is a revolutionary relational database and composition tool that manages any kind of information, even the random thoughts and bits of information you get, and forget, throughout the day. LM's unique system unharnesses you (and your thinking) from the rigid framework of ...
Size: 7,435k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Gunnar Sommestad

PBX Call Tarifficator Lite is a Call accounting and billing system, which helps you to manage all the telephone traffic via your office switching system. It can count all local and toll Calls, placed from PBX extentions and print detailed cost reports. PBX Call Tarifficator ...
Software - Phone - Bill - Accounting - Pbx Call Tarifficator - Tariff - Smdr Cable Pinout - Telephone - Billing System - Pc Serial Port
Size: 535k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: DCS Laboratory Ltd.

Program replaces standard unuseful Windows' screensaver. When Call is received, program will ring through sound card, show name and number and log a Call. Besides that, program will show current day and time on a screen.
Screensaver - Modem - Display - Call - Caller - Id
Size: 29k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: SoftCab

Save Rob-Robot from the the clutches of a burning furnace using your memory in this Simon-like game. This game features additional twists on the original concept such as a high scoring system and bonus rounds.
Memory - Remember - Simon
Size: 3,198k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Twilight Games

Records audio input from soudcard and files the recordings. If you have a computer microphone you can use the software to record meetings and telephone Calls on a speaker phone. Works with every telephone connector that may be plugged into a soundcard (but, of course, ...
Shareware - Manager - Software - Scr - Lite - Freeware - Archive - Phone - Recording - Microphone
Size: 726k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Thomas Mielke Softwareentwicklung

You have no doubt wished you could be aware on who is Calling without the need to pick up the phone and answer a Call. Call Alert! enables your PC to recognize the Caller without the need to answer. Call Alert! employs Caller ID service ...
Free - Modem - Freeware - Phone - Voice - Call - Name - Talk - Telephone - Id
Size: 541k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: IVR Software

Use the easy-to-use palette to choose colors, draw your tag over the desktop and save it as a Mio file. Send your tags to your friends or publish them on Internet.
Paint - Tag - Art - Drawing - Draw - Painting
Size: 483k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Mioplanet Technologies, Inc


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KishKish SAM is a simple voice answering Machine for Skype users.When you are away from your PC and there is no one to answer your incoming Skype Calls, KishKish SAM will pick up the Call, play a greeting message and the "all-time classic beep", so ...
Sam - Answering Machine - Call Recorder - Skype
Size: 1,764k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: KishKish

Answering Machine for scripting your own professional Call center business scripts using a voice modem. Features Caller-ID, Wave Playback, Wave Recording, Digit Monitoring, POP3 Email Manipulation, Speech Recognition and Synthesis. With Dialgo Personal Call Center v2.0, you can program your computer to have spoken dialogues ...
Modem - Phone - Call Center - Wave - Speech - Caller Id - Telephony - Answering Machine - Digits - Dialogic
Size: 4,547k, Revised: October 19th 2012, By: United Research Labs

This application lets you record, manage, organize, do more with your CallsCall Grpah is an Call recording and indexing tool for Skype. It records all the Skype Calls to an mp3 file and indexes them for search. Tags are assigned to the Calls which can ...
Size: 6,062k, Revised: March 4th 2009, By: Call Graph

This is a prototype of a complete virtual Machine. The goal of this virtual Machine is to be used as a portable debug environment when developing high-level language applications. The design was made ,so that a hardware implementation of the virtual Machine (in VHDL, or ...
Size: 10,957k, Revised: May 24th 2009, By: Optima SC Inc. (6 other programs)

An advanced, yet simple-to-use voice mail and fax software for your home or business. All the features you'd expect are supported: multiple configurable mailboxes, faxing, ability to block telemarketers, Call monitoring and logging, Caller ID with pop-ups and voice alerts, customizable and personalized greetings, and ...
Windows - Software - Dialer - Phone - Mailbox - Pager - Telephone - Caller Id - Tapi - Voice Mail
Size: 8,253k, Revised: June 13th 2012, By: 4x4 Software

PrettyMay Call Center for Skype is a 100% software-based Skype IP PBX that replaces traditional proprietary hardware PBX / PABX. It allows Small Business to quickly and affordably implement a Skype IP PBX / PABX system with Auto-Attendant, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution ...
Recorder - Record - Call - Call Recorder - record call - save call
Size: 5,632k, Revised: September 10th 2012, By: PrettyMay-Team

Recording telephone conversations is essential nowadays. With a hard-copy of a telephone Call, you will be able to prove your case. The program also popups and logs Caller ID information. Phone Call Recorder can work as a powerful answering Machine too. You can playback recorded ...
Remember - Mp3 - Audio - Modem - Record - Disk - Phone - Voice - Note - Store
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Keywords Machine is a FREE keyword rank checker software designed to automatiCally check your search engine position ranking for any keyword in the major search engines and get an advanced report including related keywords. What?s more, this FREE keyword rank checker allows you to keep ...
Keywords - Seo Tools - keywords ranking - keywords position checker - keywords machine - keywords grab - relative keywords - seo keywords
Size: 512k, Revised: November 7th 2012, By: Mohamed Aly Abbas

Drum Machine online flash online flash. Play drums with a mouse or keyboard. Drum kit. You can record your melody and play it. You can see how to easy to create a melody. Why not to create drum melody and enjoy drums bit. This flash ...
Game - Online - Machine - Drum
Size: 30k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Flash games

Quorum is software which runs as a phone conference server on any Windows PC. Callers dial into the server to join telephone conferences. Callers can connect to a conference Call using either standard or VoIP lines on external telephone numbers or through an office phone ...
Conference Call - Quorum - Telephone Conferencing - Teleconference - Business Meetings - Phone Meetings - Conference Calling - Business Telephone Software
Size: 947k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: NCH Swift Sound

Something different from the flying fish or floating windows logos as a screensaver. Based on images from 3D action/RPG game set in a fantasy world entitled: Pompolic: Call for Heroes.
Games - Screensaver - Freeware - Action - Windows Game - Third Person - Pc Games - Pompolic - Call For Heroes
Size: 5,030k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Quotix Software

Visual Rapport is an intuitive integrated visual communication console that provides real time employee telephone status, instant messaging, email, screen pop, Call logging and file transfer all under one roof.Visual Rapport boasts a very dynamic interface that puts your communication information right at your fingertips. ...
Cti - Call Accounting Software - Visual Rapport - Screen Pop
Size: 2,750k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI)

Free Skype Call Recorder. This program is distributed absolutely free and has no functional limitations. It is the program must have for everybody who is using Skype to make business Calls, especially if you are a SOHO. Making Call could cost nothing to you, but ...
Free - Mp3 - Call - Voip - Skype
Size: 1,422k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Skype Call Recording

Call Transfer For Skype. Cheap Phone Services With Quality For Home And Business
Size: 10k, Revised: November 22nd 2009, By: ZOverLord Creations

Comodo Time Machine (CTM) is a powerful system rollback utility that allows users to quickly restore their computers to an earlier point in time. CTM ?snapshots? are a complete record of your entire system (including the registry, critical operating system files and user created documents).Layered ...
Size: 20,664k, Revised: January 12th 2010, By: Comodo Group, Inc.