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Concordance is a flexible text analysis program which lets you gain better insight into e-texts and analyse language objectively and in depth. Its lets you count words, make word lists, word frequency lists, and indexes. It has widespread applications in content analysis, language engineering, linguistics, ...
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JSemcor is built as an accessible and handy Java library that can interface with Semcor. Semcor is a freely and publicly available semantic Concordance of English, developed at Princeton University. JSemcor supports access to all currently available versions of Semcor.
Concordance - Interface - Java library - JSemcor - Semcor interface - semantic concordance - Semcor
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Interactively study 40 modern Bibles with verse by verse commentaries, dictionaries, Strong's Greek and Hebrew lexicon, 20,000 topics,100,000 references, 15,000 comments, a note pad, highlighting, red lettering, compare gospel stories, side by side Bibles & the Apocrypha. Listen to Christian Radio/News/Music or the chapter read ...
Concordance - Bible - Word - Windows - Christian - Church - Mark - Jesus - Niv - Dictionary
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A free Bible and InterFaith Explorer tool. Includes a very easy to use interface great for anyone wishing to quickly look up a passage in the Bible or work with InterFaith studies.. Free Bible InterFaith Explorer. Free Bible study software for Windows. BiblePro is feature ...
Concordance - Bible - Word - Windows - Christian - Church - Mark - Jesus - Niv - Dictionary
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Put all of your Bible study material into one convenient location. Search quickly on those resources related to a topic you are studying. Import sermons, talks, online research, essays etc. 1 click search. Features include: Easy navigation, a search box that works just like Google, ...
Concordance - Bible - Word - Windows - Christian - Church - Mark - Jesus - Niv - Dictionary
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Unix2Dos converts Unix text file line endings to Dos line endings in batch fashion. Unix2Dos is superior to the built in unix command that is incapable of processing more than 10000 or so files without running out of command space. Written to fill a need ...
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Language translation is not only an art, ita€™s a profession. Every profession has its tools. If you translate for the same clients all the time, you will inevitably have to translate the same sentence again and again. Your clients will simply reuse content among different ...
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No serious language specialist today does work without the aid of Corpus Query Software to readily and rapidly study actual language usage. The tlCorpus Corpus Query Software brings the efficiency and professionalism of the TLex Lexicography Software to corpus work. FEATURES: A· Easy-to-use A· Fully ...
Concordance - Language - concordance software - Corpus Query software - language concordance - Corpus Query
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Improve Torah reading comprehension Explore Verb Forms of Biblical Hebrew Discover new things about Binyanim and Vav Hahipuch Learn how Past, Present, and Future in the Torah look different than in Chazal's Hebrew and in Modern Hebrew. The main unit is the Calculator. Select root ...
Concordance - Language - Bible - Grammar - Analyzer - Hebrew - Conjugation - Verb - Dikduk - Torah
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Extracts Bates ranges from IPRO LFP load files. A very convenient utility for litigation support professionals who work with litigation databases. It quickly creates a fiile of beginning/ending Bates number pairs from an LFP. The extracted Bates number pairs can then be imported into a ...
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Textanz analyzes all types of text content and provides the user with a list or dictionary of the words, phrases, and grammar forms, and their frequency of use within the text. The information you receive from a Textanz analysis enables you to check for excessive ...
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Easy Mark Index is a collection of utilities that allow a user to prepare images for use in Litigation Document Management Programs. Its features include: Indexing Bubble Sheets, Bates Stamping tif images, Single or Multipage OCR text output and Manual Indexing. It also has the ...
Concordance - Conversion - Scanning - Litigation - Summation
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eCapture Optimizer cleans up your SQL Databases after running several eDiscovery projects. This utility should be ran every once in a while, when you detect that IPRO eCapture is running slowly. To utilize this utility you must a licensed copy of IPRO eCapture Version 3 ...
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Perlconc is a Perl-CGI script to search corpora of text files for words/phrases, outputting either a word frequency count or a Concordance.
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