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This is a type of casino Machine, you can bet on 8 lines, with a total of 4 bets per line. Min tittel. Publisher of Casino Slot Machine, Author of Casino Slot Machine This is a type of casino Machine, you can bet on ...
Size: 1,055k, Revised: August 11th 2009, By: Tony Reinli (45 other programs)

The is a free Super 7 Slot Machine from Zomas Web Marketing. Publisher of Free Super 7 Slot Machine, Author of Free Super 7 Slot Machine 1.0. The is a free Super 7 Slot Machine from
Size: 1,464k, Revised: July 15th 2008, By: Zomas Marketing

Video Editor Master is the best program for editing Video files. Video Editor Master is a graphical editor for Windows Media (.asf, .wmv) and MPEG files. Select or delete multiple portions from a Video file. The system lets you copy, paste and fine tune the ...
Size: 2,806k, Revised: January 29th 2009, By: FreeVideo Master

With Video Wallpaper Master you can greatly enhance your desktop by playing any Video as background wallpaper. It's similar to the Dreamscene feature of Windows Vista Ultimate. But with Video Wallpaper Master, you can have the Dreamscene effect for any version of Windows, including Vista ...
Wallpaper - Desktop Enhancement - DreamScene - video wallpaper
Size: 563k, Revised: May 10th 2012, By:

Image Video Machine is an very easy to use image-to-Video and Video-to-image converting software. You can use this nice tool to create your own Video files from separate image files, like making animated GIF. You can also extract all frames of a Video file into ...
Size: 10k, Revised: June 7th 2012, By: DanDans Digital Media

Decompile Video Master is a user-friendly and intuitive piece of software developed to offer you a quick means of extracting elements from a movie, be they in the form of images, sounds or even other Videos. This multipurpose Video software is beneficial to perform almost ...
video to images - flash to images - video to photos - movie stills - film stills - movie photos - movie pictures
Size: 7,468k, Revised: April 9th 2014, By: AuDane

Video Image Master is a powerful application that is able to process batches of movies and images. With its help you can extract each frame of a Video and have it saved into an image format of your choosing. Video Image Master can also create ...
extract image - cut image - image from video - still image from video
Size: 7,537k, Revised: May 22nd 2014, By: MoreDan

Video Image Master Pro is a Video converting application specifically designed for the needs of image productions from Video, or Video productions from image and audio. Use Video Image Master Pro to: Cut Video clips from any Video file. Convert any Video files in batch ...
Image To Video - extract image - cut video - merge video audio
Size: 13,868k, Revised: April 2nd 2015, By: A4Video


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Fun Slots is a Slot game similar to the land based Slot games, it has be migrated to the online game world and you can download for free. It+s a five reels, nine pay line Slot Machine featuring Fish and seven symbols.You can bet 1-3 ...
Slots - Slot Machine - Free Slots - Slots Game - Fun Slots
Size: 1,128k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Slots Mama Inc

Jungle Bungle is a three reel, one pay line Slot Machine with one wild symbol and a maximum payout of 1600 coins.Jungle Bungle is considered a classic game in the world of online Slots. This Slot Machine has a wild jungle theme, including rich foliage ...
Slot Machine - Online Slots - Lucky Pot Gold - Flash Slots
Size: 1,784k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Slots Media Inc

Pro Reels Haunted House is an advanced UK fruit Machine simulation and is packed full of features including: genuine percentage payout engine set at 80%, nudges with gamble option, pre-win display, auto-nudge, AL35.00 Jackpot, main reel holds, three holds secret, hold after nudge secret, bar ...
Board - Jackpot - Uk - Simulator - Slot - Pro - Gamble - Machine - Feature - Simulation
Size: 19,118k, Revised: June 18th 2012, By: Devious Codeworks

Classic Slot reels screensaver. Includes tradtitional cherries, colored 7's and BAR symbols.
Screensaver - Slots - Slot Machine
Size: 1,069k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: 4 Free Online Casinos

Freeware Casino Style Video Slot Game for the PC.. Casino Games.
Slots - Casino Game - Free Online Casino Game - Slots Casino Game - Casino Video Slots
Size: 2,427k, Revised: October 15th 2008, By: Casino Aquarium

Play this Multiple Choice Trivia Game (Over 1,500 questions) to earn credits which can be used to play the fruit (Slot) Machine. Complete with holds, nudges, feature wins and more. Tons of fun in one program. Skinable - i.e. you can change the graphics and ...
Arcade - Trivia - Slot - Fruit - Pub
Size: 4,133k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: City Business Logic Limited

Freeware Casino Style Video Slot Game for the PC.. Casino Games.
Slots - Casino Game - Slots Casino Game - Casino Video Slots
Size: 3,052k, Revised: October 15th 2008, By: Casino Robot

Freeware Casino Style Video Slot Game for the PC.
Slots - Casino Game - Free Online Casino Game - Slots Casino Game - Casino Video Slots
Size: 3,048k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Game Casino

Road Range Slots is a Three Reel Online Slots Game you can bet online for Free, you can only play the Slot games for fun, there's no real money option provided. Road Range allows players to choose between denominations of 0.25, 0.50, 1, 2, 5, ...
Slots - Slot - Online Slots - Slots Online - Slots Galore
Size: 1,758k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Slots Media Inc

A One Armed Bandit game. No nudges, bonus games or special features, just good old one armed bandit! When you run out of credits you can continue playing with the coins you have won. 3 7's in a line wins the jackpot. This value increases ...
Slot Machine - one arm bandit - fruit machine
Size: 13,230k, Revised: October 23rd 2012, By: Koral

The Mobiano Pocket Game Pack is a collection of 4 high-quality and classic free Pocket PC games. These fun-filled games provide a refreshing break from your work, making you more productive when you return to your computer tasks. The Pack is very small and addictive ...
Size: 2,273k, Revised: August 1st 2012, By: Mobiano Inc.

Breaktru Quick Conversion is a a handy tool that easily converts several units of lenght, weight and capacity measures.Lite version converts several units of lenght. Plus version converts length, weight and capacity measures. By typing a number into box provided will instantly display the results ...
Conversion - Converter - Education - Calculator - Measurement - Metric - Standard - Distance - Weight - Homework
Size: 4,966k, Revised: October 5th 2009, By: BREAKTRU SOFTWARE

Percent lets you quickly calculate percentages such as tips, added taxes and price discounts. Easily find a percentage from an amount entered. Calculate the percentage of any number out of any number. Calculate any amount plus any percentage (such as a tax rate) instantly. Perfect ...
Learn - Teacher - Math - Education - Teach - Calculator - Calculate - Percent - Percentage - Educate
Size: 5,140k, Revised: January 26th 2010, By: BREAKTRU SOFTWARE

A simulation of a NYC Transit Authority train traveling by automatic signals with working stop arms. Working circuit drawings show how the signal system relays function while the train passes over track circuits. Good learning tool. Real photos used in the program design.. Payroll Software ...
Family - Fun - Home - Demo - Nx - Railroad - Transit - Signals - Trains - Subway
Size: 2,990k, Revised: October 5th 2009, By: BREAKTRU SOFTWARE

MyPhone Book Dialer is a full-featured contact manager program in an easy to use interface. You can store all of your friends, family and business contacts' information in an organized database. MyPhone Book Dialer makes it easy for you to sort your contacts alphabetically. Easily ...
Free - Manager - Email - Organizer - Freeware - Book - Dialer - Phone - Business - Contact
Size: 14,602k, Revised: January 25th 2010, By: BREAKTRU SOFTWARE