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WebGrid have 12 column types, 40 events, and have more then 100 properties for you to play with. This enables you to create faster and better web applications with an unequaled level of customization.Advantages of using WebGrid------------------------------------Detects and cache Data source structures and enables "plug ...
Database - Grid - Form - data grid - Editable - web form - DataSource - webgrid - datagrid - gridview
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The java Data Grid Control applet enables the display of Data in rows & columns in java & web applications. Powerful features include Fast Sorting, Data Acquisition, URL Hyperlinks, Embedded Images, Column Totalling and much more.With a free trial and Money Back Guarantee, try it ...
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Written in pure javascript, Sigma Grid is an Ajax Data Grid for displaying and inline editing Data in a scrollable and sortable table.Pure javascript codes. Inline editing, keyboard Data navigation, nested multiline headers, sortable and frozen columns. Slice rendering and built-in paginal output. Powerful aggregation ...
Xml - Javascript Grid - Dhtml Grid - aggregation - JSON - web report - ajax grid - sigma grid - editable grid - sortable table
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With this class you can copy all Data between forms.I suggest you to use this class with Abstract.Php class beacuaseData model and functions used here are similar withAbstract, for more info see:
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A simple Php Data validator class to make the server-side Data validation easier. Just call the approriate functions and a single line of code can do multiple fields validation.
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RS232 Data Logger by Eltima Software is an Open Source application which allows you to redirect all communication Data from RS232 compliant serial port device into a text file for further analysis. RS232 Data Logger redirects Data from any available serial port (doesn't matter whether ...
Rs 232 Data Logger - Free Data Logger - Record Com Port Data - Com Port Data Logger - Log Data - Record Rs232 Data
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Feed2Html is a free Php script that converts Data from RSS to HTML. If you already have an RSS feed, just install this script to your site. You will be amazed how convenient it will become to publish news. The Feed2Html script updates web-pages on-the-fly ...
Converter - Templates - Rss To Html - Rss2html - Publish Rss - Extralabs - Rss Converter - Rss Publisher - Feed2html - Feed Publisher
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Do you know that after you have completely deleted information from your hard drive, it is still there? There are a lot of ways to restore deleted Data. Just imagine what could happen if your personal information were used by ill-intentioned people. Yet it is ...
Wipe Hard Drive - Wipe Data - Wipe Information
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Free Php DataGrid script is a simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating Data-bound Grid control. It was specially designed for web developers. The Php DataGrid is excellent for all Php Database-driven web sites and online-based Data administration; it is also useful for dynamic content ...
data grid - php datagrid - free php script - Creating online-based data administration - Creating dynamic content management
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Php DataGrid (AJAX Enabled) script is a simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating Data-bound Grid control. It was specially designed for web developers. The Php DataGrid is excellent for all Php Database-driven web sites and online-based Data administration; it is also useful for dynamic ...
php datagrid - data grid php - php grid component - php grid open source - ajax php datagrid - free php grid - php grid - php data grid - datagrid php - grid php
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QtitanDataGrid is by far the fastest Grid component for Qt on the market. It's a unique Data library (third-party Qt widget) for Nokia-Qt that provides the same level of development comfort and functionality as its Delphi and .NET counterparts. With this component, you'll be able ...
qt components - qt data grid component - qt development
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Make your most demanding users happy with the fast and reliable cross-browser Data Grid component. Complete with fixed headers, client-side sorting, resizable columns, images, tooltips and a lot more - the Grid widget will save you weeks of JavaScript/DHTML/CSS/XML programming. Professional design, well documented source ...
Asp Controls - Javascript Grid - Php Widgets - Dhtml Grid - Web Grid
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DBForms from MS Access to Php + MySQL is an effective application which allows to convert MS Access Databases and MS Access forms to Php WEB-pages where Data source for web pages is MySQL tables converted by the tool. The tool also converts MS Access ...
Conversion - Converter - Php Code - access forms - Web application - MS Access form - MS Access queries - Access tables - Access queries - MySQL views
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Introducing a multi-talented and advanced .NET Data Grid control that solves your current Data Grid needs yet lets you address other related needs, such as generating reports, with its additional built-in solutions.The first Grid with a reporting engine built right in. Lets end-users generate, format, ...
Control - Component - .net - Grid - Reporting - winforms
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Builds sophisticated, secure ASP/Php Web Database Apps without programming, but unlike many wizards, it does not sacrifice flexibility for advanced users/programmers. With these applications you can add/search/edit/delete Data in your web Database. Data Entry forms have full vallidation, prevent alpha characters being entered in numeric ...
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Php DataForm script is a simple tool for creating HTML Forms with ease. It was especially designed for web developers, who do not want to spend excessive time on creating Forms in HTML or through Php, but want to use a first-class OOP backend. Expandable ...
php dataform - dataform php - php data form - data form php
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PhpDataCache is a Php class library to provide an easy API for caching Data as Php variables. Supports multiple DAOs for deploying in a variety of situations.
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AnyGantt JS Gantt Charts library is an advanced JavaScript-based Data visualization solution, allowing everyone to utilize power of animation and ultimate interactivity. AnyGantt is perfect for building complex and informative HTML5 Gantt charts. AnyGantt is fully cross-browser and cross-platform. It can be used with ASP.NET, ...
Project Management - Data Visualization - project schedule - PERT charts - Gantt charts - javascript charts - ajax charts - js chart - javascript charting library - html5 charts
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Web based tool for AJAX RIA application UI rapid design-25+ components supportedSigma Visual Ajax builder is professional tool for Ajax Developers.NOTE: If you are using Sigma Visual Ajax Builder for commercial purposes, we encourage you to purchase a commercial license.Here are some key features of ...
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ApPhp DataValidator is a simple lightweight tool useful for primary general Data checks. It handles numbers, strings, emails, URLs. A range of parameters is provided for a wide variety of different verifications. All parameters are used optionally and could be switched on and off for ...
php validator - php data validator - data validation php - validation class php - online php validator php form validator - form validation php - form validation with php - php data validation
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AcaStat statistical software is an inexpensive and easy-to-use Data analysis tool. Create and analyze crosstabulations, descriptive statistics, basic significance tests, and summary reports. Ideal for those who need a low-cost alternative for producing basic summary statistics at school or work. Practice Data files. Integrated update ...
Mathematics - Educational - Calculator - Statistics - Spreadsheet - data analysis - statistical software
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Active Query Builder is a query builder component suite that allows your end-users to build complex SQL queries via an intuitive visual interface. It differs from other query builders by its powerful SQL parser that correctly handles SQL queries containing multiple nested joins and other ...
Delphi - Builder - Visual - Server - Query - Component - Mysql - Sql
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The Toad Database Browser allows you to effortlessly switch between multiple connections at a time and display detailed information for each object selected. The advanced Data Grid allows Data entry or deletion, as well as the ability to filter, sort, or group the Data to ...
Database - Development - Administration - Sql Server - Sql Tools
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