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Ada Email Filter is a free tool to manage and rebuild your Email address list files. It will automatically find and remove the duplicates.
Manage Email Lists
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VEmail is software that lets you record and send voice messages instead of text using ordinary Email from you PC or Pocket PC. How VEmail Works: To send a voice message with VEmail simply enter an Email address and then press and hold down F6 ...
Voice Email - Audio Email - Email Voice Message - Sound Email - Download - Software - Recorder - Program - Recording - Vemail
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Send personalized Emails to thousands of people and automatically manage Email list by checking bounced or unsubscribe Emails. This easy to use product is your ideal communication tool for group Email, Email marketing, customer communication, event notification, newsletter publishing and more. It has a built ...
Email - Bulk Email - Email Marketing - Personalized Email - Bulk Email Sender - Email Notification - Email Newsletter - Internet - Internet Marketing - Communications
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Bulk Email client. Can import first and second names, as well as Email address, from delimited, flat-file text or CSV databases. Allows personalisation of each Email sent. Adware: each Email sent has a small ad for the author's web site at the bottom. This software ...
Size: 1,204k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: T. O Donnell, Inc.

Chrysanth Email Notifier is a POP3, IMAP4 and Gmail notification software that helps you to get notified of every incoming Email and even spams in your mail boxes while they are still sitting on the remote Email servers. Running in the background and minimized into ...
Email Notifier - Junk Email - Email Notification - Email Alert - Spam Filter - Anti-spam - Spam Blocker - Junk Mail Filter - You've Got Mail - Gmail Notifier
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Email Templates is an extension to Microsoft Outlook designed to send personalized messages rapidly to individuals and multiple recipients. Email Templates has the ability to create customizable message templates, speeding the process of handling Email. These templates can then be applied to messages, contacts, or ...
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Powerful bulk Email software program with easy to use wizard style interface. Multithreaded design with built in mail server. Powerful html message editor. Attachment, Html/Text message support. Import large address lists with no program. Available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions!. TEC Software - Bulk Email ...
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Very simple pop3 Email notifier. You just have to start the program, configure your user account and you are done! Clean and funny interface. Stop running your Email client all the time that takes up resources and clutters your working space.
Email - Mail - Pop3 - Notifier
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NT Email Notifier is a small free e-mail checker that allows you to check unlimited mail boxes for new messages. The program use system tray notification and play a WAV file. You can set time interval to check and add program to startup list. NT ...
Email Notifier - Email Notification - Check Mail - E-mail Notifier - E-mail Notification - Check Mailbox - Check Messages - Accounts Notifier - Pop3 Notifier
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D's FREE Text and Web Email Extractor - Usefull to extract Emails from webpages and text files. As well it has an incorporated webspider.
Email - Web - Spider - Bulk - Extractor
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Advance Outlook Express Email Address Extractor Software tool, allows you to quickly backup and extract all Email addresses from Outlook Express, ensuring that you never lose an important Email address ever again. A handy Email address backup and export tool to store and organize your ...
Extract Emails - Dbx Email Address Extractor - Outlook Express Email Address Backup - Restore Email Addresses - Outlook Express Email Address Extractor
Size: 1,571k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Disk Data Recovery

Email Automation Software Sends Personalized Bulk Email to Your Mailing Lists, Automatically Responds to Incoming Messages, Processes Your Subscribe and Unsubscribe Requests, and Cleans and Manages Your Lists
Bulk Email - Mass Email - Email Automation - Autoresponder - Personalization
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Email Psychic reading toolbar for Internet Explorer. Get information about Email psychic readings and many Email psychic readers in Ireland and elsewhere. Also lots of useful esoteric resources in the fortune telling world. Get as many radio stations as you will ever need, instant local ...
Email Psychic Reading - Internet Explorer - Toolbar - Browser Toolbar - Add Ons
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Fake Mailer is a powerful anonymous Emailer that allows you to send fake Emails that appear to come from any Email address. You may send fake Emails spoofed from any domain and anonymous Emails. Great for jokes! This program uses the anonymous Email engine found ...
Fake Emailer - Fake Email - Com - Fake Mailer - Spoofed Mailer
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Free Email marketing software. Why pay exhorbitant amounts of money for you Email marketing campaign when it can be FREE? Import contacts, manageEmail campaigns, send attractive HTML Emails, newsletters, coupons to an unlimited number of recipients.
Bulk Email - Email Campaign - Email Lists - Free Email Marketing Software - Free Email Marketing
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Publish your Email address on a website and you'll be looking down the barrel of a thousand loaded spammers. You've basically got two solutions -- implement a complex "contact us" form with a server script (which will still be hacked) or download this little spam ...
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a win32 cmdline program to validate an Email address, and sample .php and .bat on how to use it.. Publisher of Email Tester, Author of Email Tester a win32 cmdline program to validate an Email address, and sample .php and .bat on how ...
Size: 10k, Revised: January 6th 2010, By: SteelBytes (16 other programs)

ListMate Express is an ULTRA-HIGH-SPEED e-mail list management suite of tools to manipulate, organize and process your large files of Emails in ways you never thought possible...for all Windows platforms. The software can accommodate maximum data file sizes of 500 megabytes and it features 9 ...
Size: 3,062k, Revised: November 12th 2009, By: email list management software

If you need to play a good prank on someone, Email Fun should do the trick. When executed, Email Fun displays a fake Email screen complete with the To:, From:, Subject: and message contents. Then it immediately pretends to automatically type an Email to everyone ...
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The links to 3 Email clients: Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail. P.R. home (payam195r02). Publisher of Email client sites, Author of Email client sites The links to 3 Email clients: Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail. P.R
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Allows for quick formatting of Email list for mass Emailing's. Just import a text file full of Emails and Email Address Parser will remove any improperly formatted Emails saving you loads of time. After which you can then save to another file to import into ...
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Get our Free, easy to use and set up Email Notifier! Enjoy the convenience of one-click web mail access, receive new message notifications and previews, monitor an unlimited number of accounts, create messages from any Email hyperlink on a webpage, write new message with one ...
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