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This application makes printing Fax Cover Sheetsjust so easy. Most companies have a standardFax Cover sheet, that is copied over and over,then everyone just hand writes it out andFaxes it out. This does not portray a veryprofessional image. This product saves User information that is ...
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You only need one ISDN card and Fax@NET Personal receives and sends your Faxes. The received Faxes are received and saved as pictures. You can define unlimited direct call numbers (MSNs) and unlimited email addresses. The pictures can be saved in different formats. You can ...
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DVD-Cover Printmaster allows you to print DVD Covers quickly. Simply select the images for your Cover template and the program will automatically resize the images for you. Makes it easy to create great looking Covers for any cases. This software has a build-in browser. Import ...
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Fax-INTERNET est un logiciel d'envoi de Faxs et de mailing-Faxs fonctionnant comme une imprimante. Il transmet les demandes d'envoi de Faxs aux serveurs de Fax-Internet via Internet qui se chargent de les ré-acheminer vers le(s) destinataire(s). Vous pouvez choisir entre le mode économique et le ...
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Es handelt sich bei dem Intelligent Cover Editor um ein Programm, mit dem man sich Audio CD Covers selbst machen kann. In der aktuellen Version allerdings nur von vorhandenen Mp3 oder Wave Dateien mit Künstler und Titelinformationen in den Dateinamen. Das ist auch das besondere ...
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The procedure consists of seven steps which one has to follow from the beginning until the end. Each step includes an example in such a way that the user can easily follow the meaning and logic of the instructions. At the end one can generate ...
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Create ebook Cover under 3 mins with this software, view demo video. Never pay for ebook Cover ever again. Professional looking ebook Cover. Push Button Cover Designs | Create Instant 3D Covers with the Push of the Button!. Publisher of Ebook Cover Software, Author of ...
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With the new Favicon Creator software, you can instantly and easily create both favicon and program icon graphics. There's absolutely nothing to it! Choose your graphic and then the size of the icon you need (the software's default is set for favicons). After rendering your ...
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Send and Receive Faxes from Single Computer and Modem or Network with Multiple Modems. Optionally Send Fax via the Internet. 32bit Internet Fax will add a Fax generating print driver to your Windows Printer system, giving you the ability to generate a Fax from any ...
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Cover Expert is a professional solution with a user-friendly interface for creating high-quality virtual Covers, box and ebook shots for your products contributing to their promotion and sales on the Internet. Saving you time, Cover Expert allows you to achieve the desired final result in ...
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Maybe you can't judge a book by its Cover. But with Cover Professional, you can be sure that the Cover your customer sees is professional looking and that it creates just the right impression. And first impressions are everything. In most cases, your products Cover ...
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Use 3D Ebook Cover software to create high-definition 3D product shots for online and offline display. No 3D skills required a€“ 3D Ebook Cover does all the work for you. Its easy to learn interface means you can be an expert user right away. Build ...
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This is a typical designer's task: create an image of a product box, book, manual, DVD, CD, Vista box, card (etc.) for a web site, electronic presentation or a paper publication. In the past, this was done by photographers. It's a long and expensive process. ...
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Virtual Cover Creator is a standalone desktop application that helps you to easily create professional looking and realistic 3D Cover images of two-sided box, three-sided box, book Cover, electronic magazine, CD Cover, CD\DVD disc, membership card, DVD case, DVD disc and case, special report, thin ...
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View Style Sheets, or VSS, is a simple and useful Safari extension that will enable you to rapidly view CSS files for the current website.This extension will add a new item in your context menu (View Style Sheets) so you can quickly access it.
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Tired of waiting in line at the office Fax machine ? Try our Snappy Fax Network Fax Server software. It automatically sends your Fax and notifies you when it's done. You'll also be notified when it receives a Fax. It supports up to 32 Fax ...
Server - Network - Fax - Network Server - fax manager - fax filtering
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Are you still bothered by the cumbersome job of splitting multi-worksheet excel files into single-worksheet ones? You may have created one too many Sheets in Excel, and now you want to move the Sheets to separate Excel files. Excel Sheets Separator is your right choice ...
split excel workbook - split excel - separate excel - separate excel sheets - separate excel file - separate excel workbook - divide excel - save each sheet - excel workbook split
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Excel Sheets Copier can copy one or multiple Excel WorkSheets to one or multiple Excel files. Are you still bothered by the heavy WorkSheets copy workload? Excel Sheet Copier is your right choice in simplifying your tedious Excel WorkSheets copy work.
Excel - Worksheet - Workbook - copy worksheet - copy sheet - copy excel worksheet - copy worksheets - copy sheets - copy excel sheet - copy excel
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Copy or cut-and-paste Sheets between two MS Excel files. Also, delete and rename Sheets. Excel 2000 or higher required.
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Create copies of one MS Excel worksheet. Specify an Excel file, the sheet to copy and the number of copies to create. Copied Sheets will be placed in the same file. Excel 2000 or higher required.
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Hide Fax Numbers is a powerful and easy-to-use Microsoft Outlook Add-In for hiding or showing the Fax number items of contacts on the Select Names window in Microsoft Outlook. The add-in supports general contacts and Business Contact Manager.When you click "To", "CC" or "BCC" on ...
hide fax numbers - select names
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Send and receive Faxes by email with eFax right from your PC. No Fax machine, dedicated phone line or toner required. Pick a local number in over 3,000 cities and 44 countries around the world. eFax - the world leader in digital Faxing.What is eFax?- ...
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Send and Receive Fax from Single computer or Network. Adds a [Print to Fax driver] to your all programs giving you access to all the Fax machines in the world making them become your printers. Supports Windows. Seamlessly integrates Faxing into your Windows environment. You ...
Windows - Modem - Network - Fax - fax software - faxmail - fax programs
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