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This is a vEry simple command-line port mappEr (port redirector). The program is able to work in the hidden mode.
Port Mapper
Size: 5k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: KMiNT21 Software

Virtual piano, guitar/banjo/mandolin etc, hammEred dulcimEr simulator and note mappEr/composEr lets you write and play back songs thru midi and see the notes played (animated) on a musical staff and scale, piano keyboard, guitar/banjo/mandolin, and hammEred dulcimEr images. You can change the midi sound to ...
Size: 430k, Revised: May 2nd 2009, By: Horizon Software Co.

Our free Simple Warehouse MappEr uses a simple 3D simulation technique known as Isometric maps to provide a realistic view of a distribution centEr or factory. With Simple Warehouse MappEr you can create a visual representation of your facility and add process information directly to ...
Size: 737k, Revised: October 19th 2009, By: Wild Mouse Software

PacketTrap ( Switch Port MappEr helps network engineErs discovEr the devices connected to each port on a switch quickly, thus eliminating the need to manually trace network cables. The tool provides device visibility like IP address, MAC address, VLAN, port name and availability, as well ...
Size: 9,759k, Revised: November 21st 2009, By: PacketTrap Networks, Inc. (11 other programs)

AshSofDev Image MappEr' is a client side image map editor. It can create rectangular, circular, and polygon clickable areas as well as a default area. We are, or I should say I am a pErson that does programing in his spare time, as a hobby. ...
Editor - Html - Hotspot - Client Side Image Map
Size: 3,538k, Revised: May 12th 2012, By: AshSofDev

The application loads microarray data (gene expression ratios) and detErmines which genes are up- or downregulated by a usEr-defined ratio cut-off level.For each expEriment, lists of diffErentially expressed genes are computed. EvEry list will be compared to evEry othEr list, and the numbEr of co-occurring ...
Analyzer - Venn Mapper - microarray data analysis - gene expression analyzer - analyze gene - gene expression - microarray data
 , Revised: June 2nd 2012, By: Marcel Smid

ncRNA MappEr is a computEr program that gives more insight in the localization of sequencing fragments.Given that sequencing of RNA gives reads at fixed base-positions, ncRNA MappEr analyzes the alignments (genErated by Short Sequence Location MappEr; SSLM) by: visualizing them, retrieving the consErvation of each ...
Analyzer - fasta - ncRNA Mapper - RNA sequence mapper - alignment visualization - FASTA analysis - RNA sequence
 , Revised: October 12th 2012, By: Youri Hoogstrate

Short Sequence Location MappEr loads the sequences, then aligns them and finally graphs and tables can be genErated for one or more datasets at the same time.SSLM typically works with a BLAST data output file of short Solexa reads mapped to RNA subjects (for example ...
Analyser - Blast - sequence - Sequence Analysis - Short Sequence Location Mapper - sequence locator - BLAST analyzer
 , Revised: July 24th 2012, By: Bas Pigmans


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TB antibiotic resistance mappEr was developed as a specialized tool that can help you map sequencing reads with the MTB refErence genome (H37Rv) using NCBI blast, in ordEr to find out mutation sites. Now you can quickly discovEr mutations with the help of this instrument.
Mapper - sequence - genome - sequence read - TB antibiotic resistance mapper - MTB genome - mutation discovery
 , Revised: May 6th 2012, By: Xi Yang

SErial Port MappEr allows you to map any sErial ports to any othEr sErial ports. For example you install additional sErial port expansion card to computEr as COM7 sErial port but your favorite software can work with COM1...COM4 ports only. To resolve this problem you ...
Debugging - Serial Port - com port - serial port mapper - serial port redirector - map serial port - data-logging
Size: 2,478k, Revised: July 19th 2012, By: FabulaTech

Advance image mapping software is economical tool that enable usEr to create and export image maps to web page. Html graphics mappEr application contains intEractive GUI that helps usEr in opErating features and functionality of software easily.
Text - Html - Download - Images - Edit - Save - Software - Tool - Search - Code
Size: 10k, Revised: August 28th 2012, By: Software How to

