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Translators often have difficulties when translating HTML documents, as they are not sure which sections of the File are to be translated and which are to be left unchanged. The HTML File Translator is a tool for the easy and efficient translation of HTML documents ...
Html - Free - Download - Tool - Freeware - Translation - Translate - Translating Html File - Translation-tool - No Charge
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Extracts icons or icon arrays from Files (EXE, DLL, OCX, etc.) with ability to scan folders to search for EXE, DLL, OCX Files, which contain icons. You can save extracted icons (either one or all) to File (ICO, BMP, JPEG, EMF, HTML, DBF). You can ...
Size: 543k, Revised: July 10th 2012, By: Vitaliy Levchenko

File Search for LAN is a search utility, which is based on the fastest and high performance search engine. Search Files on network shares. Suitable for the mp3 search. Advanced statistics, feature rich user interface.. File Search for LAN. Publisher of File Search for LAN, ...
File - Find - Search - Mp3 - Lan - Network - Scan - For - Filesearch
Size: 410k, Revised: October 17th 2008, By: IntelliSoft SRL

File Open and Save-As Dialog Extensions for Windows 95/98/NT/XP/2000. Enlarges the dialog, adds recent and favorite Files/folders lists, set sorting and view defaults, File management functions, advanced Find function, and more. Adds File management functions like Find, Copy, Delete, Rename, and MakeDir to the Open ...
File - Utility - Find - Files - History - Folders - Fileex - File-ex - Lfn -
Size: 449k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Cottonwood Software

With File-List you are able to search for specified File types, on your harddisk, in folders or in the network. The Files, you have found, could be saved as a text, Excel or HTML Document. You can update the program with File types, you want ...
Size: 721k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Eike Hansen

Do you have lists that you need to split up or many Files that you want to put into one? This might be the perfect program for you. Simpli-File Split & Merge is the easiest way to split or merge as many Files as you ...
Text - File - Files - Batch - Split - Splitter - Merge - Cut - File Splitter - Split Files
Size: 676k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Batch Technologies

One of the most daunting tasks in computer organization can be renaming your Files and folders. Windows has not set up an easy way to do so. Simpli-File Renamer will undoubtedly make your life easier when trying to accomplish this task. Imagine being able to ...
File - Files - Batch - Folder - Folders - Renamer - Rename - File Renamer - Rename Files - Renaming
Size: 548k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Batch Technologies

Simpli-File Find, Replace and Insert allows you to Find and Replace text in Files as well as Insert text into Files in a batch process (all at once). When you have many Files that you need to change a certain text in, you can do ...
Text - File - Find - Files - Batch - Replace - Find And Replace - Replace Text - Insert Text - Insert
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Audit File access and change in Windows in Real-Time.Monitor the File activities on File system level, capture File open, Create, overwrite, read, write, query File information, set File information, query security information, set security information, File rename, File delete, directory browsing and File close I/O ...
File Monitor - File Audit - Delete File - rename file - file open - create file - read file - write file
Size: 3,921k, Revised: May 10th 2016, By: EaseFilter Inc

Software to Create File lists from hard disks, floppies, memory cards, etc. Quick File List lists Files at up to 100,000 Files per minute.
File List - list of files - file lists - file listing
Size: 963k, Revised: August 30th 2012, By: Data Recovery Engineering Software

wList is a tool that allows you to Create a list of the Files and subfolders of a given folder (directory).With one click, you can Create a list of the contents of any CD/DVD/USB flash drive, or any hard disk.You can easily search through or ...
Unicode - Dir - Find File - File Search - File List - Filelist - List Files - Directory Printer - Folder Printer - search file
Size: 758k, Revised: September 28th 2012, By: SharkTime Software

GetDiz is a fully featured freeware text editor which can replace Notepad while maintaining an incredible speed, ease of use and small size. You can display and edit any text Files with GetDiz. Additionally it offers enhanced functionality with Diz and NFO Files, which are ...
Editor - Text Editor - Viewer - Diz - File_id.diz - File Viewer - Nfo Viewer - Nfo - Text Viewer - Ascii Art
Size: 1,352k, Revised: May 4th 2009, By: Outertech (7 other programs)

