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This tool generates Data Access Objects and Value Objects for PHP4/MySQL web applications. This greatly improves the readability of PHP scripts that use a MySQL database. Requires Python.
Size: 40k, Revised: May 10th 2012, By: phpdao.sourceforge.net

Daozero reduces Dao code based on Spring & iBatis. The Old way is to write code and invoke iBatis API explicitly, but Dao-zero implements Dao interfaces in runtime, invokes iBatis API for developers automatically. Replace old Daos with it directly.
Size: 118k, Revised: August 29th 2012, By: dao-zero.sourceforge.net

Java Dao Transaction (jdto) is a reusable framework irrespective of database, where plain Daos are used. it takes care of getting and releasing Database Connections and Provides an optional Transaction Support for Daos written by developer.
Size: 18k, Revised: May 25th 2012, By: dao-transaction.sourceforge.net

Jing, a Java based Dao (Data Access Object) framework, allows for aclean seperation between the Dao layer and the Persistance layer.Projects can swap persistance frameworks or use multiple frameworkswithout \"rocking the boat.\"
Size: 441k, Revised: August 12th 2012, By: jingdao.sourceforge.net

SeQuaLite is a light-weight java persistence Dao framework. Though it's footprint is tiny,only one small jar, it is fast and powerful. Features: CRUD operations, Lazy-Load, Cascading, Pagination, POJO generator. Helps reduce development time effectively
Size: 147k, Revised: September 27th 2012, By: sequalite.sourceforge.net


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AutoDao was developed in order to make the creation of Java Dao classes as simple as possible.AutoDao is a Generic Dao on steroids implementation for Java with Hibernate support, annotation-driven configuration, tight Spring Framework integration and zero persistence code required for most common query types.
Develop - Development - Framework - Java framework - AutoDAO - Java DAO - class creator
 , Revised: September 13th 2012, By: Marat S. Radchenko

Creative ORM was specially designed to be a small and accessible annotation based framework for Dao / and ORM mapping. Reflection can be used to create / map entities.Creative ORM was built using the Java programming language and can run on multiple platforms.
Develop - Development - Framework - Java framework - Creative ORM - DAO framework - ORM framework
 , Revised: September 15th 2012, By: Supal Dubey

MB Free I Ching Software is an advanced yet simple program that makes the user familiar to the great powers of the Chinese Oracle known as the I Ching. It offers an easy to use interface, which allows the user to get answers to his ...
Dao - Daoism - I Ching - Yi Jing - Yijing - Iching - Tao - I-ching Software - Taoism - Iching Software
Size: 737k, Revised: December 30th 2008, By: MysticBoard.com

Yan loong obeys his master's order to find the reason why wars were happening in the world .He beat all the enemies and finally found there's still a dark power that is gradually changing the peaceful world. enter the mountain to investigate the truth of ...
Size: 6,861k, Revised: January 22nd 2010, By: NowStat.com

UltraISO is a powerful and easy-to-use utility that can extract, create, edit, convert, and burn CD/DVD image files. It can directly edit ISO files, make images from CD/DVD-ROMs, or build new one from files and folders on your computer. You have the option to make ...
Editor - Iso - Image - Edit - Convert - Cd - Create - Burn - Dvd - Record
Size: 3,799k, Revised: June 6th 2012, By: EZB Systems, Inc.

ASP recordset converter is a library for converting Dao or ADO recordsets to MDB or DBF files. It enables direct binary database export of MDB or DBF files from ASP pages with one row of code. The object also supports on-the-fly compression by zip/arj.
File - Zip - Converter - Database - Compress - Format - Asp - Export - Dbf - Binary
Size: 1,546k, Revised: October 17th 2012, By: PSTRUH Software

SMExport for Delphi/CBuilder is a component suite for data export from TDBGrid/TDataSet (with BDE or without) into:- XLS (Excel spreadsheet without OLE)- MS Excel (using OLE)- MS Word (using OLE)- MS Access (using Dao 3.5 or 3.6)- Text (fixed or CSV)- HTML- XML- Lotus 1-2-3- ...
Text - Word - Html - Xml - Dump - Spreadsheet - Export - Dbase - Csv - Dbf
Size: 9,646k, Revised: May 4th 2012, By: Scalabium Software

An ActiveX component to create EXCELlent reports with minimal coding.Save your time. Get impressive results!- Conditional formatting; subtotaling and outline view; autofilter - all Excel features are supported on the template level- Pivot tables and Pivot charts- Master-detail and multiple-sheet reports- ADO, Dao, and RDO- ...
Report - Spreadsheet - Component - Export - Office - Activex - Excel - Ocx - Xls - Reporting
Size: 2,888k, Revised: August 14th 2012, By: Afalina Co., Ltd.

The Pendragon MS Access to VB.NET conversion tool has been designed to make the conversion of MS Access Forms and Code to VB.NET much easier and quicker. The Pendragon Access Converter is suited to conversion of unbound, and bound MS Access forms. Continuous Forms are ...
Code - Converter - Access - Translator - Forms - Modules - vb net
 , Revised: June 3rd 2012, By: Pendragon Interactive

With full source code, royalty-free!Dot-matrix printer support, XML-based export filtersFastReport provides many features not found in other reporting products. Import legacy databases and reuse common database formatsFastReport supports the following database mechanisms:BDE, DbExpress (only D6 and Kylix), ADO, IBX, FIB, NativeDB, IBO, Dao, FlashFiler, DBISAM, ...
Tools - Delphi - Codes - Libraries - Reports - Components - Printing - Designer - Generators - Cross-tab
Size: 3,840k, Revised: October 11th 2012, By: Fast Reports, Inc.

CreateInstall Light is a convenient installer that helps you create installation packages with user-friendly interface that have all the necessary features. The intuitive and simple interface makes your work with the program as easy as possible. It takes just a few minutes to familiarize yourself ...
Setup - Installation - Development - Installer - Update - Upgrade - Createinstall - Setups
Size: 1,085k, Revised: September 1st 2012, By: Gentee, Inc.

SingletDao was developed as a simple and Open Source Java data access framework to access data in a database. A Single Data Access Object to access data in database and eliminates writing custom Daos. SingletDao is easy to plug-in, makes it easy to manage SQL ...
Dao - Development - Framework - Java framework - database access - Development Framework - SingletDAO
 , Revised: August 4th 2012, By: Udhaya Thoppae

Ultra MP3 CD Burner helps you to burn your favorite MP3 files to CD in MP3 format; it is easy-to-use, audio-CD-burning software. It allows you to burn audio files with high speed and excellent audio quality. The created CD can be played in all CD ...
Recorder - Record - Audio Recorder - Music Recorder - Record Sound
Size: 6,820k, Revised: September 1st 2012, By: SmartMedia Systems

ISOpen can burn your data CD and DVD, AUDIO cd from your MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA. (TAO, Dao, SAO supported). - ISOpen can burn your CD and DVD image file (ISO, BIN, CUE,IMG, CCD, NRG, CIF, MDF, CDI, C2D, BWI, VaporCD, PDI, MD1, XA, CMI ...
Cd - Audio - Burn - Dvd - Extract - convert burn iso - bin cue NRG - cif c2d MDF mds
Size: 10k, Revised: May 20th 2012, By: Koyote Soft

ASP recordset converter is a library for converting Dao or ADO recordsets to MDB or DBF files. It enables direct binary database export of MDB or DBF files from ASP pages with one row of code. The object also supports on-the-fly compression by zip/arj.
 , Revised: August 23rd 2012, By: PSTRUH Software