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Catfood Fortune Cookies is based on the popular UNIX program Fortune. Every time you log in to windows a random Fortune is chosen from a database of over 4,000. Fortune Cookies also supports user defined fortunes.. Catfood Software. Publisher of Catfood Fortune Cookies, Author of ...
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Expired Cookies Cleaner is a freeware utility for removing unused Cookies from your computer. It will clean cookie files that will be never used. Internet Explorer stores all Cookies in different files and never deletes them even they have expired life time. This tool helps ...
Cookies - Files - Privacy - Browser - Remove - Ie - Clean - Garbage - Msie
Size: 27k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Astatix Software

Cookies game burner now alows you to play downloaded xbox 360 games online without the risk of getting banned from xbl, also we have added loads of new features to the new version 4 of Cookies game burner. you can now burn at x16 with ...
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View Cookies adds a tab to the Page Info dialog box, which shows you the Cookies of the current webpage. This is interesting for developers, privacy-conscious users and others.After installing this addon on your Firefox browserk, you can easily view the Cookies of a certain ...
View Cookies Firefox Add-on - Viewer - Cookie - Webpage - Firefox Extension - Firefox Add-on - cookie viewer
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Everyone with access to your computer could see which sites you have visited through your browse history, Cookies and their index.dat files. Mil Free Internet Eraser helps you to completely clean all browse history records and Cookies with ease.
Cookies - Delete - Clean - Online Privacy - Erase History - Free Internet Eraser - Index.dat Files - Mil Shield - Mil Incorporated
Size: 1,327k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Mil Incorporated

Free Internet Eraser is an Internet privacy software that protects your Internet privacy by permanently erase internet history and past computer activities. Even though, many of the tasks can be performed manually, Free Internet Eraser can automate this process for you. Free Internet Eraser allows ...
Cookies - Internet Privacy - Cache - Index.dat - Internet Security - Track Eraser - Internet Cleaner - Internet Eraser - Internet Washer - Internet History
Size: 850k, Revised: June 23rd 2009, By: PrivacyEraser Computing Inc. (2 other programs)

Cookie Spook is a professional cookie removal tool designed to allow Cookies to enter the system but as soon as they are detected they are deleted at once. It is very simple to use and still it is very powerful with the ability of active ...
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Size: 3,654k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Reohix

Sakina Privacy Protector is an extensive application which wraps up the most important plug-ins, features, and sheer power one may ask from this kind of privacy oriented software. It enables custom cleaning of all the files stored on your computer. If you think you already ...
Delete Cookies - Windows Cleaner - Clean Cache - Internet Privacy Protection - Sakina Privacy Protector - privacy protector software - privacy protector application - online privacy protection - identity protection software
Size: 5,719k, Revised: February 14th 2012, By: BestSecurityTips LLC

Don't allow anybody to see which web sites you visited recently! Removes your history, Cookies, cache, and typed-addresses of IE, Firefox, MSN, AOL, and Opera. It even deletes locked files! You may extend the cleaning with any user defined items. 12-Wash removes tracks deliberately, even ...
Cookies - Firefox - Utilities - History - Security - Disk - Aol - Clean - Msn - Wash
Size: 723k, Revised: February 22nd 2012, By: 12Ghosts AG

Universal Shredder - Internet and PC cleaning utility. It's loaded with some excellent features, such as Simplest in use, just one Click and everything is clean, Browser cleaning, Chat Messengers log cleaning, Temporary and Unused files cleaning, Cleaning Scheduler, File Shredder and Cookie Browser, that ...
Cookies - Security - Internet Security - History Eraser - Internet Eraser - Privacy Protector - System Cleaner - Internet History - Identity Theft - universal shredder
Size: 3,009k, Revised: April 22nd 2012, By: Admin Web Solution Mart

Find, view, and clean Flash Cookies with Flash Cookie Cleaner, a freeware application from ConsumerSoft. Awarded the Top Software Award from Flash Cookies are small bits of data saved by websites you visit. They can be used to store website settings and info (like ...
Cookies - Clean Flash Cookies - Remove Flash Cookies - Delete Flash Cookies - Flash Cookies - Pie - Flash Cookie Cleaner - Local Shared Objects - Persistent Identification Element - LSO
Size: 1,234k, Revised: July 24th 2012, By: Download Contact

Remove Internet tracks and past computer activities. It can quickly erase your cache, Cookies, history, visited URLs, typed URLs, index.dat, Clean Forms Passwords data, temp folders and more. The cookie-cleaning and typed URLs feature allows you to specify which item to keep, so that you ...
Internet - Security - Eraser - Clean - Boss Key - Cover internet tracks - remove internet history - clear cookies - speed Tracks eraser
Size: 1,659k, Revised: August 24th 2012, By:

While browsing the web, Internet Explorer stores information about the websites you visit, and information that you're frequently asked to provide (for example, your name and address). This information includes Temporary Internet files (Browsing Cache), Cookies, and the History of the websites you've visited.Usually, it's ...
Cookies - Clean - Cache - Internet Explorer History
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IEWatch is a plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer that allows capturing HTTP traffic and analyzing HTML code. Designed for web developers, site administrators and quality assurance engineers IEWatch is the most essential web development tool to get the job done fast and efficiently.IEWatch unlocks the ...
Javascript - Ajax - Http Proxy - style sheets - HTTP viewer - HTTPS viewer - https proxy - HTTP Software - http tool - HTML Analyzer
Size: 1,761k, Revised: September 10th 2012, By: IEWatch Software LLC

Dutch Duck IE History Viewer is a History, Favorites, Cache, and Cookies Manager for Microsof Internet Explorer. It shows your History, Favorites, Cache and Cookies, in a very accessible, spreadsheet-like table--with options to sort, group, search, print and export.It allows to selectively erase items from ...
Cookies - Internet Explorer - Search - Print - History - Delete - Cache - Favorites - Favourites
Size: 11,735k, Revised: May 9th 2012, By: Dutch Duck Software

IE History eXpert is easy to use program will help you to find, view, selectively delete individual History URLs, Cookies, Cache files or completely clear Internet Explorer History, Cookies, Temporary Internet Files (Internet Explorer Cache files), delete individual Typed URL (Address Bar history), clear specific ...
Delete Cookies - Typed Urls - Completely - Clear History - Individual - Search History - Autocompletion forms - Address bar history - selectively - specified
Size: 471k, Revised: July 27th 2012, By: 585Soft

Firecookie is a an extension for Firebug that makes possible to view and manage Cookies in your browser. Apart from all the other cookie managers and viewers available as Firefox extensions, this one is made as an extension for Firebug, so web developer has the ...
Cookies - Viewer - View - cookie viewer - view cookies - Firebug addon
 , Revised: October 13th 2012, By: Jan Odvarko

Dutch Duck Firefox History Viewer is a History, Bookmarks and Cookies Manager for Firefox. It shows your History, Bookmarks, and Cookies, in a very accessible, spreadsheet-like table--with options to sort, group, search, print and export.It allows to selectively erase items from your history--search for the ...
Cookies - Firefox - Bookmarks - Search - Print - Internet Utilities - History - Delete - Favourites - Windows 7
Size: 10,865k, Revised: May 11th 2012, By: Dutch Duck Software

Wichio is a tabbed browser with 27 built-in utilities. It's easy to use: to set options for any utility, just right-click its button. If you install the MS speech engine, Wichio will notify you (for the features that give notifications) by saying anything you want. ...
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