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With this program you can analyze and scan local Bluetooth network using Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or Microsoft Windows Vista. If you have an hardware Bluetooth dongle and a PC, download "Medieval Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool" now, it's completely free! You need Microsoft Windows XP SP2 ...
Size: 65k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Enfis The Paladin

Use your cell phone to browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device! Download, upload, explore, search, edit, create, delete and rename files and folders on your phone, PDA, palm, notebook, PC, photo viewer, music player and so on; using an easy, fast ...
Disk Utilities - J2me - Bluetooth File Transfer
Size: 594k, Revised: December 4th 2009, By: Medieval Software

Use your cell phone to browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device! Download, upload, explore, search, edit, create, delete and rename files and folders on your phone, PDA, palm, notebook, PC, photo viewer, music player and so on; using an easy, fast ...
Size: 348k, Revised: December 4th 2009, By: Medieval Software

Get Bluetooth to work with the Microsoft Bluetooth stack. This small freeware utility will try to install generic Microsoft driver for your Bluetooth adapter. Before making changes to your system the program automatically creates a restore point. If anything goes wrong you can use Windows ...
Size: 1,464k, Revised: December 2nd 2009, By: bluetoothinstaller.com

To performance junkies like myself the system restore in Windows just drives me nuts. There are reasons why system restore isn't in server editions of Windows. For starters system restore is backing up to the same hard drive your on, this kills performance and takes ...
Size: 10k, Revised: December 18th 2009, By: PcWinTech (19 other programs)

Welcome to the home of Remote Control for Windows Phone 7! Microsoft will soon release the new Windows Phone 7 platform, and Remote Control will be there too ! This completely new version of Remote Control will support lots of software like the previous version ...
Winamp - Mobile - Remote - Bluetooth - Powerpoint - Itunes - the Windows Mixer - the Windows Media Player - Media Player Classic - PowerDVD
Size: 1,229k, Revised: June 8th 2012, By: Jerome Laban

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Software, This fantastic software can be used to send advertising messages directly to Mobile or Cell Phones that are in range. Simply install the software onto your Laptop or PC and press start, the software automatically searches for phones in range and ...
Bluetooth Advertising - Bluetooth Marketing - Proximity Advertising - Proximity Marketing - Advertising Softrtware
Size: 4,639k, Revised: October 5th 2012, By: TextBlue Limited

WIDCOMM Bluetooth 6.1 is a free software that allows us communication between our computer and others Bluetooth devices. In order to do that we need to have a computer either with a USB plugin Bluetooth wireless adapter or a Broadcom enabled embedded. WIDCOMM Bluetooth 6.1 ...
Drivers - Widcomm - Bluetooth Software
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How to protect my PC? Do you use your PC with your family or friends? Or is it possible to access your PC by someone else when you are not present there? Please try the 'Secure PC' product. You can eliminate all your worries. 'Secure ...
Hide Folder - Lock Folder - Wipe File - Permanently Delete - protect folder - lock USB - usb protection - protect usb - Secure PC - security usb
Size: 22,886k, Revised: June 29th 2019, By: xSecuritas Inc

Bluetooth Command Line Tools are a set of command line utilities for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 which allow you to configure Bluetooth adapter, discover remote Bluetooth devices and their services, push files to remote devices through OBEX.All utilities can be launched from a ...
Command Line - Bluetooth - batch script - Bluetooth Software - bluetooth utility - OBEX file transfer - bluetooth discovery - bluetooth configuration - microsoft stack
Size: 3,154k, Revised: August 24th 2012, By: bluetoothinstaller.com

Some people don't know how to Disable User Account Control (UAC) in Windows. This little tool will help you to quickly Disable UAC. User Account Control (UAC) is strong, but sometimes it is slightly annoying. No complex operations, no professional knowledge, this free tool can ...
Disable - Uac - disabler - Disable UAC - enable UAC - UAC disabler
 , Revised: June 24th 2012, By: DisableUAC.com

