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ONLINE MARKETING SOFTWARE: Let our free software do your marketing for you. Now available from hundreds of free download sites worldwide in over 165 countries available at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing, targeting huge numbers of potential customers across the globe. So ...
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GeniusTim Technologie Conceived for Education purpose. in Tower, Writing desk or suitcase: the GeniusTim from 7 to 91 USB keys + a Software to copy, collect, transfer, synchronize and update any types of audio, video files, dated, homework, courses or schoolbooks, and this, simultaneously between ...
clone usb - duplicate usb
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Focus Express is designed specifically for the Tablet PC , Wacom tablets and projector to form a digital presentation system.It can give you power to:1.Brainstorm on the fly2.Revise on the spot3.Collaborate to clarify meaning4.Organize your visual thoughts5.View images6.Capture screen instantly7.Annotate desktop screen8.Annotate images9.Give impromptu presentations10.Personalize ...
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OneBook is an information sharing tool for students and instructors. Professors are interested in distributing assignments, announcements, and grades. Students can turn in assignments using the OneBook system, and store their work digitally (and securely)
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Jalmus is a free, open source music Education software helping the musicians, specially pianists, to improve their sight-reading. You can train to read music with both exercises on notes or rhythms and give your answers by a MIDI keyboard. Jalmus is developed in Java and ...
Education - Music - Free - Reading - Sight
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Education for stay at home mothers. Ebook designed to help stay at home moms cope with the trials of kids, no career, and in many cases lack of social gatherings.
Education - Stay At Home Mother Information - Stay At Home Moms Jobs
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The "Home of Dream" is a 3D software for interior design,e.g. living room, bedroom, kitchen, suite, and so on. This tool is not only design for the professional person of interior design but also design for all the people who have the interesting to this ...
Education - Game - Entertainment - 3d - Interior Design - Home of Dream
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Revolutionary Educational game! Great fun while learning new facts! Now you can become knowledge guru. Learn spelling, irregular verbs, chemical element symbols, famous persons, capital cities, country flags and much more. Test your memory in this Education program. EduProfix is NOT another boring Educational software. ...
Education - Game - Free - Download - Children - Kids - Memory - Learning - Software - Child
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Education software for infant who learns by simple mouse operation Education software for infant who can learn while playing only by intuitive mouse operation. KidsMouse can learn alphabet, numbers, and shape and color, etc. in a happy game and the puzzle. The player can play ...
Education - Play - Learn - Kids
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A smart tool for bringing PowerPoint slides into life with the presenter's video demonstration and guidance. RealShowA® was designed to help Education and business presenters apply principles for the design of multimedia materials and human cognitive processing in delivering their PowerPoint slides. RealShowA® takes advantage ...
Multimedia - Capture - Powerpoint - elearning - distance education - record presentation
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Improve Torah reading comprehension Explore Verb Forms of Biblical Hebrew Discover new things about Binyanim and Vav Hahipuch Learn how Past, Present, and Future in the Torah look different than in Chazal's Hebrew and in Modern Hebrew. The main unit is the Calculator. Select root ...
Language - Bible - Grammar - Concordance - Analyzer - Hebrew - Conjugation - Verb - Dikduk - Torah
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An interactive computer program that will have you up and running with Word 2007 in six to ten hours.(Demo version) One computer program which is currently in high demand in the job market and in Education is Microsoft Word. Word is a word processing program ...
Education - Word - Word Processor - Learning - Computer - Tutor - Office 2007 - Wordl 2007
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Everybody knows that it is always sensible to invest in Education. And only competent staff can make your business prosper. Exam Reactor will provide you with objective and reliable knowledge evaluation! It is a helpful program, intended for creating and launching various knowledge tests, so ...
Education - Test - Exam - Quizzes - Job - stuff
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FlipFlop is a game similar to Othello with additional features: - A study feature allows you to train different topics by playing FLIPFLOP: You may load a question file into the game board. When you now click on certain fields to do your next move, ...
Reversi - Othello - Board Game - Quiz - Questions - Question - Questioning - Test - Vocab - Vocabulary
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QUIZ is a study tool. You can train a topic by collecting questions in a file and then answer them repetitively. With Quiz, you can build and administer objective tests using either multiple choice or fill-the-blanks questions. More then one correct answer is allowed. It ...
Quiz - Questions - Question - Questioning - Test - Vocab - Vocabulary - Language - Learn - Pupil
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Run a test with your students on the Internet, and analyse the results statistically! PHPWebQuiz is a program to solve quizzes online on the Internet or on a Intranet. It runs on a Internet server and needs PHP. PHPWebQuiz has been developed to be used ...
Quiz - Questions - Question - Questioning - Test - Vocab - Vocabulary - Language - Learn - Pupil
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Learn to read sheet music with this free Educational video game. Use either your computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard / piano as input.. Voice-to-note MIDI music editor: Music Masterworks composing software. Music composing software - free music software download trial
Education - Music - Play - Learn - Game - Free - Learning - Video - Midi - Read
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Speller contains two components designed for Delphi: TSpellChecker and TSpellLanguageComboBox. TSpellChecker is a non-visual Delphi component designed to add spell check capability to any application. It uses ISpell dictionaries installed with "ISpell - LS-Distribution". You find it on my web site Additionally, TSpellChecker can ...
Spell Checker - Ispell - Spell - Delphi - Check - Component - Delphi 5 - Delphi 6 - Delphi 7
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Interlex is a freeware vocabulary builder that helps you learn foreign words and phrases quickly and easily. The program is built around a simple idea: first you compile a list of words and phrases, then you test yourself until you have learnt them. You can ...
Education - Quiz - Test - Vocab - Vocabulary - Language - Learn - Words - Learning - Builder
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