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A powerful Code Editor packed with Code snippets, controls, and scripts that make development easier with support for multiple languages including ASP, ASP.Net, VBScript, XML, XLST, Perl, PHP, Cold Fusion, and more! NeoScripter comes packed with tools, Code statements, controls, and scripts in an easy ...
Size: 10k, Revised: June 5th 2012, By: NeoScript Inc.

The fluid Editor is a prototype source Code Editor supporting a "bring from" exploration model.With the fluid Editor programmers can avoid explicit navigation between source documents by incorporating related Code into the document under examination
Size: 10,005k, Revised: July 21st 2012, By:

Fast Code snippet Editor for html,css,javascript,dhtml, etc. which allows you to edit and write Code then preview all in the same window. Not bloated with features or functions - it is designed for fast Code testing and makes a great web companion when searching the ...
Freeware - Free Software - Web Page Software - Webmaster Software - Html Code Tester
Size: 361k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By:

Code Browser is a folding text Editor for Linux and Windows. It is a lightweight but powerful tool to structure and browse source Code using folders and links. It makes navigation through source Code faster and easier.
Size: 672k, Revised: July 29th 2012, By:

Now with all PRO features. With this free easy-to-use image Editor, you can turn your snapshots into works of art, as well as draw your own images using its built-in image enhancement functions. Select a pencil, brush, or eraser and set its size, shape, and ...
Text - Graphics - Crop - Resize - Image Editor - Draw - Photo Editor - Brush - Free Image Editor - Free Photo Editor
Size: 6,862k, Revised: November 21st 2011, By: VicMan Software

Java Editor allows you to edit java Code, compile, view errors, run application or applet and much more.. Kochini's jump center. Pascal, Delphi components, units, classes, applications
Editor - Java
Size: 317k, Revised: February 23rd 2009, By: Michael Kochiashvili

Web Code Expert is a developer tool, that provides full access to DOM tree and JavaScript object of any loaded web page (either local or loaded from the web). Operation suppported for DOM nodes include create, edit, cut, paste, copy and swap. In addition, you ...
Html Editor - Script - Ie - Javascript - Java Script - Jscript - Javascript Editor - Html Code - Script Editor - Dom
Size: 406k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: DevSoftware

AlleyCode HTML is an intuitive, robust and fully functional HTML Editor. AlleyCode introduces innovative features for rapid deployment such as Synchro View...Rreal time rendition with two way synchronized Code/design view. Assignments... For quick access to projects. Turf View... An unusual real estate view of your ...
Html Editor - Html Authoring - Web Site Development
Size: 1,516k, Revised: September 19th 2008, By: Konae Technologies, Inc.


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Let this program draw the tool path of any G-Code program on the screen. This program will help you write NC Code programs or to learn how to write NC programs or event to debug such programs. Our software supports the standard G Code commands ...
Cnc Programming - nc plot - cnc plot - nc backplot - cnc backplot - nc editor - cnc editor - g-code plotter - g-code plot - g-code editor
Size: 932k, Revised: August 16th 2012, By: CAD-KAS GbR

Webocton - Scriptly is an extensive, yet easy-to-use Code Editor designed to help you write HTML and program with PHP.In addition to the comprehensive search and replace facility, the program features syntax highlighting for several script languages and file types. Code snippets and complex tables ...
Editor - Edit - Syntax - code editor - Webocton - Scriptly - write HTML - PHP programming
 , Revised: August 8th 2012, By: Webocton

Portable Webocton - Scriptly is an extensive, yet easy-to-use Code Editor designed to help you write HTML and program with PHP.In addition to the comprehensive search and replace facility, the program features syntax highlighting for several script languages and file types. Code snippets and complex ...
Editor - Syntax - Source Code - code editor - write HTML - PHP programming - Portable Webocton - Scriptly
 , Revised: May 22nd 2012, By: Webocton

EiffelStudio is an advanced commercial-grade IDE for the Eiffel programming language. It is maintained and developed mostly by Eiffel Software and hosted at the Chair of Software Engineering at ETH Zurich. EiffelStudio is a full-featured IDE offering the following features, many of them unique: * ...
Ide - Compiler - code editor - eiffel ide - Eiffel compiler - eiffelstudio
Size: 134,349k, Revised: May 20th 2012, By: Sourceforge

