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When calculating mortgage repayments it's very important to remember that different countries can use different systems to calculate the compound interest. A perfect example of this is the fact that the US and Canada to use different systems in this regard. The compound interest rates ...
Canadian - Calculator - Amortization - Mortgage
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Canadian Postal Code Database (Basic Edition) offers you all the zip codes from Canada. The database includes Postal code, city name, province name, province abbreviation and phone area code in Canada.The complete database contains over 760,000 precise records. Immediate download available in several formats ie. ...
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PostalCodeWorld Canadian Gold Edition - The database includes postal code, city name, province name, phone area code, timezone, daylight saving flag, latitude, longitude, population, total dwellings, elevation and street name in Canada. The highest and lowest street number can be used to validate the postal ...
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A free, fast, easy-to-use collection of 7 financial calculators. Loan calculator, accelerated payments, balloon payments, amortization schedule & interest calculator. Support for Normal loans; Rule-of-78's; Canadian type loans; Points; 10 payment frequencies; 12 compounding frequencies; separate origination date and first payment dates. Pine Grove Software ...
Calculator - Loan - Interest - Amortization - Simple - Balloon - Compound
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The Travel Wizard Gadget allows you to search multiple airline sites (Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, etc) for the lowest priced airfares, hotels and deals. The gadget also updates every 30 minutes with the latest travel specials from around the web, and provides links to travel planning ...
Free - Windows - Search - Travel - Cars - Vista - Hotel - Flight - International - Rental
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Home Equity Loan calculator helps you to calculate loans and mortgages repayments and create amortization schedule. It is a software tool that allows you to analyze various combinations of loan amounts, interest rates, loan terms, etc. to determine the best possible loan for your budget. ...
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VoIP service software for pc to phone voice calls, mobile voip calls, web calls, and click to call from browser. VoIP service also include US & Canada phone numbers, local phone plans, long distance and international calling plans. In additon to pc to phone service, ...
Instant Messaging - Voip - Video Conferencing - Internet Fax - Internet Calls - Mobile Sms
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This program allows you to play 22 kind of checkers: russian, international (polish), 80-celluar, armenian, brazilian, Canadian, checkers (american), corners, czech, diagonal, give-away, italian, laska, lika, pool, spanish, Sri Lankian, stavropol, thai, towers, turkish. Supported features: eight levels of difficulty with playing with computer, playing ...
Russian - International - Polish - 80-celluar - Armenian
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Check Printing Software 2000 prints MICR checks for USA and Canadian banks from blank check stock and can also create pre-printed bank checks for accounting applications including Quicken, QuickBooks or Microsoft Money, and best of all it is FREE.
Software - Bank - Printing - Checks - Bank Checks
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Gold Bullion for Sale toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find gold bullion coins, bars and ingots including American Buffalo, American Eagle, Australian Kangaroo, Canadian Maple Leap, South African Krugerrands and Vienna Philharmonic coins. Discover the world of eBay and shop for gold bullion coins directly from ...
Ie Toolbar - Internet Explorer Toolbar - Add Ons - Ebay Toolbar - Gold Bullion For Sale
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Automatically adds the name days of all countries where this is celebrated, to your Outlook Calendar. Simply select the country for which you want to add the name days and the calendar you want to add it to. 365 whole day appointments will be created ...
Calendar - Outlook - Holidays - Celebrations - Name Days
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Active KillDisk is a quality security application that destroys data permanently from any computer that can be started from floppy CD USB. Active KillDisk Professional conforms to US Department of Defense clearing and sanitizing standard DoD 5220.22-M. New Wipe function that wipes out all unused ...
Dos - Data - Recovery - Erase Hard Drive - Wiper
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For preparing detailed monthly cash flow projections for cash planning, business plans, fund raising etc. for 6 months ahead. Includes facilities for rolling forward projections and sensitivity analysis. For smaller businesses. Especially useful for businesses in tight cash positions. Helps management to plan cash requirements ...
Coasters - Blank Keyrings - Make Keyrings - Keyrings - Promotional Keyrings
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Small and portable software to easily convert EURO into more than 30 foreign currency, with daily official European Central Bank exchange rate.Supported currencies:US dollar Japanese yen Bulgarian lev Czech koruna Danish krone Estonian kroon Pound sterling Hungarian forint Lithuanian litas Latvian lats Polish zloty New ...
Convert - Euro - Dollar - Livre Sterling - European Central Bank
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Winterlude, (Bal de Neige in French) is a fully free screensaver made with Flash that includes 29 wonderful pictures about the annual festival in Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, that celebrates winter. This screensaver displays beautiful images of snow and ice made by great ...
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yyyymmdd ASM source and executable files to run on your own machine as a standalone utility.. Canadian Mind Products • Canadian Mind Products home page
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In the following, pretend ! is an ampersand. Amper converts ! to !amp; in HTML files, but does not convert it when the ! is already in an entity e.g. !lt; !thetasym; !eacute; The main use for this is to pass HTMLValidator verification of your ...
Size: 1,321k, Revised: February 25th 2009, By: Canadian Mind Products

Displays all the fonts available to AWT in Java on your machine. Displays the fonts in a variety of styles, sizes and colours, rendered either with a Canvas or with a TextArea. FontShower displays the fonts available on *your* machine to *Java*. Other people will ...
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