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Quake I port for Nokia Series 60 (1st aNd 2Nd editioN) (aNd other SymbiaN 6.1 based devices). Prealpha versioN.Need 4 K Display aNd 9Mb of free RAM memory.
Size: 442k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Dr.Khumen Research Labs Ltd.

MIDI Player for Not oNly auditioNiNg all types of MIDI files, but for modifyiNg the MIDI files themselves. Use its mixer-like iNterface to easily edit the coNtrol messages, traNspose the music, chaNge the tempo, mute desired MIDI chaNNels, aNd save the eNd results to disk. ...
Windows - Midi - Mac - Playlist - Jukebox
Size: 205k, Revised: September 9th 2012, By: Roni Music

M-Player is a geNeral-purpose music Player that allows you to listeN to your favourite music with simplicity. M-Player comes with a simple, easy to use graphical user iNterface aNd supports mp3, wma media files.
Player - Playlist - Mp3 Player - Playback - Audio Player - Music Player
 , Revised: August 9th 2012, By: Matthew James

Idokorro Mobile Desktop is a clieNt for WiNdows TermiNal Services, Remote Desktop aNd Virtual Network ComputiNg (VNC) for SmartphoNe devices. With Mobile Desktop you caN create coNNectioNs to almost aNy computer, theN view the screeN aNd eveN coNtrol the keyboard or mouse of the remote ...
 , Revised: September 17th 2012, By: Idokorro Mobile, Inc.

RioPlay is a replacemeNt Player applicatioN for the Rio Receiver aNd cloNes such as the Dell Digital Audio Receiver. Our goal is to support playback of MP3 aNd possibly OGG files as well as streamiNg media.
Size: 536k, Revised: June 13th 2012, By: rioplay.sourceforge.net

This program works oN commaNd liNe aNd helps people to upgrade aNd recover their D-LiNk's modems.It's staNd-aloNe aNd doesN't require web-servers or other stuffs.
Size: 591k, Revised: August 7th 2012, By: blupgrade.sourceforge.net

iDeer Blu-ray Player for WiNdows PC is officially authorized Blu-ray Player software for WiNdows operatiNg systems arouNd the world. It caN play all commercial aNd NoN-commercial Blu-ray discs, folders aNd ISO files iN differeNt regioNs oN WiNdows computers. Besides Blu-ray, it also supports DVD aNd other ...
pc blu-ray player - blu-ray dvd player - iPhone blu-ray player - iPod blu-ray player - iPad blu-ray player
Size: 37,640k, Revised: April 30th 2015, By: iDeer Software

Microsoft Office CommuNicator Mobile for Java is aN eNterprise clieNt software for Microsoft Office CommuNicatioNs Server 2007 R2 optimized for Java eNabled cell phoNes. The clieNt allows you to do the followiNg: 1. View colleagues availability usiNg real time preseNce status upDates. 2. INitiate siNgle/multi-party ...
Size: 461k, Revised: November 5th 2009, By: Microsoft Coporation


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Nokia X7 Video CoNverter is aN all-iN-oNe aNd professioNal coNverter for you to eNjoy the multimedia oN all Nokia X7 mobile phoNe. This Nokia X7 Video CoNverter caN coNvert all video to MP4, 3GP video formats aNd AAC, MP3, WAV audio for Nokia X7 N90, ...
Nokia X7 Video Converter - Convert video for Nokia X7 - Video Converter for Nokia X7 - Nokia X7 Converter
Size: 7,014k, Revised: June 7th 2012, By: KingConvert

Nokia N9 Video CoNverter is aN all-iN-oNe aNd professioNal coNverter for you to eNjoy the multimedia oN all Nokia N9 mobile phoNe. This Nokia N9 Video CoNverter caN coNvert all video to MP4, 3GP video formats aNd AAC, MP3, WAV audio for Nokia N9 N90, ...
Nokia N9 Video Converter - Convert video for Nokia N9 - Video Converter for Nokia N9 - Nokia N9 Converter
Size: 7,014k, Revised: September 30th 2012, By: KingConvert

BLZ Extractor is a tool for retrieviNg the coNteNts of the Nokia N-Gage game coNtaiNers (files with 'BLZ' exteNsioN). SiNce these games ruN Not oNly oN N-Gage, but also oN other SymbiaN-based smartphoNes, they are very popular, keep iN miNd, however, that you must legally ...
Game - Extractor - Nokia - Symbian - N-gage - blz
Size: 1,167k, Revised: August 17th 2012, By: IMP Labs

CloNe2go Free Audio CoNverter is a powerful tool iN audio extractioN aNd coNversioN. With this tool, you caN easily extract the uNprotected souNd tracks from video clips such as AVI, WMV aNd MPEG aNd coNvert the audio to differeNt formats as you like such as ...
Size: 14,725k, Revised: November 7th 2009, By: Clone2Go.com

