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Comprehensive compilation of open-source software and data that aid the learner of the Japanese language. The project explicitly aims to be cross-platform so as to include the widest audience possible as well as support different modes of access.
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Print your own Code39 from Windows! This TrueType and PostScript bar Code font set adds the ability to print barCodes to virtually any Windows program. BarCode 3/9 is the most popular bar Code type. It is does not require a checksum, and lets you enCode ...
Size: 1,516k, Revised: October 27th 2009, By: Elfring Fonts Inc (14 other programs)

Print your own bar Code 2/5 interleaved or ITF-14 from within any Windows program! This scalable TrueType and PostScript font set lets virtually any existing Windows program print bar Codes. Bar Code 2/5 interleaved is a high density numeric bar Code, does not require a ...
Coding - Windows - Font - Bar Code - Barcode - Fonts - Barcodes - Truetype - Ttf - barcoding
Size: 2,304k, Revised: October 23rd 2012, By: Elfring Fonts Inc

A PHP CLI tool to analyze PHP scripts and count their SLOC (source lines of Code) as defined in the COCOMO II standard. Will analyze all scripts in a given directory. SLOCs are used as base for software cost estimations using the function point analysis.
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A criteria selection for guiding and assuring activities concerned with the analysis of digital evidence, It covers legal, police and operational aspects. It is not a technical manual for computer forensic analysis, It is a criteria-based manual.
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Working on MS Outlook for Mac 2011, facing error Code – 17897 can be very annoying at times. But now you don’t have to worry as solution of error Code 17897 is available in form of Kernel for OLM to PST software. By making a ...
olm to pst - solution of error code 17897 - error code 17897 solution - olm emails recovery software - download olm to pst converter
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A fun way for children (and adults) to learn the books of the Bible. Covers both the old and new testaments. Easy and hard levels. Has 12 different animated rewards.
Bible - Old Testament - New Testament
Size: 1,175k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Flix Productions

Wrath of Darkness is an first person action role-playing game. In this game, you play a dark elven sorceress on a quest for revenge. Explore an extensive underground world, fight monsters, and complete quests.
Magic - Rpg - Role-playing - Action - Dark - Elf - Elven - Fps
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The program for translation of texts from translit on Russian and back. Supports the text formatting, the most popular systems of a transliteration, and also the tables set by the user. Besides, the program possesses a translation function of symbols of the text to the ...
The text editor a transliteration of texts of the
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Are you dreaming of heaps of money? Haven't made your wallet full yet? Download our Tons of Money Screensaver and cover at least your desktop with various banknotes and coins! Enjoy watching them set into accurate wads and lovely piles, or scattered about disorderly or ...
Screensaver - Screen Saver - Screensavers - Money - Download Screensaver - Screen Savers - Screensavers Download - Screensaver Download - Tons Of Money Screensaver - Free Money Screensaver
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This brand new light-flashing screensaver that consists of dozens of wonderful photographs taken under extreme and very difficult conditions during the worst and most powerful storms. Download our FREE mix of pictures capturing one of the most known sources of energy provided time to time ...
Size: 2,150k, Revised: July 24th 2008, By: Free Animated Screensavers

Ghoulish beings are taking over the city on Halloween night. Watch them on your screen and do not dare to venture out. Install this wallpaper for a ghoulish halloween on your desktop.. Free Halloween Screensavers, Wallpapers and eCards by Publisher of City Of Ghouls ...
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MB Part Of Fortune Astrology calculates your Fortuna sign which is a sensitive point on your natal chart based on Western Astrology concepts. The Part of fortune sign signifies your success, health, wealth and status.Along with the Sun sign and Moon sign, the Arabic parts ...
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Go on quest to save the world in this game. Take control of one of three characters, each with unique abilities. You will have to fight bands of pirates that attack from every direction. However, you will need to stay alert to avoid the earthquakes ...
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n the summer of 1944, the Second World War entered its end-game when the Allies launched two major operations that would drive back German forces on both the Western and Eastern Fronts at once.In the ultimate test of military strategy, Order of War will challenge ...
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Streets Of Valhalla is an interesting shooting game for free. Destroy enemy cars, face the Mafia, blow up cops, complete missions, and gain cash by killing enemy gangs and hostiles. Think Grand Flash Auto. It's a cartoony ride through some very violent streets. You have ...
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Sign of Zodiac is an casino game for free. Casino game where you bet on the sign of Zodiac. Good luck! The game Sign of Zodiac is a free game to play on PC or Laptop computers. You can read the game comments below on ...
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Freeware Casino Style Video Slot Game for the PC.. Free Online Casino Games. Publisher of Slots of Egypt, Author of Slots of Egypt 1.0. Freeware Casino Style Video Slot Game for the PC.
Size: 3,052k, Revised: October 15th 2008, By: Casino Egyptian

Son of Snoop on Steroids (SOSOS) was designed to be a computer hardware and software inventory program. It gathers over 220 pieces of information about computers and optionally stores this information in a database. It can be run locally or can be used by an ...
Size: 1,434k, Revised: December 8th 2008, By: Emmet Gray

A Complete review of the Magic of Making Up. Find out how to get your ex back, regardless of how hopeless your situation appears.... Magic of Making Up - A Complete Review. The Magic of Making Up is a step-by-step formula that teaches , , ...
Size: 543k, Revised: October 24th 2008, By: Magic of Making Up Review

Simple yet powerful program, it helps you experience the law of attraction. It helps you more clearly understand your goals and objectives. The law of attraction is universal, as it was said in "The Secret", but you need some skills to apply the attraction law ...
Size: 379k, Revised: October 16th 2008, By: Law of Attraction (6 other programs)

This program helps you better understand the law of attraction. Universal law of attraction is based on one simple rule- you get what you believe in. Law of Attraction Diary helps you save and organize your objectives and estimate, which of them are really important ...
Size: 379k, Revised: October 16th 2008, By: Law of Attraction (6 other programs)

This simple program allows you to create and save in encrypted form your law of attraction objectives, keeping them in secret from your family members or colleagues. If you know what the law of attraction is- this program is for you. You are what you ...
Size: 399k, Revised: October 16th 2008, By: Law of Attraction (6 other programs)