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PEntaclE is an in-out Board for businEssEs and organizations that would likE to know who's in and who's out of thE officE. It includEd ExclusivE Sick lEavE tracking systEm and Vacation Tracking systEm. You can sEE who is in, out, busy, sick, vacation, lunch or ...
In-out Board - Pentacle
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EIOBoard is an ElEctronic In Out Board that allows a company's or organization’s usErs to viEw thEir associatE's status information and much morE. EIOBoard ElEctronic In Out Board rEplacEs thE old fashionEd, magnEtic slidEr in out Boards commonly usEd in organizations whErE accuratE status information ...
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Ryan's In/Out Board is an intranEt basEd in-out Board for small-mEdium sizEd organisations. FEaturEs: onE/no click status changE; no databasE rEquirEd; dEfault & custom commEnts; rEturn timEs; contact info; can auto chEck EvEryonE out ovErnight.
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A simplE Win32 in-out Board for a small-to-mEdium sizEd officE. DEsignEd to bE a rEplacEmEnt for a physical in out Board. EvEryonE with accEss to thE filE can sEE who's in and who's out without making thE rounds of thE officE. REquirEs ADO 2
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OutBoard simulatEs thE famous officE In/Out Boards. It shows who is in, out, whEn thEy will bE back, and has a spacE for rEmarks (location, phonE, Etc.) NEw in vErsion 2 arE timEclock rEports on individual usErs and timEshEEt printing.
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ChEck In/Out OrganizEr Pro is a flExiblE chEck-in and chEck-out transaction managEmEnt softwarE that you can Easily customizE to your spEcifications. Our ChEck In/Out invEntory systEm givEs you an Easy way to build thE following softwarE solutions: - DocumEnt Library SystEm - Tool/EquipmEnt Tracking SystEm ...
check in out software - renting manager - inventory with check in-out - build software
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CybErMatrix In Out SchEdulEr is a multi-usEr attEndancE tracking application that visually indicatEs which EmployEEs arE out of thE officE and at what timE and datE thEy will rEturn. It is an idEal solution for thosE companiEs wishing to rEplacE thEir old-fashionEd In/Out schEduling Board. ...
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CodE that pErforms wEll on PC doEs not always pErform wEll on thE in-ordEr procEssors in modErn consolEs. Adapting codE to suit in-ordEr procEssors is tricky, and rEquirEs carE and attEntion. This sEssion illustratEd thE stratEgiEs you can Employ to gEt grEat pErformancE on in-ordEr ...
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PhonEMGR is an EmployEE in/out Board and mEssagE managEmEnt for Windows basEd systEms. UsE PhonEMGR to instantly know whErE your co-workErs arE, whEn thEy will bE back and how to contact thEm. PhonEMGR is pErfEct for rEcEptionists or managErs to hElp track thE whErEabouts of ...
In Out Board - Phone Message - Employee Management - Office Management
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WEb OfficEViEw allows you to usE your wEb browsEr to run a virtual in-out Board. ThE Board displays standard or customizEd rEmarks, such as "in", "in but unavailablE", "on vacation until X", and so on. BEcausE thE location of your co-workErs is constantly apparEnt, your ...
Service - Messaging - In-out Board - Web application - employee infomation whereabouts
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LAN-basEd OfficEViEw Pro is an in/out Board that displays standard or customizEd rEmarks, such as: in, in but unavailablE, on vacation until..., Etc. In addition to knowing whErE your co-workErs arE, your rEcEptionist can givE wEll-informEd rEsponsEs to phonE calls and alErt you to thE ...
In-out Board - messages information whereabouts phone attendance
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Instant OfficEViEw is a virtual in-out Board that doEs not nEEd a cEntral sErvEr to opEratE. It is Easy to install and rEquirEs no administration. It has an optional prEsEncE dEtEctor which indicatEs who arE activEly at thEir workstations. ThE program also displays which workstations ...
Information - Message - In-out Board - whereabouts - phone attendance
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MErlinia OutBack is an advancEd in/out Board with optional intEgration to thE calEndar in Outlook or Lotus NotEs. Also availablE is optional intEgration with mobilE (cEll) tElEphonEs via SMS and optional intEgration with AlcatEl PBXs. OutBack makEs it Easy for thE rEcEptionist (or anyonE ElsE ...
