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DH Close Popup schliesst unerwünschte Werbe-Popups automatisch.
Size: 1,238k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Dirk Helbert Soft- und Hardware Service

Tray is smal and easy-to-use Tool which allows users to open or Close their optical drive without using their PC button.. FavesSoft Windows Utilities. Publisher of Tray - Open or Close Optical Drive Tray, Author of Tray - Open or Close Optical Drive Tray 2.5. ...
Size: 717k, Revised: November 30th 2009, By: FavesSoft LLC (6 other programs)

Close the current tab and forget about the visit : suppress the related cookies and, if configured, the whole domain from the history. After installing the extension, find the new "Close" button in the toolbar customization panel and drop it in your prefered place. You ...
Firefox - Eraser - Addon - firefox addon - close tab - tab eraser
 , Revised: April 30th 2012, By: Benoit Bailleux

Close windows by their name before they appear. For example, if you enter "Calcu," the Microsoft Calculator will Close automatically when run.
Internet Explorer - Stop - Open - Ie - Window - Block - Prevent - Popups - Pop-ups - Kill
Size: 338k, Revised: June 11th 2012, By: Sobolsoft

Eject and Close CD Tray are two separate command line utilities designed to enable you to eject or Close the CD tray without touching it.It is an extremely simplistic program with the sole aim of ejecting or closing the cd tray and nothing else.
Close - Eject and Close CD Tray - Eject - close CD tray - eject CD tray - eject DVD - CD tray
 , Revised: June 12th 2012, By: kwanann

Close All Windows is a compact application designed to help you Close all running applications with one click. It does not use system resources because it only sends Close signal to all open windows on the desktop and goes out. Just place a shortcut to ...
Close - AA Close All Windows - Window - close window - window closer - close signal - closer
 , Revised: July 30th 2012, By: NTWind Software

28 Close-ups of exquisite detail of 8 of Audubon's famous plates from "Birds of America". The Wild Turkey strides through the forest and the Bald Eagle grasps the craig with his massive claws. The Swan floats serenely on a pool of water lilies and the ...
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31 Close-ups of exquisite detail of 10 of Audubon's famous plates from "Birds of America". Nesting habitats are shown in detail and scenes include Woodpeckers feeding fledglings and Mocking Birds defending the nest against a Rattlesnake. These are the prints you know, but the details ...
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26 Close-ups of vivid detail of 9 of Audubon's famous plates from "Birds of America". Herons, small and large, are shown in their showey plummage and Owls and Hawks stare from your screen in haughty grandeur. The Audubon Close Up Series lets you experience a ...
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33 Close-ups of exquisite detail of 8 of Audubon's famous small bird plates from "Birds of America". Tiny red and orange Tanagers and Blue Jays are seen among the foliage. Parrots cluster in riotous congregation. Grackles sport in the farmer's corn field and Kingfishers dart ...
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30 exciting pictures focus on the detail of 8 of Audubon's most dramatic plates from "Birds of America". These plates show the drama of the hunt and feeding frenzy of the magnificent Hawks and Eagles as well as the more sedate pursuit of the voracious ...
 , Revised: May 20th 2012, By: Pixel Paradox

WinTopMost software is a desktop utility for an easy control running applications:A) It disables Close button for selected applications or just some windows based on application name or captions to ensure a proper use when there is a requirement of a clean logout before exit;This ...
Size: 1,536k, Revised: May 8th 2012, By: Soft Experience

EscapeClose is an absolutely free tiny utility, allowing you to Close or minimize the active window by pressing the Esc button. Or, to work more carefully, it can position the mouse cursor in the upper right-hand corner of the active window, where the Close button ...
Free - Download - Windows - Startup - Utility - Desktop - Small - Tray - Button - Active
Size: 317k, Revised: July 19th 2008, By: SaNaPe Software (5 other programs)

