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Data Entry employment is a great choice for all online workers. If you are just starting out working at home, Data Entry employment is the easiest and fastest way to start earning money. The only thing you need to start working, is computer and access ...
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Assess Data Entry skills, rating both Speed in keystrokes per hour (KPH) and accuracy. Alpha, alphanumeric and numeric (10-key) testing modules included. Test results are saved in a Database for future printing/viewing.
Test - Tests - Testing - Speed - Keystroke - Alpha - Alphanumeric - Practice - Keyboarding - Schools
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DC DataEntry Validator is a program development solution that lets you check Data Entry according to your own preferences. It lets you validate text as you type, limit Data to specific characters, and define your own restrictions. This makes programming a breeze, whether you're writing ...
Data Entry - data entry verivication - data entry validation
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This is an Unique Racing game for Kids to race Cars and learn Math & Arithmetic at the same time. The software uses a Racing Game concept to teach the basic Mathematical ideas. Full Audio-Visual and Multimedia features have been built into the program to ...
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Speed Limiter can simulate slow TCP/IP connections. Use Speed Limiter for example to see how long a website have to load on slow connections. Or test your software with slow TCP/IP connections.. delight software gmbh - delight cms. delight software gmbh - delight cms
Tcp/ip - Connection - Speed - Limit
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Speed-O-Meter is a program that measures the TCP/IP Speed of all interfaces on your machine including network adapters and modems. Use it to test your internet connection Speed! It displays the TRUE transmission Speed and does not average it like IE. This program is freeware.
Test - Download - Monitor - Internet - Speed - Network - Bandwidth - Net - Qos - Throughput
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Your connection Speed is measured with a single click and compared with average values of different connection types (T1, Cable modem, DSL, V.90 modem etc.). After install febooti Download Speed integrates into windows property pages thus becoming easily accessible whenever there is need.Download Speed will ...
Network Speed - Bandwidth Test - Bandwidth Speed Test - Speed Test - Internet Speed Test - Benchmark Internet - Benchmark Test - Download Speed - Download Speed Test - Network Speed Test
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RS232 Data Logger by Eltima Software is an Open Source application which allows you to redirect all communication Data from RS232 compliant serial port device into a text file for further analysis. RS232 Data Logger redirects Data from any available serial port (doesn't matter whether ...
Rs 232 Data Logger - Free Data Logger - Record Com Port Data - Com Port Data Logger - Log Data - Record Rs232 Data
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The ndDataForm is an encapsulated interface control that allows any programmer with an ActiveX compliant development environment or document and with minimum knowledge of coding or Database skills to create complete Database applications in minutes, anywhere, anytime. Even if you are in the middle of ...
Programmer - Control - Create - Database - Data - Development - Activex - Form - Director - Applications
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CopyTexty Basic is Software utility which allows you to quickly paste predefined text ( Texty ), into any text editing window, using hot keys. This Software utility is very simple to manage and will become an very essential tool for all your text editing works. ...
Software - Template - Hotkey - Data Entry - editing works - error free typing - fast typing - shortkey - copytexty basic
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BosqMap software is a .mbx program for MapInfo which enables the user to add, view and edit Data held in MapInfo tables, simply and easily link tables to other tables and link multiple photos and other files to map-objects and all this through one simple ...
Photographs - Documents - Mapping - Dialog Boxes - Autocomplete - Gis - Forms - Data Entry - MapInfo - mapinfo form
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Active Table Editor helps the users edit ANY table in ANY Database. Let's imagine following situation you have accounting software package and would like to design some additional reports. You know the Database structure pretty well and created some mapping tables for the reports. Now ...
Data Entry Forms - Table Editor
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Why You Need Training Manager 3: Skills Inventory To produce a great product or service, you must have skilled personnel. In a dynamic workforce, you must constantly evaluate training requirements. Avoid Downtime When your only certified operator calls in sick or forgets to attend annual ...
Tracking - Training - Records - Training Management - Training Records
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Plasmid Entry Form is a simple, easy to use application designed to help you create plasmid Database forms for BGME lab. This program presents user with a Data Entry form for entering plasmid information and automatically converts DNA sequence to protein, aligns it, and creates ...
Create - Creator - Generate - Plasmid Entry Form - plasmid database forms generator - create plasmid database forms - BGME lab tool
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Search and delete duplicate and unique cells in MS Excel. Select a block of cells and eliminate all redundant or unique Data. Results can be placed on top of the selected cells themselves, in a new list next to the selection or in a new ...
Search - List - Compare - Comparison - Names - Finder - Records - Entry - Rows - Entries
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Delete duplicate lines or words from one or more MS Word files. All redundant entries are eliminated, leaving behind only the unique Entry. Word 2000 or higher required.
Lines - Search - List - Compare - Comparison - Names - Finder - Records - Identify - Entry
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HIPAA Compliant X12 EDI Versions 5010, 4010 and 4010A Supports NPI and both the CMS-1500 Rev 0805 and 1290. Information entered into system is stored and organized into appropriate Database. Data remains in system for later reuse or verification. Patient Database is designed to handle ...
Database - Medical - Hipaa - Edi - health care - 837 Health Care Claims - NPI - Electronic Claims - Professional Claim Entry System - CMS-1500 0805
Size: 3,338k, Revised: September 22nd 2012, By: Com1 Software, Incorperated

Data Gatherer is completely user configurable Data collection software (no software developer experience required), allowing a mobile workforce to collect Data using their Windows Mobile 5 or later devices and to return that Data to a central location. Data Gatherer is made up of two ...
Pictures - Mobile - Microsoft Access - Microsoft Sql - Microsoft Sql Compact
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Easy inventory and shopping list manager for retail stores that can run on cash register. Inventory Log encourages you to organize you inventory into smaller departments. This makes shopping a breeze. Easy Data Entry, if an employee notices that they are running out of an ...
Store - Inventory - Shopping - Small Business - Pos - Retail - Inventory Control - Inventory Management - Shopping List - Coffee
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Transform Excel into a fully functional Database application with this powerful Excel add-in. Data Manager allows you to convert worksheets into tables, conduct queries, and create forms for Data Entry all within the Excel environment. It offers a wide range of Data validation options to ...
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DC Data Manger lets you navigate and manipulate your Database records any way you want. This program is essentially a beefed-up version of DC Binding Recordset , Forget about coding the hard way - with Data Manger, you can add, save, delete, or edit Data ...
Oracle database - sql database - Access database - database system
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smartDBforms.NET is an ASP.NET framework that allows fast and easy creation of professional Database Entry forms. smartDBforms.NET framework is highly customizable. You have full access to the user interface templates and can redesign them using the design time surface of Visual Studio. You have full ...
Database - Component - Sql Server - Forms - Data Entry - Asp net - Form view - Details view - Entry form - Data input
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Whistling Cow Announces the Launch of its Second Productivity Software Tool: Whistler s List RIVER EDGE, NJ May 26, 2005: Whistling Cow is launching the second in its line of enhanced productivity software tools: Whistler s List . Its first Database software application, KronoLog, launched ...
Software - Tool - Database - Freeware - Organize - Professional - Free Download - To Do - To Do List - Form
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