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Provides a list of dedupe software that will help identify and remove duplicated records from lists, databases, spreadsheets and other sources. Dedupe, dedupe software, data dedupe, Deduplication.
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Size: 694k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Dedupe Software

BaseNow provides a user interface for all your databases. It looks like Microsoft Access and it allows you to work with data just like in Excel spreadsheets. BaseNow has a tree-style display of all database objects and enables you to use SQL for data management. ...
Data - Address - Remove - Delete - Access - Spreadsheet - Export - Import - Duplicate - Database Tool
Size: 27,648k, Revised: May 28th 2012, By: Gate Comm Software

DataMatch 2008 is a powerful and comprehensive data cleansing, matching, and Deduplication tool. Designed to be used by anyone, not just IT professionals, it has an intuitive interface that shows the modifications you are making in real time. Why do I need DataMatch? Save Time ...
deduplication data profiling data cleansing
Size: 8,079k, Revised: September 22nd 2012, By: Data Ladder

DeduplicationWizard is a program for the Deduplication of address tables. Deduplication can be done using the telephone number, the email address and the postal address. When the Deduplication is based on the postal address - i.e. name, street, postal code and city - the program ...
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Size: 14,951k, Revised: November 26th 2015, By: Thomas Hainke

Remadder is a software tool which can be used both to identify related records in two separate data sets or to identify duplicate records in a data set. This class of tasks is commonly reffered as record linkage, data matching, data duplicate detection, data Deduplication, ...
Deduplication - Record - linkage - fuzzy - record linkage - records matching - data deduplication - entity resolution framework - fuzzy match - records fuzzy matching
Size: 9,818k, Revised: July 12th 2016, By: Zlatko Matic

SQL Cloud Backup is simple and intuitive software that allows you to back up your SQL Server databases and store the backup copies on a local or network disk and in the cloud. The program uses wizards to guide you through the backup creation and ...
Sql Backup - sql server backup - SQL Server database backup - backup sql database - backup sql server - ms sql backup - sql server backup software - sql server backup and restore - sql server tools - backup sql
Size: 5,172k, Revised: April 7th 2012, By: Julia Starikova

NEVER AGAIN RE-KEY LEGACY DATA:Parse, convert, restructure files and databases. Reads most files including XML, page image print files from other processes, fixed format, delimited, dBase, structured binary etc. ASCII or EBCDIC. Intelligently parses dates, names, addresses into components, gender etc. can generate Soundex and ...
Size: 1,044k, Revised: August 23rd 2012, By: Guy Software

Database Deduplication for ACT!, GoldMine and SalesLogix, ensuring your CRM databases is duplicate free. SureCleanse connects directly to your CRM system, thus avoiding the error prone process of data export and re-import.SureCleanse flags records for removal and allows your CRM system to process those records ...
Size: 10k, Revised: June 1st 2012, By: DQ Global

WinPure Clean and Match is the complete list cleaning, data cleansing and data Deduplication software suite, all rolled into one powerful easy-to-use application. Clean your mailing lists, marketing databases, spreadsheets and emails with its five unique list/data cleaning modules, then perform a powerful data dedupe ...
Size: 27,361k, Revised: May 8th 2012, By: WinPure

DataQualityTools is a collection of tools to help businesses improve the quality of their databases. The central components are a series of functions which help to find duplicate records and, above all, a function for error-tolerant doublet search based on postal addresses. This allows you, ...
Deduplication - Dedupe - list cleaning - data quality
Size: 20,287k, Revised: December 1st 2015, By: Thomas Hainke

BatchDeduplicator is a program for regular doublet searches performed in address tables on a fixed schedule, in order to ensure the long-term quality of this data. Particularly repetitive advertising in the case of direct marketing and the unnecessary repeated maintenance of client and other address ...
Deduplication - Dedupe - list cleaning - data quality
Size: 16,208k, Revised: December 5th 2015, By: Thomas Hainke

All hard drives eventually fail! Protect your workforce and maintain employee productivity with the best PC backup software on the market. Capture and restore multiple PCs in multiple locations from 1 easy-to-use management dashboard. Includes 1-click disk imaging, seamless cloud backup to ultra-secure local datacenters, ...
multiple PC backup - enterprise PC backup - office PC backup - office computer backup - Acronis PC backup
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Protect your business-critical systems with the most powerful, top-rated Windows server backup available. Capture and restore multiple servers in multiple locations from 1 easy-to-use management dashboard. Includes advanced features like patented 1-click disk imaging, fast bare-metal recovery, and seamlessly integrated cloud backup to ultra-secure local ...
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