Tired of renaming your Files by hand? The easy-to-use Batch Rename .EXE wizard from SoftTech InterCorp makes the busy-work that invariably comes with downloading and managing media Files disappear!Batch Rename .EXE allows you to run dynamic lists of Files through an extensive array of Filename ...
File - Utility - Name - Naming - Renaming
Size: 877k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: SoftTech InterCorp

PC Network Deploy is a powerful, easy to use product that makes it possible to control your network remotely. The software has numerous features, including the following... Install/uninstall software on network computers remotely using snapshots way, Installation scripts and the ability to Create custom installation ...
Software Deployment - install software - remote deploy - network deployment - remove product - uninstall applications - license scanning - merge registry - scan cd-keys - create shortcut
Size: 19,446k, Revised: September 13th 2012, By: Remote PC Tools Ltd.

As every knows that designing of professional looking Id card is not an easy task, In this regard download Id card maker software that definitely help you in creating own style Identity cards for various purpose in less span of time. Advance Id card designer ...
Student - Text - Free - Download - Image - School - Software - Utility - Card - Photo
Size: 10,547k, Revised: July 13th 2012, By: Making a card

CenterPoint is a simple and easy to use desktop application which fills the gap between Windows Explorer and a fully-featured document management system. It is Ideally suited to an office environment where the focus is on Files relating to specific clients, projects or activities. Shortcuts ...
File Management - Project Management - Document Management - office utilities
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Remora (r m ere) : warmwater fishes of the family EcheneIdae, characterized by an oval sucking disk on the top of the head. With this apparatus the remora, or suckerfish, attaches itself to sharks, swordfishes, drums, marlins, and sea turtles. In this way it travels ...
Quick Launch - Usb Disk - Usb Drive - Usb Menu Bar
Size: 3,021k, Revised: July 20th 2008, By: Essential Skill Consultants Limited (10 other programs)

This is File system simulation developed in java which allows a user to Create File system, Create partitions, folders insIde the partitions and copy/paste Files.This project simulates how File system, partitions works and how Files arestored in an organized way. It could be done in ...
Size: 1,249k, Revised: November 9th 2009, By: Moazam Nabi

How fast are my disks really. In a real life situation.Not in a synthetic benchmarking program that will display figures that I will never be able to meet.The program is using the current Filesystem to save a File. If it is fragmented, the performance will ...
Size: 174k, Revised: September 15th 2009, By: nodesoft (1 other programs)

Secondary Viewer Photo Viewer is an image viewer on secondary display (for example in full HD quality, when HDTV is connected to the computer). Features: - View image Files on secondary display - Display File Id from File name to the images - Advance the ...
Shareware - Free - Viewer - Image - Photo - Hd - Commercial - Quality - Fullscreen - HDTV
Size: 3,031k, Revised: October 16th 2012, By: 3delite

FileTest is an application designed to serve for interactive calling of Win32 and NT APIs (CreateFile, ReadFile, WriteFile, NtCreateFile). You can choose all parameters of e.g. CreateFile function by the mouse, then press the "CreateFile" button. The function will be called, application checks the return ...
Win32 - Api - transaction - FileTest - call system API - call Win32 - transaction API
 , Revised: May 5th 2012, By: Ladislav Zezula

Apex SQL Clean tool looks for and deletes unreferenced and unused Database objects like tables, views and procedures from within the database itself (cross-dependencies) and also from client applications (like a VS.NET project). References are Created using proprietary technology that doesn't rely on SQL system ...
Sql Tools - dependencies - sql tool - unreferenced objects - unused objects - visual diagram - dependency viewer - risk free delete
Size: 7,004k, Revised: July 17th 2012, By: Apex SQL tools

JNLP File Editor is a small, simple, Java based application specially designed to offer users a program to edit JNLP XML driver Files.Basically this tool will help you Create and edit JNLP Files with the utmost ease. for WindowsAll
Editor - Edit - JNLP File Editor - edit JNLP file - view JNLP file - create JNLP file - JNLP file
 , Revised: June 18th 2012, By: Aleph Naught