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ICU is a very simple to use child Monitoring application, it's all about providing you with an Insight into your Children's Unaccompanied activity. ICU gives you the power to see what your children have been looking at. You select which users you want to monitor, ...
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Web URL traffic analyzer utility closely monitors your website traffic and helps you to increase your website accessibility on WWW. Website uptime Monitoring Software indicates you by delivering error messages, emails, sound beep when URL is not available on web. Website performance tracker application successfully ...
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Link partners Monitoring Software determines website response time, uptime, downtime on browser request. Web server performance measuring tool immediately sends alert messages to you when website responding, inaccessible etc. Link partners Monitoring Software effectively manages numerous profiles at a time for examine performance of your ...
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IPSentry Network Monitoring Software is a centralized Windows based network Monitoring Software package used by thousands of Information System specialists, system administrators, and IT solution providers around the world for over 10 years.IPSentry performs constant Monitoring of many aspects of your network infrastructure and provides ...
Database - Disk - Performance - Uptime - Snmp - Sql - Network Monitoring - Networks - Environment - Availability
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Being a manager, it is very crucial that you keep yourself in the loop about every single activity performed on computer screen by your Employees. And, to achieve this task the best option you could opt is internet Monitoring Software. With internet Monitoring Software like ...
internet monitoring software - employee monitoring - monitor employees - employee computer monitoring - employee internet monitoring - employee activity monitoring - monitor employee internet activities - monitor employees at work
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WorkTime - Employee Monitoring Software. Field-tested on sites with more than 1000 computers. Automatically monitor computer related activities invisibly to the Employees.Find out if computers in your office are used for the business purposes. Monitor laptop, working from home and remote Employees.Monitor Employees work under ...
employee monitoring software - employee monitoring
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Print365 provides you with detailed information about print jobs and their cost for printers in your company or your local printer 24/7/365, which helps you optimize printing, save expenses, etc. Print365 uses a very precise method of calculating the exact number of printed pages and ...
printer monitor - print monitor - print management - printer management - printer watcher
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The PC Monitoring Software comes integrated with two setup files; viewer setup and the agent setup. The employer’s computer has the viewer set up installed on his computer system whereas and the Employee’s computer has the agent setup installed on it. You can install the ...
computer monitoring software - pc monitoring - computer monitoring tool - pc monitoring software - pc monitoring tool - desktop monitoring software - desktop monitoring
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RecoveryFix Employee Activity Monitor is an invisible Software tool that is highly useful for business managers, organizations and home users with which you can easily monitor the activities of Employees, children and spouse. Employee Monitor Software helps the network administrators to review and monitor the ...
Spy Software - employee monitor - computer spy software - computer activity monitoring - employee monitor software - computer activity monitoring software - internet activity recorder - desktop activity recorder - monitor desktop activities
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SchedulePro Express is a revolutionary new piece of Employee scheduling Software that allows you to easily and effectively manage all of your Employee schedules.
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Constant Monitoring of MS SQL Server database is very important in order to maintain the performance of SQL server to its optimum level. It is usually shown that in absence of regular Monitoring, SQL database exceeded to its normal size and undergoes various issues. Lepide ...
manage disk space - sql storage manager - sql storage management - manage sql storage - ms sql storage manager - sql database monitoring software - sql database monitoring
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Now, you can see for yourself what your Employees do on their desktops during office hours and that too without being physically present in front of them. Yes, it is possible with the help of computer Monitoring Software. It facilitates the administrator to restrict the ...
Spy Software - computer monitoring software - computer spy software - computer activity monitoring - screen recorder software - computer activity monitoring software - internet activity recorder - desktop activity recorder - monitor desktop activities - monitor internet activities
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Time and attendance systems provide many benefits to business of all sizes. It gives the employer full control of their workforce. AMG Employee Attendance Software will help control labor costs by reducing time theft, preventing buddy punching, preventing transcription errors and preventing human errors. Manual ...
Time And Attendance - time attendance - Time Clock Software - timeclock software - employee management software - time attendance software
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Expert Webmaster Software displays upload download time, host performance and alert by ringing when RTO request time out. Server network Monitoring Software detects website downtime uptime monitor IP ping failure. Utility test SNMP POP3 HTTP HTTPS SMTP DNS PORT. Indicator tool alert internet traffic bandwidth ...
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Hypertension, high blood pressure condition, affects millions of people in USA and increases risk of stroke, cardiac failure and heart attack. Basic vital Monitoring which includes blood pressure (systolic & diastolic), pulse rate, temperature and respiratory rate is very important for any medical condition. Home ...
Hypertension - Blood Pressure - blood pressure monitor - bp monitor - sfo medical
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PingCOPA Network Monitoring Software is an aid for network engineers when Monitoring and diagnosing IP network problems. Speech output is provided to enable you to work on cables and hardware without looking at the computer monitor when testing IP network problems. Continuously monitor network computers, ...
Size: 4,301k, Revised: May 14th 2012, By: InterVations, Inc.

Lepide SQL Storage Manager has been devised to handle large size of SQL server database. It is very helpful for SQL server administrators of an organization to observe SQL database storage along with its performance. It ensures appropriate utilization of available resources for better storage ...
SQL server monitoring - sql server monitoring software - sql storage manager - sql storage management - manage sql storage - ms sql storage manager
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Evaluate Domain Controller performance of your organization with 100% freeware Chily DC monitor Software. It runs with administrator’s credentials and very much quick in installation. DC parameters like CPU utilization, Memory Utilization and Disk Utilization all get shown with DC monitor tool. Moreover, user can ...
Domain Controller monitoring - dc monitoring - dc monitor software - chily dc monitor - chily dc monitor tool - chily dc monitor software - dc monitor - dc monitor tool
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The most stable and easy to use Software to secretly monitor anyone's computer. MG-Shadow records programs and windows launched, all keystrokes and passwords typed, visited websites, sent or received emails, chats, instant messengers, screenshots and more. 100% invisible and light on computer resources. Tons of ...
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Net Monitor for Employees is advanced Employee Monitoring Software that lets you see what everyone's doing - without leaving your desk. Monitor the activity of all the PCs in your company remotely. Plus you can share your screen with your Employees PCs, making demos and ...
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XevaSoft Employee Monitoring Software tracks and records computer activities such as screenshot, keystrokes, website visited. Control/Lock/Shutdown computers in network with ease. Increase Employee productivity, increase your business growth, and enhance company security. Free trail download now!"
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WorkTime Professional is a computer Monitoring Software designed to track your time while working on assigned projects and to invoice/bill your clients. The Software offers USB portable installation to monitor your work on different computers. The Software is ideal for self-Monitoring: computer use, Software and ...
computer monitoring - employee monitoring software - employee monitoring - monitoring documents use - monitoring software use
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SurveilStar Activity Monitor is free web activity Monitoring Software which can help you to monitor, record, control and block internet activities. This free web activity Monitoring Software can easily record all visited web pages with URL link, visiting time, page title, web host and data ...
web activity - free email monitor - free employee monitoring - record visited websites - MSN messages recorder - web activity monitoring
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