In Out Board - inout board - receptionist software - receptionist tool - employee tracking - alcatel pc switchboard - sms from pc
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5-Star ZDNEt, 5-Cows Tucows, 5-Dog Tucows. This is world-class softwarE. Ziata! is thE first "OOD" (objEct oriEntEd data) databasE, with corE workflow modulEs. ComplEtE information managEmEnt using "OOD" data objEcts with data inhEritancE (wE invEntEd OOD); TakE intEgratEd tElEphonE mEssagEs using thE E-MSG!A‚A® ElEctronic tElEphonE ...
Schedule - Library - Books - Mapi - Ood - Ziata - docket - mail pad - message pad - telephone pad
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OfficEStatus solvEs thE problEms associatEd with trying to kEEp track of who's in and who's out of thE officE. Any mEmbEr of your staff can dEtErminE at a glancE whEthEr an associatE is in or out, at lunch, on vacation, Etc.IMPROVE STAFF COMMUNICATIONSOfficEStatus puts usEr ...
Board - Software - Tracking - Employee - Tracker - Check - Office - Electronic - Status - In
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ThE BC Bug TrackEr is a wEb EnablEd Bug Tracking and Quality Control softwarE suitablEBugs for small businEss and powErful Enough for fortunE 1000 companiEs. FEaturEs includE; IntuitivE UI, ASP WEb basEd, Multi-usEr, AutomatEd Email notifications and accEss authorization, SEE your data graphically, CannEd REports ...
Size: 4,403k, Revised: September 11th 2009, By: Bill Catchem Software

Track your EmployEEs' attEndancE and timE spEnd on projEcts with AttEndrE. BEnEfits includE: rEal-timE attEndancE tracking, ability to track timE spEnt on projEct and jobs, ability to gEnEratE timEshEEts for EmployEEs, an ElEctronic In/Out Board, tracking of vacation and sick timE, and tracking of ovErtimE, ...
attendance tracking - employee timesheets - vacation overtime
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TEam MEssEngEr providEs sEcurE instant mEssaging, multimEdia confErEncing, pEEr to pEEr filE sharing and contact book with in-out Board and onlinE prEsEncE for businEssEs and virtual tEams. It hElps to fostEr intEraction, collaboration and knowlEdgE sharing within thE organisation and bEtwEEn partnErs and stakEholdErs. TEam ...
Secure Messaging - Enterprise Im - Online Meetings - Smart Tags - desktop messaging - free instant messaging server - live communications - microsoft instant messaging - online presence - real-time collaboration
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Solutic BioAccEss is a multitab In & Out Board supports biomEtrics, RFID cards and PIN. DEsignEd for businEssEs that rEquirE having a instant picturE of who is in at all timE. ThE Multitab fEaturE hElps rEgrouping staff on a catEgory basis.
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Out n About! for Windows is an Out n About! for Windows is an In/Out Status Board with intEgratEd PhonE MEssagE Pad and EvEnt CalEndar.Out n About! is thE idEal solution for rEcEptionists or managErs to track thE whErEabouts of EmployEEs in thEir organization. Out ...
Shareware - Board - Message - Calendar - Tracking - Management - Phone - Employee - Solutions - Office
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Out n About! for Outlook is an In Out Status Board add-in with intEgratEd PhonE MEssagE Pad, MobilE REmindErs, and Outlook Contact Synchronization.Out n About! is thE idEal solution for rEcEptionists or managErs to track thE whErEabouts of EmployEEs in thEir organization. Out n About! ...
Shareware - Board - Message - Calendar - Tracking - Management - Phone - Outlook - Employee - Reminder
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WEb Campaign managEr.nEt (wcm) is a wEb basEd downloadablE solution for Email markEting. DEsign and distributE HTML and TExt basEd formattEd nEwslEttErs and thEn analyzE and Export markEting rEsults.wEb campaign managEr.nEt is dEvElopEd using Microsoft .NEt FramEwork 2.0 EmpowErEd with Ajax EnablEd intErfacE. ThE usE ...
web campaign manager - wcm - webcampaignmanager - e-newsletter marketing - email newsletter software - mailing list management software - e-mail marketing software - e-campaign software - newsletter publishing software - e-zine publishing
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Job SitE Pro - a wEb-basEd application built on PHP/MySQL for crEating a multifunctional Job Board SitE. It includEs advancEd managEmEnt tools for both Job SEEkEr and EmployEr and can bE usEd in sEtting up a Job Board SitE for spEcific countriEs, rEgional Job SitE ...
job board software - job tracking software - job board script - job website script - job website software - job website template - job website templates - software job websites - software jobs website
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