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Es sind 2 Programme enthalten: Mit dem einen kann ein Vb 5/6 - Projekt zusammengefasst werden und anschließend beispielsweise in einer Textverarbeitung ausgedruckt werden. Mit dem anderen können die Objekte eines Vb 5/6 - Projektes gezählt werden. Dabei wird auch die Projektstruktur verdeutlicht.
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The program is the whole complement to your virus scanner. The great advantage is, that WinHKI Anti-Virus checks the background of Windows whether there are suspicious modifications. It works completely on system check in this case. If there is a virus or worm, which have ...
Anti-virus - Winhki
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The sample application demonstrating Active Accessibility in "Advanced Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Second Edition" ISBN 1-57231-893-7, does not function correctly with version 1.22 or later of the Active Accessibility SDK.The sample application was originally written for use with Active Accessibility 1.1. Changes in the Active ...
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I have been around the Internet for quite some time, and recently I have noticed a distinct lack of a good file Checksum calculator for Windows.I mean, why hasn't anyone created an easy to use GUI-based file Checksum calculator that can compute the CRC32, MD5, ...
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Another Checksum verifier for you to use.Checksum Verifier is designed like a simple and easy to use Checksum verifier.. Find and Develop Open Source Software. Fast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory
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RiMD5 is an small freeware utility for calculating the MD5 (Message Digest number 5) Checksum values of specified files.. Rizone Technologies - Better freeware tools for Windows.. Home of award winning tools and utilities for the Windows platform. Rizone tools has proven to be better, ...
Size: 379k, Revised: July 25th 2009, By: Rizone Technologies

Simple Mandelbrot viewer written in Vb.NET. I finally downloaded the Express edition of Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, and started a long-overdue peek into the much-hyped .NET technology. Up till now, most of my code has been plain C++ with straight Windows API calls. I generally ...
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SQL Vb ASP Code Generator is a powerful multi-purpose tool that lets you effortlessly generate SQL, Vb and ASP Code. You can even generate an entire Vb application or ASP web application, all derived from the tables in your database with just one click. No ...
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Play the classic game of Hangman on your PC. Source code included. Visit and learn to develop Vb games.. VbGames - Learn to Program Vb Games - Games in Visual Basic, Vb & Visual Basic game developers resource, learn to program games ...
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Card Search is easy to play, but you have to have a good memory to become an expert. The computer will deal out the cards, this doesn't mean the computer knows where the cards are placed. The object of the game is to win as ...
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Colour Picker has a simple interface which allows you to pick a colour using the normal windows colour picker.Also select any picture and grab a colour from it. Enter RGB values or Hex value to get a colour .It will then convert these colours to ...
Hex - Rgb - Scheme - pick colour - VB Colour Picker - Colour Picker - select colour
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The Vb.NET Documentation Tool creates comprehensive documentation for .NET Framework projects developed in Vb.NET and their associated SQL Server/Microsoft Access databases. Most types of project (Windows Forms, ASP.NET, etc.) are supported. C# code is also supported. Reports are created in standard HTML, Microsoft HTML Help ...
Code - Documentation - Vb - Database - Help - Access - Functions - Document - Visual Basic - Sql Server
Size: 2,980k, Revised: August 14th 2012, By: Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited

Quick Checksum Verifier checks file integrity by secure time proven algorithms like MD5 and SHA-1. You can easily create Checksums of files and verify their integrity in the future. The operation is very easy, just two steps. Load the file and paste the predefined Checksum. ...
Checker - Checksum - Md5 - MD5 checksum - Checksum Verifier - Integrity Check
Size: 3,584k, Revised: July 29th 2012, By: Bitdreamers

Arpoon Checksum computes Checksums of files. A Checksum (message digest, hash value) is a kind of fingerprint that enables to uniquely identify a file or document. This can be used for authentication purposes or to track document modifications.By way of example, this tool can be ...
File - Elf - Authentication - Identification - Checksum - Md5 - Fingerprint - sha256 - sha1 - md4
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MD5 Checksum Verifier is files integrity checker based on the time proven MD5 algorithms. With it you can easily create Checksums of files and verify their integrity in the future. The operation is very easy, just two steps, make check file and verify check file.
Md5 - MD5 checksum - MD5 algorithm - MD5 hash - check md5 sum utility - file integrity checker - md5 encryption
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Skin your Visual Basic applications easily with the new Sonic Skinner ActiveX Control. Whether you are an expert programmer or you don't have a clue to create a nice skin to your applications, the Sonic Skinner is the Ideal tool for you to create professional ...
Free - C++ - Skins - Buttons - Activex - Components - Gui - Activex Control - User Interface - Developer Tools
Size: 1,976k, Revised: August 13th 2012, By: SWJ Soft

Code Line Counter Pro - Vb Version may be helpful for Visual Basic programmers, SQA, project managers and other customers who need an overview of a project source code.This easy-to-use application will help you get detailed reports on the source code.With the help of Code ...
Visual Basic - Code Line Counter - Source Code Line - VB Code Line Counter
Size: 2,939k, Revised: October 17th 2012, By: BistoneSoft

Easily integrate barcodes into Vb 6 and Visual Basic .NET applications with the Vb Integration Kit. Several integration options are provided. Includes documentation and source code for both Vb and Vb Dotnet encoders. Supports several barcode types including Code 128, GS1-128, MSI, Codabar, Interleaved ...
vb net - Visual Basic NET - VB barcode - vb DLL - vb DotNet - vb bar code - VB Visual Studio
Size: 41k, Revised: July 8th 2012, By:, Inc.

SFTP .NET Component for implementing secure file transfer over SSH in C#, Vb.NET, and ASP.NET
Programming - Ssh - Sftp - Library - Component - C# - Class - Toolkit - Sdk - Module
Size: 2,437k, Revised: July 30th 2012, By: Chilkat Software, Inc.

SSH .NET Component for Remote Shell and Remote Command Execution (for C#, Vb.NET, ASP.NET)
Shell - Programming - Ssh - Library - Component - C# - Class - Toolkit - Sdk - Module
Size: 2,437k, Revised: May 9th 2012, By: Chilkat Software, Inc.

Rar / Unrar .NET component for C#, Vb.NET, and ASP.NET. Extract files and directories from a Rar archive. List RAR archive contents.
Rar - Compression - Library - Component - C# - .net - Unrar - Class - Sdk - Api
Size: 1,956k, Revised: July 26th 2012, By: Chilkat Software, Inc.

Vb.NET Analyser is a compact application that is designed to analyze Vb.NET solution files and display the number of lines it contains. Actually it can display much more information such as the number of project and of the comment lines.Right now all the Vb.NET Analyser ...
Code - Counter - Count - line counter - VB NET Analyser - count code line - analyze VB NET solution
 , Revised: July 7th 2012, By: Nodesoft

Vb Decompiler is decompiler for programs (EXE, DLL or OCX) written in Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 and disassembler for programs written on .NET technology. As you know, programs in Visual Basic can be compiled into interpreted p-code or into native code. .NET assembly always ...
Vb - Visual Basic - Decompiler
Size: 5,530k, Revised: June 6th 2012, By: DotFix Software