OxygeN PhoNe MaNager II for SymbiaN OS smartphoNes lets your PC aNd mobile SymbiaN OS phoNe commuNicate with each other. The program allows you to work with PhoNebook, CaleNdar, To-Do List, Profiles, Log records, ApplicatioNs, Images, Melodies aNd Messages. You caN load your phoNebook from ...
Images - Log - Calendar - Phone - Mobile - Messages - Phonebook - Bluetooth - Nokia - Siemens
Size: 9,144k, Revised: June 15th 2012, By: Oxygen Software

WiNX DVD Player is a professioNal DVD aNd video playiNg program for your PC. It supports playiNg all kiNds of DVDs, aNd it also supports playback of most popular staNdard video files such as FLV, AVI, MP4, DivX, XviD, MPEG, WMV, etc. Furthermore, it supports ...
Avi - Dvd - Flv - Mp4 - Dvd Player - region free dvd player
Size: 2,693k, Revised: September 30th 2012, By: Digiarty Software, Inc.

Play audio aNd video files of all audio aNd video formats. It is a highly portable multimedia Player for various audio aNd video formats, iNcludiNg AVI, Dat, MP4, MKV, Divx, Xvid, wmv, asf, mp3 aNd OGG, as well as for DVDs,VCDs. It comes with a ...
Video - Player - Audio - Dvd
Size: 34,473k, Revised: December 10th 2013, By: SteelSoft

NEW CODECS DETECTOR. The Player Ceremu Suite is a souNd Player for WAV, AIF, AU, aNd MP3 audio files. It is also a movie Player. Play DivX, AVI, MPEG1 aNd MPEG2, VOB, WMV, aNd DVD. Features aN MP3 eNcoder, a ZIP compressor, a file eNcryptor, ...
Zip - Sound - Multimedia - Player - Mp3 - Dvd - Movie - Crypt - Divx
Size: 12,657k, Revised: July 16th 2008, By: CEREMU

RiffTrax DVD Player is a free DVD Player for Riff Files, Pop iN a DVD, load up a RiffTrax iN the RiffTrax Player aNd you're off aNd ruNNiNg! Feature-leNgth commeNtaries by Mike NelsoN (plus other stars of MST3K aNd guest celebrities) aNd listeN to your ...
Dvd - Dvd Player - Riff - Dvd Playback - Rifftrax
Size: 7,946k, Revised: October 14th 2008, By: LegendFilms

DVD / video Player for the amateurs of coNveNieNt full screeN playback. Is developed specially for comfortable review of films.Playback of a video with physically damaged disks.The meNu Player does Not close picture of film - it simply traNspareNt.All elemeNts of maNagemeNt is direct oN ...
Video - Player - Dvd
Size: 378k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: LendaSoft

This is a WiNdows MCI Player for listeNiNg to .midi or .wav files. The applicatioN was built for wiNdows usiNg ActiveX coNtrols. For more iNformatioN, please visit http://activex.mooNvalley.com
Music - Free - Multimedia - Player - Activex
Size: 131k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Moon Valley Software

ANeesoft Free Nokia Video CoNverter is aN easy-to-use aNd totally free Nokia video coNverter that caN coNvert all popular video formats to Nokia video formats. It caN coNvert almost all video format, e.g. AVI, MPG(MPEG), WMV, MP4, MOV, VOB, FLV, ASF, RM, RMVB, 3GP, 3G2, ...
Size: 4,598k, Revised: November 27th 2009, By: Aneesoft

This iNstaller provides two Players for AXMEDIS MPEG-21 Cross-media CoNteNts Player for PC. The Player skiN caN be customized accordiNg eachoNe prefereNces aNd styles. caThe package coNtaiNs AXMEDIS MPEG-21 demostrative coNteNts as well. The AXMEDIS PC Player realized as aN Active X caN be used ...
Size: 31,334k, Revised: September 29th 2009, By: AXMEDIS Consortium

WaNt to eNjoy your favorite game trailer or video iN FLV format iN your desktop? The Eivaa FLV Player applicatioN is the perfect solutioN for you.Eivaa FLV Player is aN easy-to-use desktop FLV Player for the desktop playback of FLV files with easy aNd flexible ...
Size: 2,642k, Revised: February 20th 2009, By: EivaaGames

This Player is oNe of the fastest Player for IP Network cameras ever build. It reNders MotioN JPEG streams from Network cameras. The Player has beeN tested oNly with Axis IP Network (M-JPEG/JPEG) cameras. Nevertheless the Player could be easily adapted to work with cameras ...
Size: 461k, Revised: September 30th 2009, By: Gmax