CudaText is a cross-platform Code Editor. Features include: - Syntax highlight for many languages: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, XML... All common languages. Totally about 140 lexers from SynWrite are supported. - Code folding. - Multi-carets, multi-selections. - Find/replace with reg. ex. ...
Notepad - Text Editor - code editor
Size: 1,928k, Revised: October 14th 2015, By: UVViewSoft

tkCNC Editor is a text Editor, specially designed for editing of CNC Code (G-Code) for CNC machines. It is used by CNC programmers and operators for fast editing and verification of CNC Code. tkCNC Editor version 2.0 has implemented these functions: MDI (Multiple document interface) ...
Autocad - Cnc Programming - cnc - g-code - cnc editor - g-code editor - CAD CAM - tkCNC - CNC programmers - CNC programming editor
Size: 1,034k, Revised: June 5th 2012, By: Tihomir Kuzmic

Text Hawk is a fast, multi-language Windows text Editor that blends usability with simplicity. Experience ease-of-control and power as you effortlessly edit plain text files, programming source Code, and HTML with Text Hawk Text Editor. Text Hawk's streamlined user interface gives you the ability to ...
Editor - Text Editor - Html - Word Processor - Html Editor - Edit - Programmer - Editing - Text Editing - source code editor
Size: 2,765k, Revised: May 11th 2012, By: Wingenuity, Inc.

Feature highlights:1. Edit multiple documents - Easily work on multiple documents simultaneously using multiple tab groups, Ctrl+Tab brings the last accessed document to topmost. You can also edit two different documents at the same time.2. Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding - Incremental search, auto-indent and ...
Size: 4,362k, Revised: October 28th 2009, By: PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.

Crimson Editor is a professional source Code Editor for Windows. This program is not only fast in loading time, but also small in size (so small that it can be copied in one floppy disk). While it can serve as a good replacement for Notepad, ...
Editor - Spell Checker - Source - Document - source editor - document edit
Size: 1,741k, Revised: September 3rd 2012, By: Ingyu Kang

Estrela Editor is a small, easy to use application specially designed to offer you a wxLua based IDE. It supports multiple fileformats, "api" for autocompletion and tooltips, and custom commandline tools. Focus is extensibility for target applications using Lua. Its main purpose is as IDE ...
Editor - Edit - Ide - Integrated Development Environment - Estrela Editor - edit source code - source code editor
 , Revised: October 20th 2012, By: Luxinia DevTeam

JCoder is a Java IDE that runs on Windows which enables programmers to create, navigate, modify, and debug Code faster and more accurately. JCoder can be used in conjunction with different Java Developer Kits by configurating JDK profiles.JCoder features an intuitive interface and provides a ...
Eclipse - Netbeans - Java IDE - Java editor - java tool
 , Revised: August 20th 2012, By: Jcoder

Feed Writer is a professional RSS Editor for easy and comfortable creation of RSS feeds. It supports all RSS formats such as RSS 0.91, RSS 0.92, RSS 2.0, Atom and even Podcasts. Feed Writer also offers full UTF-8 compatibility which allows creating feeds with non-Latin ...
Feed - Blog - Newsfeeds - Feeds - Newsfeed
Size: 4,618k, Revised: August 31st 2009, By: mirabyte GmbH & Co. KG

Code to FlowChart automatically generates flowchart from source Code. It helps users to understand complex program structure by visual diagram. Code to FlowChart is composed of two parts, Code Editor and FlowChart window. The FlowChart window is synchronal with the Code Editor. Click any logical ...
Size: 1,219k, Revised: May 15th 2012, By: SharewareBoss Software

You can probably name several all-inclusive CNC Editor tools, but it is still a problem to find agood CNC Editor program. CNC Syntax Editor is a feature-packed G Code Editor, offeringhighlighting of program syntax. It has a comfortable and intuitive interface both for beginnersand advanced ...
 , Revised: August 3rd 2012, By: AGG Software

The Page Creator Series is a project of a big webpage Editor. It is a combination of WYSIWYG interface web page Editor, and a advanced HTML source Code Editor. It has excellent user interface too. I will develop this project for a long long time...
Size: 803k, Revised: May 21st 2012, By: