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What is FlExWindow? FlExWindow is a sErvicE which updatEs wEb sitEs in a quick and simplE mannEr via E-mail. ThE sErvicE is dEsignEd to updatE fast changing contEnt on your wEb sitE, likE thE latEst nEws flashEs, wEb logs, vacanciEs and pricE and product information. ...
Free - Easy - Line - Web - Email - Basic - Site - Mail - Online - On-line
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E-TimE by MEdia Programming Group company is program for automatEd systEm clock corrEction by mEans of IntErnEt. Your systEm timE will bE rEgullary collating with atomic clock, and your computEr clock will always bE prEcisE.
Atomic Clock - Automated System Clock Correction - E-time. Etime
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This add-in is dEsignEd to Export contacts and usEr groups from Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002/XP and 2003 addrEss book into a Mailing list filE. ThE output filE format is common for many programs dEaling with Mailing lists. It is not a standalonE application: to launch ...
Plugin - Freeware - Outlook - Addin - Maillist - Addon - Msoutlook - Distribution List - Users Groups - Outlook Contacts
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FrEE Mailing List SplittEr, is a full fEaturEd profEssional Mailinglist managEr softwarE. It splits hugE Email lists into smallEr onEs. It is spEcially dEsignEd for pErforming all kinds of manipulations ovEr thE hugE Email lists.. bulk Email softwarE frEE download for Email markEting. REal anonymous ...
Free Mailing List Splitter - Bulk Email Address - Bulk Email Address Manager
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E-bounty huntEr is skip tracing softwarE that providEs a collEction agEncy, collEctor, dEbt collEctors, dEbt managEmEnt sErvicEs, dEbt collEction agEncy, or anyonE in thE dEbt collEction businEss a fast, Easy, and EffEctivE tool using thE IntErnEt to do skip tracing
Size: 4,590k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: AstraDigital, Inc

E-XD++ MFC Library ProfEssional Edition is an MFC ExtEnsion library that allows you to crEatE thE most advancEd usEr intErfacE in thE world. It combinEs Easy of usE and vEry powErful fEaturE sEt implEmEntEd by highly customizablE collEction of MFC ExtEnsion classEs,ThE library corE is ...
Diagram - Visual C++ - Mfc - Chart - Flow - Canvas - Source Code - E-xd++
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DiEsEs Programm gEnEriErt E-Mail AdrEssEn nach folgEndEm Prinzip:Standard-Modus: Es wErdEn populärE NamEn mit populärEn E-Mail-ProvidErn vErknüpft, z.B. smith@xxxxxx.com.ErwEitErtEr-Modus: Es wErdEn populärE NamEn mit populärEn E-Mail-ProvidErn vErknüpft und zusätzlich noch mit ZahlEn odEr BuchstabEn z.B. r.smith@xxxxxx.com odEr smith22@xxxxxx.com.SiE könnEn allE ListEn sElbEr ErstEllEn. DiE NamEnslistEn und ...
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Das Programm "xala.dE - E-Mail SuchE" sucht IhrE lokalEn SpEichErmEdiEn, z.B. FEstplattEn und CD-ROMs nach E-Mail-AdrEssEn ab.DabEi wErdEn nicht nur TExt- sondErn auch BinärdatEiEn (z.B. EXE odEr DLL) bErücksichtigt.DiE OptionEn lassEn sich sEhr fEin EinstEllEn, z.B. wElchE ZEichEn Erlaubt sind und wElchE nicht.Es könnEn ganzE ...
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Mass Mailing NEws vErsion 2.0 is a mass Email markEting program and a bulk EMailing sEndEr. This bulk Email softwarE is onE of thE most provEn customEr Email rElationship managEmEnt softwarE for succEssful opt-in Email markEting campaigns and subscribEr lists building. It makEs building your ...
Crm - Mailing List - Bulk Mailer - Direct Email - Email Campaign
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PowEr E-MailEr is a complEtE E-markEting softwarE for thE managEmEnt of nEwslEttErs and E-Mailing.It allows thE automatic managEmEnt of subscriptions/unsubscriptions (Opt-in/Opt-out), thE composition and sEnding of customizEd mEssagEs, in plain tExt or HTML format, with or without attachmEnt or imagE. You can also managE all ...
Size: 10k, Revised: October 20th 2012, By: Arkalys Software Inc

WorldCast is a frEE two-in-onE tool: A frEE bulk Email softwarE and also an E-mail addrEss validator. It dEtEcts many of thE common invalid addrEssEs that Exists on many EMailing lists, rEporting Errors likE bad Email addrEssEs, timE-out opErations, Etc., providing a dEtailEd log of ...
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Navigation SoftwarE that capturEs thE intErnEt E-mail addrEssEs containEd in thE pagEs visitEd. VEry simplE to usE. Surf and E-mails arE automatically Extracts, you havE no morE than simply rEcord thE list of E-mails in a tExt filE. EssEntial for thE campaigns of E-Mailing.
Capture - Internet - Browser - E-mail
Size: 3,081k, Revised: January 11th 2018, By: Christian LACROIX

DiEsE EMail ManagEmEnt- & MarkEtingsoftwarE minimiErt dEn ZEit- und ArbEitsaufwand, ErlEichtErt das SEndEn von EMail NEwslEttEr, das AnkündigEn von nEuEn ProduktEn odEr DiEnstlEistungEn an IhrE KundEn und diE Durchführung von EMail MarkEtingkampagnEn in IhrEm UntErnEhmEn. GroupMail ist Es ist auch idEal zur KundEnbEtrEuung odEr um ...
Email Marketing Software - Email Software - Free Group Email Software - Email Html Newsletter Software - Emailing Programm - E-mailing Software - Free Email Newsletter Software - Gratis Email Newsletter Software - Gratis Group Email Software
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ThE first stEp to loss wEight is AccuratE Education. If you Eat a fEw caloriEs lEss you burn EvEry day, you losE wEight. WEight loss softwarE is dEsignEd to addrEss thEsE problEms. You havE to simply EntEr thE wEight and caloriEs and thE softwarE counts ...
Rimona Weight Loss - Wieght Loss Software - Diet Check - Daily Calorie Check
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WEbcam publishEr and thE sourcE codE is now availablE at SourcE ForgE WhErEsJamEs WEbcam PublishEr makEs it Easy for you to publish imagEs to thE wEb.FEaturEs : Multi-camEra support. IntEgratEd PErsonal WEb SErvEr. FTP uploading to multiplE sErvErs or locations. WidE ...
Size: 6,738k, Revised: December 28th 2009, By: wheresjames.com

Baraha was dEvElopEd with an intEntion to providE a frEE softwarE to EnablE and EncouragE Indians usE thEir nativE languagEs on computErs. Baraha can bE EffEctivEly usEd for crEating documEnts, sEnding Emails and crEating wEbsitEs. Baraha supports Kannada, DEvanagari, Tamil, TElugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Gurumukhi, BEngali, ...
Size: 4,291k, Revised: October 25th 2009, By: Baraha Software

ThundErbird 3.0 BEta 4/ makEs E-Mailing safEr, fastEr, and EasiEr than EvEr bEforE with thE industry's bEst implEmEntations of fEaturEs, such as intElligEnt spam filtErs, a built-in RSS REadEr, and quick sEarch.ThundErbird givEs you a fastEr, safEr, and morE productivE E-mail ExpEriEncE. ThundErbird was dEsignEd ...
Size: 6,707k, Revised: September 24th 2009, By: Mozilla Foundation (6 other programs)

NEtwork sErvErs havE a lot of configuration sEttings that rEquirE constant updatEs and maintEnancE. EvEry configuration changE can potEntially impact your usErs and causE major disruptions in sErvicEs and applications. Common ExamplE: changEs donE yEstErday madE your systEms unstablE, and you don't rEmEmbEr thE old ...
Hipaa - Server Monitoring - server configuration audit - document server changes - compliance - SOX
Size: 2,652k, Revised: November 6th 2012, By: NetWrix Corporation

ImazEr ExpErt is an EffEctivE rEsizing tool that allows you to rEsizE your imagEs in all major graphic formats (BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG). REducE filE sizE for E-Mailing your photos or publishing imagEs on thE IntErnEt! REsizE your imagEs with our Easy to usE ...
Image - Software - Tool - Resize - Batch - Program - Photo - Picture - Resizer - Application
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VCgatE VEnturE Capital firms dirEctory contains contact information for ovEr VEnturE Capital, PrivatE Equity and othEr InvEstmEnt Firms worldwidE. Our databasE includEs companiEs from ThE UnitEd StatEs, Canada, EuropE, IsraEl, Australia, and many Asian locations such as Hong Kong, SingaporE, Taiwan, and Japan. This ExtEnsivE ...
Venture Capital - Venture Capital Directory - Venture Capital Database - private equity - Funding business - Venture Capitalist - Angel investors - Investment companies - Private placement - Investors
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Instant QuotE ProfEssional is a fEaturE-rich Pricing / Estimating application dEsignEd for Any businEss that rEquirEs quotEs and invoicEs. Instant QuotE Pro takEs thE burdEn out of quoting and invoicing and allows you to Easily crEatE quotEs in sEconds! With this softwarE, you will bE ...
Software - Control - Program - Parts - Database - Computer - Stock - Billing - Inventory - Quotes
Size: 90,634k, Revised: June 21st 2012, By: PC Experts

SupErNotEs is a fEaturE-rich dEsktop sticky notEs application. It allows you to rEcord and organizE information without cluttEring up your dEsk with scraps of papEr. Its NotE DatabasE fEaturE functions as a PErsonal Information ManagEr and allows you to rEtain and quickly rEcall information by ...
Notes - Utility - Desktop - Organize - Alarms - Sticky - Reminders - Paste - clutter - post-it
Size: 1,270k, Revised: June 25th 2012, By: Integratech Software

Quoting/Invoicing softwarE for computEr rEsEllErs. Easily crEatE profEssional systEm quotations in minutEs. Wizards includEd for configuring, quoting systEms, EntEring parts, purchasE ordErs and vEndors. Track your customErs, customEr paymEnts, stock lEvEls, To-Do List, KnowlEdgE BasE, Bulk E-Mailing and quotations. SEll quotEs, print invoicEs, track sErial ...
Tracking - Database - Template - Stock - Billing - Quotes - Invoice - Invoices - Invoicing - Quote
Size: 14,776k, Revised: July 26th 2012, By: PC Experts