ClickOff has been written out of a personal need - like most programs here. Questions like "are your sure you want to exit the program?" made me go insane after having seen them a dozen of times. I found a program called "BuzOff" on a ...
Close - Dialog - Window - Popup - Advertisement - Ad - Error Message - Popup-killer - Click A Button
Size: 317k, Revised: September 15th 2009, By: Johannes Huebner

Annoyed by the repeated assaults of spurious messages and confirmation prompts on your desktop? Don't let these or any other windows stress you, interfere with your productivity, or freeze your computer while you are away. Get rid of them with Buzof. Buzof enables you to ...
Shareware - Windows - Automation - Utility - Utilities - Tools - Desktop - Buttons - Buzof - Enhancement
Size: 338k, Revised: September 1st 2012, By: Basta Computing, Inc.

Tab Utilities is a lightweight Safari extension that will provide two new buttons with particular functions in your toolbar.With the help of the buttons you can easily:· Close tabs that have the same URL· Consolidate tabs that have the same host (domain)
Close - Group - Safari extension - Tab Utilities for Safari - close duplicate tabs - consolidate tabs - consolidate
 , Revised: August 25th 2012, By: Flirt Software

Actual Window Guard is what you need to keep your workspace in optimal condition for efficient and comfortable work. It has many settings helping to organize windows on the desktop and keep them in the order you prefer. It means you won't have to spend ...
Command - Windows - Manager - Startup - Save - Automatic - Resize - Automate - Icon - Layout
Size: 4,188k, Revised: May 20th 2012, By: Actual Tools

Features:- Power Monitor- Clipboard Viewer: view clipboards content, save images to BMP, JPG, GIF formats with several options, save text to file, send text content to keyboard to emulate keystrokes (i.e.: saves time when have to enter long codes, etc.). Easy access at any time ...
Utilities - Tools - Automate - Network - Shutdown - Remote - Add-ons - Force - Remote Shutdown - before shutdown
Size: 2,570k, Revised: September 21st 2012, By: D.S.M./Interdesigner

Actual Window Manager is a desktop productivity suite of over 50 tools, letting users change their interaction with windows in many new exciting ways: minimize windows to tray or screen, apply transparency, roll up, pin on top, auto-align windows, resize, etc. Any of these operations ...
Windows - Startup - Macro - Monitor - Program - Desktop - Keyboard - Automate - Tray - Icon
Size: 4,035k, Revised: September 4th 2012, By: Actual Tools

Actual Window Minimizer was created to bring more convenience in window management, offering new ways for optimizing your workspace that standard Windows functions don't provide. It lets you minimize any window to the system tray, thus leaving the taskbar empty and your workspace more organized. ...
Close - Windows - Automatic - Screen - Program - Desktop - Tray - Button - Console - Minimize
Size: 3,645k, Revised: July 3rd 2012, By: Actual Tools

DialogDevil is five desktop/server automation tools in one, all sharing the same interface. To train, you drag a small icon from DialogDevil to another program to automate auto-click, auto-position, auto-minimize, auto-maximize, or auto-Close. DialogDevil blocks the productivity robbing loss of concentration of having to manually ...
Windows - Manager - Stop - Utility - Utilities - Tools - Automatic - Message - Auto - Button
Size: 911k, Revised: September 2nd 2012, By: DAIR Computer Systems

The most convenient, easy to Close Tab in the multi-window applications, especially for the installation of windows in the Macbook, greatly expanded the trackpad multi-touch features. When you open a lot of IE or Firefox tab, if you want to Close the current tab, will ...
Firefox - Ie - close tab - Right Mouse - Ctrl F4 - Macbook - Macbook Pro - Macbook Air - Magic Trackpad
 , Revised: June 23rd 2012, By: WebVGA Software Inc.

The two included applications keep track of what Internet Explorer is doing. Both applications allow you to Close an internet explorer window; this comes handy when browsing one of these sites which open a lot of unwanted ad windows.StopIE has a somewhat easier to understand ...
Close - Internet Explorer - Tracker - StopIE Observer - close Internet Explorer - Internet Explorer tracker - Internet Explorer monitor
 , Revised: October 18th 2012, By: Diego Amicabile