Moo MappEr is a 3D object placement editor for Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Vice City.
Size: 134k, Revised: October 13th 2012, By:

TiErra IntErnet MappEr is a set of PHP scripts working with MySQL, AT&T's WebDot and GraphViz software to dynamically build graphical maps of intErnet routes. This tool can be used to map out funnels in network traffic and organization of network.
Size: 11k, Revised: September 30th 2012, By:

Easily create HTML image/photo maps with this free friendly image mapping utility from the authors of the best free photo editing software - Photo Pos Pro photo editor . Pos HTML Image MappEr includes WYSIWYG intErface allowing you mapping images and photos fast and easy. ...
Image Map - photo map - HTML photo map - HTML image map - image mapping - photo mapping
Size: 8,046k, Revised: November 8th 2012, By: Shai Harel

CyD Image Map allows you to create image maps for your Web site. CyD Image Map includes WYSIWYG editing. You can add an unlimited numbEr of map elements, including rectangular, circular, and polygonal region types. CyD Image Map supports all Web graphic standards, mouseovEr and ...
 , Revised: August 15th 2012, By: CyD Software Labs

Download waypoints from a Garmin GPS handset and draw/plot them and output the image to a bitmap
Size: 594k, Revised: August 12th 2012, By: Trefach Astronomy Centre

Produce alphabetical index for document repository using SWISH-E. Index files are analysed with WordNet to produce a theme list, which is used for searches to find documents. Theme words in documents are automatically hypErlinked to a list of refErences.
Size: 1,172k, Revised: September 6th 2012, By:

A utility to produce MTF (modulation transfEr function, a measure of edge acuity) maps of images. The program will automatically detect dark rectangular objects on light backgrounds, and extract MTF values on all edges. Can help to tune SLR autofocus
Size: 15,245k, Revised: October 9th 2012, By:

This engine allows a set of \"new\" opErations and method calls can be scripted away in XML and executed by the engine - and the resulting objects made available, by name, to extErnal java code.It decouples configuration (in XML) from instantiation.
Size: 1,562k, Revised: May 20th 2012, By:

The projects objective is to provide an easy to use object relational mapping light weight tool. This tool is written in Java and completely OS-independend. It is no engine, no code genErator and no kind of application sErvEr. Its just a tool, that allows
Size: 64k, Revised: May 16th 2012, By:

Switch CentEr is network management and monitoring software for managed switches, routErs and hubs from any vendor supporting SNMP BRIDGE-MIB that helps to discovEr, monitor, mapping and analyzing networks topology, connectivity and pErformance. The Workgroup vErsion supports one network switch.Switch CentEr can be connected through ...
Windows - Monitor - Router - Management - Network - Scanner - Port - Mapper - Device - Users
Size: 1,587k, Revised: September 23rd 2012, By: Lan-Secure Company

Keyboard customization undEr Windows has nevEr been easy. Fortunately, KbdEdit is hEre to turn it around: now it's nevEr been easiEr!KbdEdit is no ordinary keyboard mappEr: not only can you assign any lettEr or special charactEr to any key, you can remap physical position and ...
Editor - Unicode - Windows - Dll - Keyboard - Mapping - Creator - Layout - Vista - Xp
Size: 2,765k, Revised: October 25th 2012, By: KbdSoft

LLBLGen Pro, the #1 O/R mappEr and data-access tiEr genErator for .NET, genErates a complete data-access tiEr and business facade/support tiEr for you (in C# or VB.NET), using an existing database schema set. In seconds. The genErated .NET code is compilEr-ready and can, being compiled ...
Code - Generator - C# - .net - Generate - Code Generation - Code Generator - Generate Code - Tier - vb net
Size: 14,899k, Revised: June 29th 2012, By: Solutions Design bv