Disable Autorun/Autoplay is a handy application designed to enable you to turn on or turn off the Autorun feature. for WindowsXP, Vista, 2008, Vista64, 7, 7x64
Disable - Autorun - Autoplay - Disable Autoplay - Disable Autorun - Enable Autorun - Disable Autorun Autoplay
 , Revised: August 6th 2012, By: DisableAutorun.com

BtProx locks on one of your Bluetooth devices which are paired to the the machine. When you walk away from the computer the device is disconnected and the computer is locked after timeout. It is possible to run a single application together with the lock. ...
Lock - Bluetooth - Lock Computer - Computer Locker - locker - bluetooth loker - bluetoothproximitylock
 , Revised: July 16th 2012, By: Sourceforge

Proximity marketing and communication software that allows you to run your own Bluetooth marketing campaigns on your PC or laptop. Main features: 1.It automatically sends promotional and advertising messages, business cards, event notifications to the mobile phones and all other Bluetooth devices within a range ...
Bluetooth Advertising - Bluetooth Marketing - Proximity Marketing
Size: 5,847k, Revised: July 25th 2012, By: SmartBluetoothMarketing.com

Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control can be used to control your computer directly from your cellphone. The main purpose of the software is to turn your mobile phone into a universal PC remote control. The application is perfect for business as well as for your own ...
Bluetooth - Remote Control - Mobile Witch Bluetooth Remote Control
Size: 6,973k, Revised: September 19th 2012, By: MobileWitch

BMon is a Bluetooth monitor suite that monitors Bluetooth devices (with their Bluetooth on) and add them to a database for later review. Also BMon can analyze each devices manufacturer supporting all major brands. Monitoring can be done within specific interval from 30 to 90 ...
Monitor - Bluetooth
Size: 3,994k, Revised: June 23rd 2012, By: CenterMediaSolutions

Disable Startup is a free startup manager and monitoring program of www.Disablestartup.com, it can scan all Windows Startups on your computer, and monitor all new startup items, provide protecting for Windows Startup from changes, it can helps you to optimize Windows startup, alert when new ...
Windows - Startup - System
Size: 604k, Revised: October 26th 2012, By: DisableStartup.com

Bluetooth Framework VCL is an easy-to-use communication library for Delphi and CBuilder developers which will allow to your applications communicate with mobile devices through Bluetooth, IrDA or Serial interfaces. Make it possible to discovery devices and services, send and receive files using OBEX profiles, send ...
 , Revised: September 30th 2012, By: Soft Service Company

With Bluetooth PC Dialer a phone call is never more then one click away independent of where the number is located on your PC. Bluetooth PC Dialer is both a stand-alone application and an Outlook plug in. This means that you can call any of ...
Size: 2,509k, Revised: July 20th 2012, By: Bluetooth Shareware

Mobile or pda Bluetooth users can now install Cylosoft's Fast Bluetooth Switcher to make it easy to turn your Bluetooth on and off to get the most out of your wireless technology. To make this feature even faster, assign Fast Bluetooth Switcher to a button ...
Size: 1,075k, Revised: May 10th 2012, By: Cylosoft

Access Bluetooth devices from your .NET application. Supports the WidComm and Microsoft stack.Windows Mobile/Pocket PC, Windows XP/2k/NT and Windows ME/98. Samples in C#, VB.NET
 , Revised: May 26th 2012, By: Franson

Minshara Java Bluetooth Stack is a Java (JSR-82 compliant) Bluetooth stack. It's based on javaBluetooth and features RFCOMM and OBEX protocols, and also security. It's exhaustively documented and provides a bunch of samples -orson.rasip.fer.hr/~tsecen.
Size: 613k, Revised: September 3rd 2012, By: minshara.sourceforge.net

BlueMGF is a j2me framework to create multiplayer games or applications running on mobile devices via Bluetooth. An example of a Tank Combat Game for two players is included.
Size: 75k, Revised: May 23rd 2012, By: bluemgf.sourceforge.net