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With the Active Web Reader Customizer you can now distribute your own RSS reader that includes your feeds and web pages. The user then simply downloads your custom RSS reader, preloaded with your RSS feeds, increasing your website visibility. A Customized setup of Active Web ...
Custom Rss Reader - Branded Rss Aggregator - Customizable Rss Aggregator
Size: 59k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: DeskShare

The CoolBarCustomizer ActiveX control is used together with the controls CoolBar and Toolbar, and provides a way to customize at run time the toolbar buttons set. There is a posibility to save and restore the customized state.You use the CoolBarCustomizer control in your application by ...
Size: 369k, Revised: May 21st 2009, By: VERY Ltd (18 other programs)

You can customize and change style of Ribbon, Classic Menus and Toolbars in Office 2007 as if it were Office 2003.Add or remove any of tabs, groups, buttons, galleries, menus, combo boxes, labels, edit boxes, split buttons, toggle buttons, check boxes and other controls of ...
Word - Office - Customize - Microsoft - Excel - Powerpoint - Ribbon
Size: 6,728k, Revised: May 3rd 2012, By: Addintools

Formats Customizer helps to configure the opening and saving dialog file types for many programs. Remove document types that are useless for your needs leaving you with a cleaner, more streamlined selection choice. Now you choose only those file types, which you actually use. Supports: ...
Save - Open - Export - Import - File Dialog - save dialog - open dialog
Size: 553k, Revised: October 21st 2012, By: BookmarkSoft

Techlogica IE Customizer 1.35 allows you to enhance and personalize Internet Explorer 6.0 by giving you access to over 75 hidden features in an easy-to-use interface.
 , Revised: September 30th 2012, By: Techlogica

Xfire Game Customizer is designed to make games work with Xfire that would otherwise be incompatible. XGC tries to automate as much of the process as possible, with a very user-friendly interface. NOTE: This program requires .NET 4.0.
Size: 826k, Revised: June 17th 2012, By:

A skin.ini Customizer for HaloCacheEditor for the xbox. This program allows you to change the color of the HCE interface and other menu color things. A small side-project to the HCE program, and my first app (I am using this project to learn VB6).
Size: 433k, Revised: June 24th 2012, By:


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Tom Khas loves ice cream so much that he takes on the job of frozen dessert Customizer at the famous Cold Comfort ice cream parlor. Sadly the job turns out to be far from how he envisioned it. With ice cream servings so massive they ...
Game - Freeware - Ice - Balls - Skate - Cold Comfort - Ice Cream - Ant-spiders - Skating
Size: 1,475k, Revised: February 16th 2009, By: (4 other programs)

This is a key Customizer that provides GUI key editor and flexible script. It will be like AutoHotKey or Mayu(Madotsukai no yuutsu). Find and Develop Open Source Software. Fast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory
Size: 1,137k, Revised: January 18th 2009, By: Masaru Nemoto

QuickTable can be used as Database Grid EJBs/DataObjects Grid Delimited/Fixed length data file Grid Array/Vector/Collection Grid QuickTable is built on top of JTable, so you don't have to learn any new API. QuickTable is bundled with lots of features including Print Preview, Printing, Find & ...
Size: 154k, Revised: July 23rd 2008, By: QuickTable

PhotoDream is an application that will help you make your photos more attractive. Just by several mouse clicks, you can add dream effects, light effects, color effects, art effects, amazing effects, edge effects etc onto your photo. There totally 15 kinds, 150 special effects for ...
Design - Customize - Photo Editor - Image Editing - customizer - PhotoDream - customize picture
 , Revised: September 1st 2012, By: Photo Editor Software

Word Artist will help you create a great range of text effects. This software contains many text styles and effects. For example the Google logo. ABC blocks, Buttons, Newspaper and Magazine cutouts. Bronze, copper, silver, and gold effects. Retro, Pop Art, Seventies, and Cartoon.You can ...
Customize - Customization - customizer - Word Artist - text customization - text effect - text style
 , Revised: June 5th 2012, By: Fotoview

Image Evolver was designed to recreate a source picture using overlapping transparent polygons positioned a genetic algorithm. Image Evolver uses simulated annealing to generate polygonized versions of images. The program will offer you the possibility to select the shapes you want to use.
Customize - Customization - customize image - customizer - Image Evolver - image customization - genetic algorithm
 , Revised: June 15th 2012, By: Aaron Fan

Use SF-Business Card is an easy to use application that will help you design your business cards.Using this application, you will be able to choose from one of the available templates to create personalized business card.
Design - Designer - Business Card - SF-Business Card - create business card - design card - business card customizer
 , Revised: July 16th 2012, By: SF-Software

Easy Card Creator is the most versatile identity card design software! The ideal choice for small to medium sized organizations and individuals looking for an affordable photo ID card solution. This software will offer you an ideal photo ID management solution that is both powerful ...
Card - Create - Business Card Creator - customizer - Easy Card Creator Express Edition - card creator - create envelope
 , Revised: May 9th 2012, By: Easy Trinity

If you are not familiar with the Alt-Tab task switcher in Windows, it's a keyboard short-cut (hot-key) to enable fast switching between applications/windows. This feature has been in Windows since Windows 3.0 and is largely unchanged since Windows '95! Alt-Tab Thingy is a replacement to ...
Minimizer - Switcher - task switcher - alt-tab utility - alt-tab customizer - alt-tab
 , Revised: June 30th 2012, By: Nymithium Technologie

SIP Inspector is a tool written in JAVA to simulate different SIP messages and scenarios. You can create your own SIP signaling scenarios, customize SIP messages and monitor incoming and outgoing messages. The tool can play RTP streams from a pcap file. for WindowsAll
Customize - Sip - customizer - SIP Inspector - SIP message - SIP scenario - customize SIP message
 , Revised: July 11th 2012, By: Zarko Coklin

Folder Marker Pro is a small helper utility especially designed for office work. This Windows add-on lets you mark out important folders with color-coded or image coded icons in order to make them easier to spot among a hundred of similar-looking yellow folders. You can ...
Replace - Change - Folder Marker - customizer - Folder Marker Pro - customize folder - modify menu
 , Revised: September 7th 2012, By: ArcticLine Software

XLW is specially built as an Open Source software that is able to wrap the Excel C API in simple C++, C# or VB.NET interfaces.You can then use the interfaces to customize Excel with your own worksheet functions and menu items.XLW supports :· new features ...
Interface - Api - Wrapper - xlw - Excel API - Excel wrapper - Excel customizer
 , Revised: July 26th 2012, By: XLW Team

DHTML Menu Builder not only creates menus, it creates beautiful menus composed of thousands of lines of code compatible with all the major browsers and platforms. However, you don't have to be concerned about not knowing a thing about the resulting code. You can just ...
Builder - Build - customizer - menu builder - html menu - DHTML Menu Builder Lite - build menu
 , Revised: July 18th 2012, By: xFX JumpStart

Java Customization Builder or JCB, for short, is a handy tool that can be used to customize JRE files and your Java applications. You can also use the software to make an executable to start up the Java application.The size of the customization java application ...
Customization - customizer - jre - Java Customization Builder - Java customization - customize Java - JRE customization
 , Revised: August 11th 2012, By: cnfree

MyLogon provides a simple, intuitive method for a desktop computer to connect to a fileserver on an internal network and establish shares as additional drive letters - the approach preferred by most users. Mainly aimed at small business sites, it offers a less labor-intensive setup ...
Size: 685k, Revised: October 11th 2012, By: