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Automatically provides updates to the classic F-PROT for Dos antivirus program and notifies about it. The F-PROT updater has other extras and features:* Update of the antivirus definitions of F-PROT for Dos. The update frequency is user-customizable according to preference; * Check for new releases of ...
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NTFS Reader is a data recovery tool that provides read access to NTFS drives from MS Dos environment. The FREEWARE utility supports long filenames, compressed and fragmented files.You can preview files on NTFS and copy them from NTFS to FAT volumes or network drives.In order ...
Data - Security - Recovery - Fat32 - Fat16
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This program tests your musical hearing. Your task is to hear and precisely guess intervals between two notes or guess chord types. Author is musician (guitar player and singer).. Yellow Gold Software > Improvement of musical abilities (ear for music, solfeggio, sol-fa). Download free software ...
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NTFS Reader provides read access to NTFS drives from the MS Dos environment. It supports long filenames as well as compressed and fragmented files. NTFS Reader for Dos allows you to preview the files on NTFS and copy them from NTFS to FAT volumes or ...
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leetIRC is a freeware Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client designed for maximum functionality on older/obsolete systems running MS-Dos or 100% compatible OS (win32 port also, soon). Main features include drop-down menus, DCC file receive, mIRC color/bold cod. Find and Develop Open Source Software. ...
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Free NTFS data recovery tool. Lists the content of an NTFS partition, or copies files. In Windows 95/98/ME library files from Findpart should be in the same directory as findntfs.exe.. Partition Support. Publisher of FindNTFS For DosWindows 9598ME, Author of FindNTFS For DosWindows 9598ME 1.54. ...
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Searches for lost FAT, NTFS, HPFS, BeOS and Linux ext2, ext3 and swap partitions. To search for reiserfs partitions, add "reiser" to the command line.Example: Write a report for all disks to the file fp.txt: findpart all fp.txtBoot floppy image and CD image with Findpart ...
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Image for Dos is a reliable and easy to use drive imaging software package. Completely backup, restore, or copy your operating systems, including Windows or Linux. It supports any partition type, including FAT, FAT32, NTFS, EXT2/3, Reiser, and XFS. It also supports eSATA, USB2, IEEE1394, ...
Image - Backup - Restore - Drive Image - Disk Image - Clone Drive - Copy Drive
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The Witzend Editor is ideal when you don't need all the features of a huge word processor. The Dos-based Witzend Editor makes writing simpler and more productive, perfect for older systems andfor those people who work at least occasionally in Dos.
Dos - Text - Text Editor - Word Processor - Windows - Small - Fast - Word Processing - Ms-dos - dos box
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A $29.95 alternative to LapLink for users who just want to transfer files to/from their old Dos or Win 3.1 PCs and not pay for extras they don't need. Transfers files between computers through their parallel ports. Optionally placed on 'Start' menu and DeskTop if ...
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This is a freeware utility dedicated to all the Dos lovers. It simply gives you the command "Dos prompt" when you right click on a folder. This command opens a new Dos window and sets the current directory to the clicked folder. There is also ...
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NTFS Reader provides read access to NTFS drives from MS Dos environment. The FREEWARE utility supports long filenames, compressed and fragmented files.You can preview files on NTFS and copy them from NTFS to FAT volumes or network drives.
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Active@ Disk Image is a Dos-based backup solution designed for complete backup and restore the whole HDD as well as particular FAT / NTFS partitions and logical drives. Unique feature is an ability to open disk images and preview files and folders inside before image ...
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XOA-Dos is a simply OS based on a Dos model. It work in real mode and the language used is the assembler x86, syntax NASM. It is mainly an educational project but my goal is to make a serious thing.
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print/dump PATH environment variable, each entry on its own line. makes PATH far easier to read. Windows and Dos command-line tool.
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print the current date and time (without asking to change it) in 12 or 24-hour format. also can execute a program and show the elapsed/execution time in the format 0 days 00:00:00.000good for profiling a program or for just plain curiosity about long-running jobs.windows32+64-bit, Dos 32-bit, ...
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which finds the would-be-executed-path of the executable in order of PATH environment variable. This one takes into account the various types of executeables listed in one part of the registry of windows or makes use of a fixed list. Dos 32-bit and windows 32 and ...
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Extension Corrector permit to know the format of a file without any or correct extension (it is a problem under Windows).My project is to improved the use of all type of file between Unix and Dos/Windows.I'll try by this way to learn the C language.
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Access a mySQL database from FoxPro for MS-Dos. Many applications still run on this system on Dos, Dosemu on Linux/Unix, but with limited upgrade options for the database itself. This project continues development originated by Miroslav Nyameshchuk.
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ADEMI, after being complete for about year now, has been removed i am now using this space to host my files for another Project(s) that i am currently working on.
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Batch file tool displays text in a pop-up dialog box. Includes simple Windows dialog box for small files and message box with scrolling and print to printer. Enhance Dos batch files and adds information boxes to the Windows Desktop.
Dos - Text - Free - Windows - Information - Utility - Tools - Batch - Message - Bat
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Homekey A simple beginners touch typing program. Make your own lessons. Ideal for beginners. Will work on most 286 IBM, 1Mb RAM, VGA machines and above, a Dos program will run in Windows. Will run from a floppy disk.. A Computer Portal. Freeware, Computer languages. ...
Dos - Keyboard - Freeware - Typing - Learn To Type - Touch Typing - Homekey - Simple Beginners Touch Typing Program
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Simple, free time saving utility. Runs from your send to menu. Open a Dos prompt in the current folder. Send a file or directory to the command line. Set an environment variable to hold the file or folder name. Useful for those who use Dos ...
Dos - File - Files - To - Folder - Folders - Open - Box - Send - Name
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