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Debt Management Tool is a software program designed to help people in debt manage and understand their financial situation. By entering in your income, debt, and expenses, you can compute your debt situation and figure how long it will take to pay off your debt. ...
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Migrate-Data is a pure java and an extremely powerful enterprise Data migration Tool. It supports open source and commercial Databases. With Migrate-Data the user can easily extract, transform, load and integrate Data from any-to-any Databases. In addition the user can also perform customized Data extraction ...
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Windows Data recovery software helps to retrieve Data from Windows partitions accurately and successfully. Windows partitions affected from virus attacks, hardware failures, disk formatting, damaged partition structures, unexpected system shutdown, accidental file deletions, missing file and folders, etc are effectively repaired and Data is recovered ...
Data Recovery - Data Recovery Software - Recover Files - Ntfs Recovery - Deleted File Recovery - fat ntfs data recovery - fat ntfs data recovery software - ntfs recovery software - ntfs data recovery - windows data recovery software
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SQL server Data recovery software easily repairs the corrupt, damaged files of SQL server version 2000 and 2005. The sql recovery software is easy to operate and recovers tables, deleted records, views, triggers, stored procedures from the .mdf files. The sql recovery software demo version ...
sql server data recovery - sql database recovery software - database recovery - mdf repair - mdf recovery - mdf database recovery - sql data recovery
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This out–of-band feature will offer users a dedicated software for monitoring and configuring the “File Based Write Filter (FBWF)”. By default the application will start on system start and will register a notification area icon. The settings, however, allow suppressing the automatic starting. The Tool ...
Filter - Management - File Based Write Filter Management Tool for Windo - FBWF Monitor - Configure FBWF - Monitor FBWF - Thin PC
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Email Lists are among the most cost-effective means of communication available and have become a widely used channel for businesses and organizations of all types and sizes. E-mail List Management Tool is an integrated Tool that keeps your email list clean, operates with input and ...
Email Marketing - Email List Management - e-mail list manager - email cleaner
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Professional call tracker software provides powerful search and filter functions for locating specific calls. Advance call manager Tool provides powerful user permission feature to specify no access, read only, add, edit, delete or full user access to all main Data forms.
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Windows Data Recovery Tool recover, retrieve, restore, rescue, salvage, undelete and formatted Data. Partition Recovery utility for NTFS and FAT file systems that provides windows partition recovery from damaged and corrupted hard drive or lost partition. Windows Data Recovery Software is compatible with all major ...
Data Recovery - Formatted - Deleted - Mbr - Hard Disk Data Recovery - files recovery - restore lost data - data restoration - restores deleted files - recovers corrupted files
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Memory card Data retrieval Tool is easy to use, safe and non-destructive utility recovers and restores lost Data from corrupt secure digital card. Memory card image restoration software does not affect other files in disk during recovery and extracts damaged Data in safe and effective ...
Images - Software - Tool - Utility - Files - Video - Backup - Photos - Mp3 - Audio
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To eliminate any possibilities of Data recovery for deleted useless important Data, Kernel File Shredder is the best Tool. It is one such utility that securely deletes the files so they can't be restored using any Data recovery software. This Data shredder Tool removes all ...
File Shredder - Data Shredder - Delete File - secure delete - secure erase - file eraser - wipe free space - Delete Files Permanently - file shredder software - document shredding
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Kernel for Exchange Server, a widely used Exchange Data recovery Tool from Kernel Data Recovery, recovers inaccessible EDB files from corrupt or damaged Exchange Databases. When the Exchange Database gets corrupt due to hardware faults, Widows file system damages, network errors, Exchange shutdown issues, Outlook ...
exchange server data recovery - edb recovery - edb repair - exchange data recovery - edb recovery tool - exchange data recovery tool - exchange data recovery software
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QPack Requirements Management Tool is a robust solution for tracking your requirements and provide end-to-end product delivery solution. QPack Requirements Management is designed to meet your organizational needs, whether you are a small startup or a big enterprise. Using QPack as your central hub for ...
requirements management tool - Application Lifecycle Management - requirements software - requirements testing - requirements systems - requirements tools - requirements management software - Requirements Management - medical device
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Pen Drive Data recovery software is a kind of blessing for those who lost Data from their Pen Drive during formatting, accidental deletion, physical damage, mishandling the Data or any logical failure. We often meet with such circumstances and got worried for the lost Data, ...
pen drive data recovery - pen drive software - recover pen drive data - pen drive file recovery - pen drive recovery - pen drive data recovery software - how to recover pen drive deleted data - adorable pen drive data recovery tool
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Pen drive Data recovery software, bestowed with more lucrative features and requires no technical knowledge from user side. Anyone who wish to recover corrupted Data of the pendrive can unambiguously go for pen drive Data recovery software Tool. Besides being effeciently revamp, it is equipped ...
pen drive data recovery - pen drive software - recover pen drive data - pen drive file recovery - pen drive recovery - pen drive data recovery software - how to recover pen drive deleted data - active pen drive data recovery tool
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Quick Recovery Tool for windows Data recovery deal with four different modes to perform the process of the recovery. The first mode of recovery is Quick Mode in which the user can retrieve all the recent Data lost due to different reasons such as such ...
windows data recovery software - hard drive data recovery - windows file recovery - recover windows data - best data recovery software
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Pen drive displays exclusive feature in transferring Data from one place to another place. People usually attract towards its varing shape and impressive designs. It is portable and easily available in markets. Data stored in pen drives can be of any file format. Files stored ...
pen drive data recovery - pen drive software - recover pen drive data - pen drive file recovery - pen drive recovery - pen drive data recovery software - how to recover pen drive deleted data - unbeatable pen drive data recovery tool
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AdventNet SwisSQL offers a complete Data Migration Tool that helps the migration of Database structures and Data across leading Databases such as Oracle, IBM DB2, MS-SQL Server, Sybase, SAP DB, and MySQL. It offers an open, user-friendly, and extensible migration process ensuring reliability and Data ...
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This is a basic student Data Management system in win32 console.Project goal is to develop the system with multiple language and UI implementation and to add basic features of Data Management system.
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Score and shot Data Management program in eVB (for Pocket PCs )Will be extended/rewritten in java to support palms/smartphones/mobiles and desktop PCs. Provide shot and score storage. Major obstacle multiple platforms supported. exports to CSV and XML.
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jobHunt Assistant, a job search Management Tool, is an open source program intended to assist job seekers in managing their job applications and company contacts. It is written using freely available Tools for the Linux operating system, including QT 3.
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The Wiimote Data Management Library is a library for accessing and manipulating save Data stored on a Wiimote. Sample end-user implementations, in the form of command line utilities, will be released as well.
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A hard drive Data recovery application is required when a Data loss situation is assisted in a Windows OS hard drive. There are abundant reasons behind a Data loss, such as hard drive failure, accidental deletion of the Data, bad sectors, virus attack, partition failure, ...
Data Recovery Software - ntfs partition recovery - hard disk recovery - recover data - windows data recovery - hard drive data recovery - recover lost files - windows partition recovery - recover windows data - Restore lost partition
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It is a computer based solution to manage your project Management tasks, without further complicating the process. Whether large or small, Project Café is suitably designed to handle all types of business projects. The feature of breaking up the project into smaller tasks makes it ...
Project Management Software - task management software - project tracking software - simple project management software - project manager tool - small business project management software - task manager tool
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