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Send Email messages to multiple addresses with your Gmail account. File attachments are possible.
Save - List - Address - Load - People - Daily - Listing - Send - Emailing - Mass
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ETODB is a free PHP class which allows to parse and extract data from Emails to integrate with other php applications. You can automatically parse Email messages and convert Email to database records, save attachments to specific folders, browse log.
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Vocalist21 is a professional Telephone Auto Attendant / VoicEmail system running on Dialogic Cards. This module allows voicEmails left for individual users to be converted to Email and sent to their Email addresses.. The VoIP, Digium Hardware, IP PA System, Systems Integration, VoicEmail and SIP ...
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Send and receive Faxes by Email with eFax right from your PC. No Fax machine, dedicated phone line or toner required. Pick a local number in over 3,000 cities and 44 countries around the world. eFax - the world leader in digital Faxing.What is eFax?- ...
email fax - fax by email - email to fax - phone fax email - fax and email - online faxing
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Batch Scan to Email is a utility that is designed to increase productivity in the distribution of documents. It allows a user to batch scan files with barcode separator pages in their copier, have the documents separated and delivered to an ftp site, network folder ...
Email - Scanning - batch scanning - scan to email
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Burn to the Brim is an open-source freeware program designed to make selection of files to optimally fill a CD a breeze.Burn To The Brim is a utility which selects the group of files or directories (documents, mp3 files, whatever you like to burn) which ...
File - Batch - Mp3 - Cd - Combine - Group - Burn - Directory - Folder - Directories
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MP3 to WAV Decoder makes burning custom music CDs a snap. Eliminate corrupt MP3 files, and decode them quickly and easily to the burnable WAV format. You can preview MP3s before decoding them, and ID3 tag info for the files is displayed on the fly. ...
Music - Convert - Utilities - Tools - Conversion - Converter - Encoder - Decoder - Mp3 - Wav
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WAV to MP3 encoder makes compressing and sharing music files a snap. Encode your ripped WAV files into high-quality, non-corrupt MP3 files so you can store your favorite CDs or share them online. Our Encoder gives you the option of creating MP3s in 40 different ...
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FaxMind Server is a powerful Fax server that enables you to send and receive Fax by Email from Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Mobile phone Devices(iPhone, iPad, Android), which is often called Email to Fax and Fax to Email services. The web interface allows ...
Fax - Fax Server - fax to email - fax software - Fax Tools - Windows Fax Server - Network Fax Server - Fax Server software - email to fax - Fax via Browser
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RingCentral Fax over Internet service gives you advanced Internet Faxing capability without having to own a Fax machine. With on-line Fax service from RingCentral you can Fax or receive any document from any computer. This allows you to literally be anywhere in the world and ...
fax service - fax to email - fax software - email fax - online fax - fax by email - email to fax - ringcentral
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Email forwarding to your mobile cell phone, pager, iPhone, Blackberry, or other Email. If forwarding Email to a text-constrained device like a cell phone or pager, you can use Advanced Text Reduction that gives you 20-30% more of your Email messages. With the original From ...
email forwarding - Email Redirect - email forward - email to phone - email forwarder - aol email forwarding - aol forwarding - forward aol
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Choose SoftSpire MSG to PDF Converter software and enjoying MSG2PDF Conversion process which smartly Convert Outlook MSG file to PDF format in few easy clicks. Every user wants an easy process and Convert Outlook Email to PDF format with exact complete Email properties like- To, ...
convert outlook msg to pdf - convert outlook msg file to pdf - convert multiple outlook emails to pdf - convert outlook email to pdf
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ISDN & Mail is a professional software for organizing your daily effort of work in telecommunication in combination with Email. With ISDN & Mail you have (dependent on module and type) a time-controlled software telephone system with lots of answering machines and call forwardings as ...
Email - Fax - Mailbox - Isdn - Mailserver - Facsimile - Unified Messaging - Fax-to-mail - Mail-to-fax - Anwering Machine
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Venta4Net is a network Fax and voice messaging solution based on the same technology as the well-known single-user VentaFax software and can be used on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Server 2008, 2003, 2000 operating systems.Venta4Net allows sending Faxes and voice messages from any networked ...
Shareware - Software - Modem - Voice - Caller Id - Facsimile - Fax Server - Answering Machine - Programme - distinctive ring
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FaxMind Desktop Client for Windows is an application that allows users to connect to a FaxMind Server, for sending outgoing Fax and browsing incoming Faxes from every workplace. Feature Summary: - View all incoming and outgoing Faxes. - FaxMind Printer drivers for Windows allows you ...
Fax - Fax Server - fax to email - fax software - Fax Tools - Windows Fax Server - Network Fax Server - Fax Server software - Fax Broadcasting software - email to fax
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Windows network Fax software allows you to send and receive Faxes by using public phone lines or via SIP trunk. All incoming Faxes can be printed, Emailed to your mail box or outlook-like JoyFax client automatically. Outgoing Fax jobs are submitted to the server from ...
Fax Server - fax to email - fax software - foip - Fax Tools - Windows Fax Server - Network Fax Server - Fax Server software - T 38 Fax
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Fax Server Pro is a client and server system designed to integrates Fax communication with your IT infrastructure. Sending a Fax is as simple as printing from any Windows application. Incoming Fax messages are routed directly to desktops or Email as PDF files -- the ...
Fax - Fax Server - fax to email - fax software - Fax Tools - Windows Fax Server - Network Fax Server
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Tired of waiting in line at the office Fax machine ? Try our Snappy Fax Network Fax Server software. It automatically sends your Fax and notifies you when it's done. You'll also be notified when it receives a Fax. It supports up to 32 Fax ...
Server - Network - Fax - Network Server - fax manager - fax filtering
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Easy Picture Email creates and sends pictures in your Email without attachments. Easy Picture Email is fast and easy to use. It takes the work out of sending pictures by Email, because it automatically reduces picture sizes so that the resulting Emails are smaller, contain ...
Time - Easy - Windows - Email - Program - To - Fast - Picture - Automatically - One
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When you get a forwarded message from Outlook to your mobile device, are you tired of having to type in the reply address each time you want to reply? Are you wasting precious space seeing all the "forwarded by" text and seeing your own name ...
Email - Outlook - Redirect - Mobile Email Redirect - Email Redirect - Redirect Email - Email to Mobile
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In general, OST file saves an Exchange mailbox in offline mode. Situations do arise when exchange OST files fails to merge with Exchange Server and ultimately get damaged. Kernel for OST to PST is ideal software for those who want to recover unreadable OST Emails ...
ost to pst - convert ost to pst - ost to pst conversion - convert ost emails to pst files - ost emails to pst files - convert ost to pst files - import ost to pst - ost email to pst
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Email Automation Software Sends Personalized Bulk Email to Your Mailing Lists, Automatically Responds to Incoming Messages, Processes Your Subscribe and Unsubscribe Requests, and Cleans and Manages Your Lists
Autoresponder - Bulk Email - Mass Email - Email Automation - Personalization
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If you need to play a good prank on someone, Email Fun should do the trick. When executed, Email Fun displays a fake Email screen complete with the To:, From:, Subject: and message contents. Then it immediately pretends to automatically type an Email to everyone ...
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