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A .RAR files searcherUn-Rar-Dirs is an application which periodically searches through a directory structure for rar files. Rar files are extracted into the directory that contains the rar file. Once a file has been extract it is tracked so that it will not be extracted ...
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AWinware Pdf Split Merge Software program to combine 2 or more Pdf documents together to create a single Pdf file quickly. Utility Supports split of more than one Pdf into multiple smaller parts in a single command. Pdf split merge does not require Adobe Acrobat ...
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AWinware Pdf Watermark program adds text & image watermark string over Pdf pages at specified location. Watermark text can be decorated with chosen font name, style, color etc. Apart from this, rendering can be made of type fill & stroke both. This powerful desktop utility ...
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Working with lots of Pdf files to find and delete all the blank pages inside it manually? Now time to try Pdf blank pages removal which quickly removes all the blank pages from each selected documents automatically. Users only need to import the documents into ...
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Pdf file repair tool is an expedient utility that repairs the corrupt or damaged Pdf file. It is capable enough to repair multiple Pdf files in a single recovery cycle. With this efficacious tool you can accurately restore the images, text, comments, header, footer, tables, ...
Repair corrupt pdf - pdf recovery - pdf file repair - pdf file repair tool - pdf repair software
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Restore all images back on your local disk drive from Acrobat Pdf documents with the help of Pdf Image Extractor tool. It lets users to get back all the embedded bitmaps as JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF etc. Tool retrieves photos in original format without ...
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Join multiple Pdf documents together to print them as booklet style in predefined Pdf page size like A0, A1, A2, A3, A4…Letter, legal, Folio etc. Pdf booklet converter software is awesome desktop utility to quickly convert normal Pdf into book layout. This advance application automatically ...
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Download and install acrobat Pdf watermark remover software to quickly remove one or more images from Pdf file which you consider as watermark. Program lists out all the embedded graphics to choose one or more required object to delete. This advanced Pdf watermark removal utility ...
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Compress Pdf, JPEG, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations with NXPowerLite Desktop. Files remain in their original format, with no discernible loss of quality. Files remain in their original format, with no discernible loss of quality - and there's no need to Unzip before ...
File Compression - compress files - compression software - pdf compressor - compress pdf - compresser pdf - compress word document - compress pdf file - reduce pdf size - reduce pdf file size
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CSV (Comma Separated Values) est Un Fichier de format multi-plateform tres repandue pour l'echange structure des ensembles de donnees. Microsoft Office Outlook importe par exemple des Contacts en format CSV (Outlook les nomme "Fichiers de Donnees DAT"). Microsoft Office Excel offre Un acces bi-directionel (Lire ...
Csv - Excel - Sharepoint - exportation - listes - bibliotheques de documents
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This software is a simple mandelbrot fractale generator. Its output is a bitmap .bmp file.Ce programme est Un gnrateur de fractales de mandelbrot ; il cre Un Fichier .bmp.
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Exerciseur permet de travailler les 4 oprations, le systme mtrique et les oprations sur les fractions partir de nombres gnrs de faon alatoire. Les rsultats des exercices sont envoys par courriel ou enregistrs dans Un Fichier.
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AWinware Pdf Image Extractor tool is one of the best app for transferring images from Acrobat Pdf document to local disk drive. Tool quickly pulls out all the embedded graphics and restores them in a separate directory. It has inbuilt capability to convert file format ...
Images - Save - Convert - Graphics - Gif - Tiff - Bmp - Jpg - Pdf - Png
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It is very easy to make a combined Pdf file of multiple documents with AWinware Pdf Split Merge Professional tool. It also allows user to split a multipage Pdf into chUnks of small Pdf with specific number of pages per file. This advanced document manipulation ...
File - Software - Utility - Combine - Pdf - Split - Professional - Remove - Delete - Splitter
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AWinware Pdf Watermark software is easy to use and fast desktop application devised to impose watermark text string on bulk Pdf documents. Pdf watermarking utility can add copyright, confidential, draft or specimen copy text on Pdf documents, display logo and banner as footer and header ...
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A consolidated fUnctionality tool which lets users to combine two or more Pdf to create a single file, split & extract pages from Pdf - AWinware Pdf Split & Merge Pro. Tool provides option to import multiple Pdf to make them merged, split, extracted. AWinware ...
File - Combine - Pdf - Split - Page - Remove - Delete - Document - Merge - Multiple
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AWinware Pdf Image extractor is fast & robust Windows utility to exports images out from bulk Pdf files without copy and paste one by one manually. Program saves images at safe specified location as bitmaps, jpeg or tiff. It automatically detects the formats of images ...
Image - Save - Software - Utility - Convert - Batch - Photo - Gif - Copy - Tiff
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Get AWinware Pdf Split Merge Professional version online to merge multiple Pdf documents together and to split large Pdf files into smaller multiple documents. Now a day Pdf has become most popular and convenient way to share documents. Managing heavy Pdf files can be cumbersome ...
Pdf Split - Pdf Merge - Merge Split - pdf merger - pdf splitter - merge pdf - split pdf - pdf split merge - pdf merge split - split merge
Size: 1,536k, Revised: December 28th 2014, By: Awinware com

Try Pdf Locker Software to encrypt your bulk Pdf files. Program is sufficient enough to protect Pdf documents with RC4 128-bit, AES 128-bit & AES 256-bit strong encryption strength. You can lock Pdf with open password security also to secure content. Any Pdf file can ...
Pdf Encryption - pdf security - encrypt pdf - pdf locker - lock pdf - pdf password software - PDF Encrypt - pdf security software - pdf secured software - lock pdf files
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Pdf merger tool merges two or more Pdf files into a single Pdf document at specified destination. Pdf splitter splits Pdf pages into multiple parts settings specified by user. Configure tool to extract one or more pages as new Pdf. Tool also helps in deleting ...
Pdf - Professional - Splitter - pdf merger - pdf splitter - merge pdf - split pdf - Extract PDF - Merger - PDF Extractor
Size: 1,485k, Revised: March 21st 2015, By: Awinware com

Merge two or more Pdf documents with Pdf merger and split large document into parts using Pdf splitter option provided in AWinware Pdf splitter merger tool. Break Pdf file into multiple parts, extract Pdf pages, and remove Un-necessary pages from Pdf. In fact, you can ...
pdf merger - pdf joiner - pdf splitter - PDF Extractor - pdf splitter merger - pdf page remover - pdf split merge - pdf merge split - pdf merger splitter
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Pdf split & merge is best suitable application for joining multiple Pdf files together. It has another inbuilt option to split any Pdf into parts by its file size or page number. Another great feature of this tool is that you are capable to remove ...
Pdf Split - Pdf Merge - pdf merger - pdf splitter - merge pdf - join pdf - combine pdf - concatenate PDF - append pdf - delete page
Size: 1,946k, Revised: September 22nd 2013, By: AxpertSoft

Watermark your own Pdf work with AWinware Pdf Watermark Software; quickly impose text over Pdf pages in thousands of Pdf files quickly. Tool Lets users to choose the number pages to stamp watermarking. This advance Windows utility supports secure and password protected Pdf files, ask ...
pdf watermark - watermarking pdf - stamp pdf - watermark PDF - PDF imposition - Impose PDF - PDF Stamper - pdf watermarking - pdf text watermark - pdf image watermark
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