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This program records phone calls on Siemens Hipath PBX exchanges. It provides a possibility to record aCtive calls on demand just by pressing a button on a digital(Optiset) phone or automatic recording without any knowledge of the monitored extension. It's easy to setup, all you ...
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With xtelsio Cti Client, you can control your phone communication simply by mouse click. You can integrate available address data, like Outlook or ACT! contacts, CSV files and also other data sources by ODBC or LDAP. Everything what you still need for it, is a ...
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You would like to dial directly from your application and see who is calling - even pop up the customer file? Your address information is stored in different databases (ERP, CRM, Marketing or MS-Outlook). The solution is Cti Data Connector. CDC connects your applications with ...
Size: 20k, Revised: May 26th 2012, By: Mirage Computer Systems GmbH


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FULL INSIGHT AT THE FIRST RING: TAPICall turns your desktop PC into a highly efficient Cti work station by means of Outlook add-on: Identification of the caller and display of the corresponding Outlook contact sheet; Automatic display of memos, even company wide; automatic creation of ...
Pc - Software - Outlook - Call - Office - Microsoft - Popup - Isdn - Addin - Tapi
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Telephone switches can be found in all medium and large sized companies. Unfortunately only a few companies manage to exploit their switchâs features to the full benefit of the company and customers. Employees spend too much time punching in numbers, which have been noted down ...
Size: 4,270k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Tino Kasubke Software

TAPI für SNOM VoIP Telefone - ACtiPOINTsnomD von COMIREL integriert VoIP Telefone (Internet Telefon) der Frma SNOM Technology AG in ACtiPOINT. Lösen Sie Internet Telefonate über ACtiPOINT und/oder Ihrer Groupware (Lotus Notes, Outlook) oder/und anderen TAPI fähigen Anwendungen aus. Hereinkommende Anrufe werden in ACtiPOINT und/oder ...
Size: 1,279k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: COMIREL

Visual Rapport is an intuitive integrated visual communication console that provides real time employee telephone status, instant messaging, email, screen pop, call logging and file transfer all under one roof.Visual Rapport boasts a very dynamic interface that puts your communication information right at your fingertips. ...
Cti - Call Accounting Software - Visual Rapport - Screen Pop
Size: 2,750k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI)

ISDNphone, the powerful Software-ISDN-Phone, makes your PC ready for computer-telephony!Using your hardware ISDN-adapter, you can now make phone calls from your PC. The speech is processed either by the built-in soundcard (Standard Mode) or - for professional quality - by special DSP-ISDN-adapters (DSP Mode, Eicon ...
Cti - Isdn - Telephony - ISDNphone
Size: 1,853k, Revised: August 27th 2012, By: Jochen Tillmanns EDV-Beratung

Cti application 3-d party meant for forming and writing SMDR messages in the database at TAPI-interface for PBX Panasonic KX-TD. It is need when TAPI-interface is initialized for using others Cti applications 3-d party on COM port of PBX Panasonic KX-TD 1232/812 or SMDR port ...
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Cti application 3-d party for PBX Panasonic KX-TD, KX-TDA, which allows to distribute incoming calls on Caller ID number, to conduct statistic of incoming, outgoing calls and to pass information about calls to software of foreign manufacturers. Also this software is intended for organizations of ...
 , Revised: July 7th 2012, By: Blitz Team

Cti application 3-d party for PBX Panasonic KX-TD/KX-TDA, which allows to display the number of calling subscribe on EXT line or number dialed from it.Calling number at an incoming call from an extension line is determined by PBX under condition that CallerID funCtion for analog ...
 , Revised: June 22nd 2012, By: Blitz Team

Rander is Cti software integrated with Panasonic PBX. Rander brings together the two main communication tools: the computer and the telephone. With Panasonic PBX and Rander working together, PC and telephone work as one device. Your company can work far more effeCtively with Rander as ...
Size: 2,417k, Revised: July 29th 2012, By: Ranat

This is a platform which can develop most Cti application. It's simple, easy and stable.
Size: 15,788k, Revised: September 27th 2012, By: linktel.sourceforge.net

Java Cti application server for the open-source Asterisk (TM) PBX (includes GUI). OrderlyCalls supports both the AGI / FastAGI & Manager protocols, and includes a WebDeployer that allows you to create your own integrated VOIP and HTML applications.
Size: 892k, Revised: August 8th 2012, By: orderlycalls.sourceforge.net

An open source Cti client for Asterisk using the Asterisk Manager API. Uses pygtk and pyAsterisk.
Size: 132k, Revised: October 4th 2012, By: abcti.sourceforge.net

CtConector is an ACtiveX component that implements an interface to TSAPI protocol to control Avaya PABX, making easy to develop Cti integration, like Screen PopUp, Call Control, PrediCtive Dialing, etc.OBS: CentreVU client and CTServer are required.
Size: 279k, Revised: October 25th 2012, By: ctconector.sourceforge.net

Use the Windows Telephony Application Programming Interface to create your own TAPI Cti programms with Delphi (now D4-D7).
Size: 6,118k, Revised: June 11th 2012, By: tapi.sourceforge.net